Audio Recording From Visca’s Debut

Debut at Visca’s

In this entry of “Tales of a Road Band” — Hear the original recordings (Audio files) of Corky and the County Outlaws in their first ever debut appearance. Recorded May 15, 1982.


In 1982, at a huge rented hall on Barton street, Hamilton Ontario, Corky and the County Outlaws stepped on stage for the very first time. (see previous Road Band postHow It Began.) It was advertised as a come dressed country night with our band heading the show. The place was sold out and packed to the rafters with country music fans, friends and family, all in anticipation of our debut.

My brother was on sound and my father the Emcee. The crowd was buzzing in anticipation as Pops walked to the stage, grabbed the mic. and introduced us to a thunderous round of applause!

Here is the recordings of that night: made with an old reel-to-reel portable tape recorder that was sitting on a small round table tucked away hidden in an alcove in the main hall. The sound quality as you can imagine is far from studio good, but considering the 1970-ish old recording unit it was captured on — Its amazing it picked up what it did!

From an overflowing cavernous echoing hall, originally recorded on an old Reel to reel tape recorder, these recordings have endured a long and altering past. From reel to reel, to cassette, to CD, to PC and finally the Audio file posted on this blog entry.

Song List — “A Blast from the past!”

So here are some of the songs from our debut performance. Our very first appearance as a band. Starting with my proud father’s introduction — to our ending encore song. The crowd noise throughout, loud and rambunctious, adding to the electric atmosphere that was present that night.

As you listen, consider if you would the old technology it was recorded on, the long journey these recordings have traveled and how amazing it is that this old recording still exists today. It was back in 1982, the songs themselves dating the times of that era.

Transferred from CD to digital audio file by the same Sound-Man who did that very show so many years ago — my brother John.

VISCA’S May 15,1982!


Note: The remaining 3 audio file galleries that I’ll be presenting on “Tales of a Road Band’ at a latter date will be significantly better in quality in comparison to this one. One is a radio station’s live recording and two are In-studio demos. Not only will the increase in the quality of the sound be obvious, but also the improving progression of the band, the vocals, the harmony and the band’s in-sync musically.


Regardless of the old technology used to capture this particular event in time. It is filled with old memories and marks the start of my long music-making journey. It will forever and always — be my favorite.

END OF — Tales of a Road Band: Debut Recording at Visca’s

NEXT TIME! — Seedy Taverns: All new Bands start at the bottom of the barrel and we were no exception. But being new to the whole experience, the bottom was darker than I could of ever imagined! Next on Tales of a Road band — The trial and tribulations of playing in dark seedy taverns.

Here’s a bit of what’s coming up next time on — Tales of a Road Band! 

The regulars were mostly falling-down drunks, or induced with all sorts of illicit recreational drugs. And before the night was even half over — most of them were out of their friggin minds! A girl-fight broke out on the dance floor that was right in front of the band. When their male counterparts stepped in to break it up — all hell broke loose! end.

It wasn’t until she followed me into the men’s washroom between sets and offered some um? “Free Lip-service” that I became down-right angry. Undeterred by my rejection, this repulsive skank followed me back upstairs, grabbing at me while slurring her sexual promises. So I looked for and found the bouncer.

Did this finally solve the situation? No, not in the north-end of Hamilton it didn’t! He just smiled and said “what’s the matter? Your not Gay or something are you?”


“Tales of a Road Band!”