Sharing Perspectives

or <WOW> for short!


What’s this Blog Site About?

— Thought provoking topics infused with my perspectives asking you for yours

— A tell-all ongoing series about my 80’s country band “Tales of a Road Band”

— A Pledge that your comments and opinions will never be judged

And much more!

What Do You Think?

Its not about me — its about you! Asking for your opinions, comments and related experiences on a variety of thought provoking topics from troubling social concerns to far out conspiracy theories. From the control of human emotions to the growing powers of social media. Always asking you for your take — what do you think?

My Pledge to You

Rules in place will provide you with a comfortable, hassle free, non-judgmental environment with no fear of belittling or criticism of “any kind” on any of your posted reply’s, comments, views or opinions. My pledge to you!

Sounds Like a Religious Site?

Not so! Perhaps sounding a little like a blog site from a fiery bible-thumbing man of religion? I can assure you that is not the case! (although admittedly I do have some fun playing up to this Image with my “just having fun” – Fun Photos.)

What’s It Like to be in a Band?

Want to hear some true, upfront and personal stories of a Country band on the road from someone who’s been there? Ever wonder what really goes on? The music, the people, the wild nights? The groupies? Join me as I look back in time to the eighties as lead singer of the touring Country band “Corky and the County Outlaws.” In an ongoing series called — Tales of a Road Band.

Remembering The Good Old Days!



I grew up during the 70s and 80s before computers, the internet or social media. As kids we played outside, ate our homemade meals together and socially gathered face to face. Before our food was genetically modified and tasted that way. Back then, our children, taught to be polite, respectful and mindful of others.

  Using Science to Guide our way!

I’m a man who believes in Science — their process of: observation, data collection, statistical analysis, tests, experimentation and an open life-long  challenge to any of their conclusions. A perfect system? No, but in my opinion scientific conclusions are more and likely “Less Wrong” than those reached by any other means. In the words of the late great Astronomer Carl Sagan ” I don’t want to believe, I want to know.”

So Join Me!

As we explore the bigger picture of what makes us tick, not what do we want, but why do we want it, not what are we thinking, but how does our brain enable us to think at all?

But most of all the boundaries between what is real (reality) and what is implied (perception). The truth may surprise you?

Maybe only in our infancy, in our youthful innocent child like curiosities or perhaps once again in our old greying yet wiser years can we seek to ask the question why? Why are things the way they are?

These questions and many more to be analyzed, dissected and finally opined.

by you, and me, and…





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