Introducing Tales of a Road Band


Tales of a Road Band tells the true story of my experiences as lead singer (and Leader) of an 80’s Country band — “Corky and the County Outlaws.” The entries (chapters) are posted in chronological order of events following our journey from its humble beginnings to our rise in fame and ultimate demise.

In between are the tales of the band, our ups and downs our successes and failures. The good times and the bad. You get all the juicy details, the after show parties, the on-stage excitement and the exuberant freedom of four young adventurous musicians on the road making music for a living.

As you follow along hear the music (audio recordings) from our very first time on stage, to our radio broadcasts, to our In-Studio recordings.

But Whoa now, its not all fun and games. There are dark times and hard lessons to learn traveling on the road as leader of your own band. Especially with four young musicians each with their own different and separate identities. Traveling together, eating together, bunking together. — Always Together!

Tales of a Road Band goes back in time and tells of the onstage mishaps, the In-band quarrels and the magic that happens when everything goes just right. It tells the story of me and the guys in the band, their quirky personalities, their outrageous experiences and our progressive struggles to rise in the ranks.

Join me, as I retell and relive the journey. Hear the music (via audio file) as you follow along! From our first time on stage, to our studio recordings. The stories, the experience, the youthful indulgence and the laughter and lessons hard earned.


As we were climbing the back stairs to get to our rooms, I could hear giggles (female) coming from behind us? Then to everyone’s amazement three laughing naked girls pressed past us on the staircase going up. And once we got to the top and looked around? There were Naked girls prancing around everywhere!

I looked at our young under-aged guitar player and he was blushing red but smiling like the Cheshire cat! The girls of course were all over him seeing how young he was. This added attention deepened his color and increased his smile all at the same time! His dad however, now that was another matter altogether. End

Seeing as how our lead guitar player wasn’t feeling all that well Pops offered to take him with them (his sister) and drop him off on their way home. We wished him well and they left well before we did.

In the car she again leaned forward from the back seat and in the most serious tone told Pops to pull over. Pull over? Why? Pops asks. “Alec” she said. “I think he’s dead!” — “And he died with eyes wide open!” End


Follow our rise from the dark seedy taverns to some of the most popular clubs at the time. Hear the recordings from old reel to reel tapes to in-studio productions. Relive the songs, the music, from the golden age of country music as me and the band once again step on stage.

Want to take a Road trip with an 80’s country Band?

Well buckle up my friends, the first show is about to begin!

On Stage at Dallas

End of Tales of A Road Band: The Introduction

NEXT ON TALES OF A ROAD BAND — How It Began: Like all good tales we start at the beginning, how as a young boy I was influenced by the music around me. Listening to and mimicking the songs on the radio and hearing my father play and sing. How Saturday night sing-a-long parties influenced me into forming a band and our very first stage performance in a huge echoing rented hall.

The stage is set — next time on Tales of a Road Band!


“Tales of a Road Band!”

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