Doomed by Human Nature

If today represents a snapshot in time of humankind’s evolution, it seems we are at this point, the very essence of contradiction. We have the dual personalities of being both caring and charitable, compassionate and humane yet with an ongoing history of violence, segregation, power and greed. Is evolution not yet through with us? — Or is this who we really are? 


On one hand we can be loving, caring and charitable, yet on the other we are hateful, violent and greedy. There’s concerned environment organizations, committees and protests. But these in a loosing battle against powerful corporations raping and polluting our air, land and sea. Militarily we send missiles into other countries killing innocent civilians as well as intended targets while world charity organizations plead for money to aid them.

As a species, are we more closely related to the humanely compassionate giving aid to those in need? Or are we more the assassins’ killing on mass. More like the charitable people running inter-city shelters for the homeless? Or the thieves, gang members and murderers that roam our city streets, ever-present on our nightly news. Do most of us really believe that all humans are equal or does the many manmade divisions of our species still in place today prove otherwise?

What is humankind’s true nature? Has evolution not been weeding out our evil tendencies? Are we perhaps at the moment just in flux, or perhaps even more alarming — has evolution deemed we need this evil side in us? It’s a human trait essential to the progression of our species and we will always be easily swayed by our dark side? Perhaps, to be a part of our human nature forever?

It’s sad to think that we will always be as history shows us to be. A species with violent overly-emotional impulses and an inherent greed for power and domination. Today’s version of us seems not much better. The local news is full of inter-city violence and murder. World-wide, nationalism is re-inventing itself preaching “us vs them” scenarios using ethnic and religious fervor as grounds for division and patriotic unity. Wars, racism and injustice still plague the world as we know it. This world that mankind has built for itself.

The greedy powerful of consumerism are still in control, pushing our planet to the very cusp of no return. Governments and politicians have agendas not those of their people and as a species we are still divided by class, wealth and all manners of insignificant nonsense.


Perhaps the world we’ve made for ourselves is to blame? Corruption and greed for power and wealth have overtaken our original intent and these social and political systems and structures are now the results. Or maybe, its our leaders who should shoulder the blame? Perhaps misuse of power and corruption at the highest level are what ails mankind?

Yet this merry-go-round of power in the wrong hands has been going on forever. Our elected leaders seem almost interchangeable, the same old same old? Huge wealthy corporations dictating to governments dictating the laws to appease them while spewing lip-service to the common masses at the bottom of this power pyramid. The campaigning would-be leaders spewing forth their lies to get elected then join the ranks that came before them. Nothing ever really changes?

Oh we the people do fight back! We take to the streets to protest. March on mass in consolidation. We win a few battles but rarely the war and either the dominate power stays in control after some minor concessions or is replaced with someone who much to our despair becomes a carbon copy or worse.


So I ask you the question. Are there more caring people on earth who are satisfied with what little they have longing only for peace and goodwill for all humankind; Or are there more of us who have determined life is for those that are aggressive in taking what they need and fostering their greed is in accordance with the rules of today. Survival of the fittest. Greed is good and power is better!

Or as evolution has seemed to of deemed us, do we have in us both of these traits? The ability for human compassion and the tendencies for violence, greed and power that once attained has us dismissing all who gets in our way. But which one is stronger? Perhaps as a species we should be asking which one do we allow to become stronger? Societal acceptance even indifference must play a role of some significance you’d think?


Instead of conforming to the Ideals of those currently in power perhaps its time for a more international global Idealistic approach. Yet we as a people remain so divided in our belief’s and have always had trouble accepting others not like us. Not of our culture, nationality or religion. Our warring history has divided our species and continued the nonsensical reasoning of us vs them. It has always been this way. Will it always continue to be?

Perhaps the only logical answer is to start over. Replace the leadership structure and systems now in place with a more humanitarian orientated system of for the people by the people. But we all know the powers that be will not willingly let this happen. They’ve too much to lose now, too much power and too much wealth to simply just step aside. They even have structures in place (laws) to prevent this from happening to begin with, so other than a total united global social rebellion (which is not likely to happen) what is the answer?

History tells us the way forward for change in a corrupt kingdom is an overthrow. A peoples rebellion or coo. Storm the palace, dethrone the king and exile all his charges and start anew. Well and good in the times of yore, but how feasible in today’s times? In most cases simply revoking a new unjust law with social rebellion, mass protest and upheaval is rarely a success never mind overthrowing a whole government.

Those few rebellions that do succeed in a total overthrow are not accomplished without casualties. Not without citizens dying for their cause. Yet? Is this our only way forward? Can we ever live in harmony as one species or are we doomed to fail simply because of our human nature?

Can we ever hope to change a system that somehow keeps cloning selfish power-hungry leaders and replace it with a global system based on uniting humanity? It’s a tough call, yet in the end the very survival of our species may hang in the balance… So, What Do You Think?


“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein

“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of people.” ― Isaac Newton

“You put too much stock in human intelligence, it doesn’t annihilate human nature.” ― Philip Roth






2 thoughts on “Doomed by Human Nature

  1. Interesting post and questions. What do I think? I think human nature is desire and desire has no limit. Hence greed, corruption and violence. Of course we can correct desire but correction would be difficult if not impossible as long as capitalism in its actual form (algorithmic and financial) still on


    1. Awesome! Thanks for your insightful opinion maylynno! I too (obviously) fear that we have dug ourselves a hole too deep to climb out of without great change. Is it in our human nature to do so? I guess time will tell? — Hope to hear from you again sometime!

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