Beliefs and Perception: Why we Live in Different Realities

In reality, there is no color, no sound, no smells in the outside world as our brain tells us there are! These are entirely creations made in our brain. A brain that interprets the outside world and then constructs a plausible story (we can understand) before transferring it to our mind. It’s not reality! It’s our brain’s version of reality!


Yet our brain does not stop there when it comes to manipulating our realities. Because reality as it turns out, is also very individualized and unique from person to person. Your reality centers around the person you think of as you. A story about you, one that your brain has constructed from a personal collage of past memories, experiences and interactions with the outside world. Not a true story based on facts, but one of self-perception.

As you age, as the years go by, pages then chapters are added while your own personal reality (staring you!) forms in your subconscious mind. Each passing day embedding further and deeper into your brain till it becomes more than just a part of you — it is you! And there you will live out your entire life within this reality your brain has constructed just for you. This now is your reality — and yours alone.

What is reality?

We all live in our own little realities. Otherwise, we are mostly biologically the same (99.9%), but inside our minds where we live we can be very different indeed. We all see the world, live in it, deal with it and think of it a little differently based on our own personal realities. A reality that our brain has constructed entirely centered around you and the story your brain has told you, is you!

From past experiences, memories of past failures or successes, our trials and tribulations, we peer out at the outside world and base all of our decisions, make our choices, believe what we believe all guided by the influence of our own unique inner-realities. Perhaps even more disconcerting is that all incoming outside information will from now on be filtered by our brain according to this our own personal reality. Anything that doesn’t match our brain’s constructed way of thinking will be for the most part, subconsciously disregarded.


Over the years, our brain has subconsciously built many fences around us for protection. Fences, with few open gates. We build walls when we are hurt, suffer humiliation or great sorrow. When scared or traumatized or ashamed. In protection, our brain fences us in from similar events that may be unfolding and then locks the gate shut. We construct our own personal reality in this way and live there in our minds fenced-in for better or worse. Unaware that this is our brain working automatically behind the scenes protecting the host that is you.

Over time, some of these gates may be opened. But some will remain closed for good. We all have personal memories that we are either ashamed of or hold such remorse or negative emotions that we’d just as well have them locked-up buried deep somewhere unattainable in our minds. These are the gates our brain prefers permanently locked and when they push to get out? We shove them back in hard, mentally and immediately.

Our past positive experiences on the other hand, events that have given us confidence and embolden our self-esteem can have the opposite effect on our realities. These past memories, past events, serve to instead keep gates in our mind open and receptive to the outside world. Perhaps that is why some of us are more adventurous, more confident while others are not?

For the most part, the combination of both, is what makes you — you!


But subconscious gateways open or closed are not all that defines our personal realities. We also hold dear and in protection of many different “Long-held beliefs.” We use these beliefs as guides that help express most of our understanding of the world around us. Inside us all we have our own personal theories, ideas, and explanations about how things are and how they ought to be! We use these beliefs in forming what we believe — is reality!

But these beliefs, no-matter how dear we hang on to them are not necessarily based on facts! They are often nothing more than conclusions drawn based on personal experiences. In a way, they also are fences, built by our brain preferring that the contents inside remain intact and unchallenged. Think of how aggressively at times you defend your beliefs? Argue in their defense? Your beliefs are a big part of your personal reality.

Your belief’s (long-held or otherwise) are also unique to you and they will differ at least in someway from most others. Yet they reflect by association the reality you hold. They influence the very being of your reality and guide you as reference in the outside world.

How belief’s are created, different kinds, how they influence our lives?

Your belief’s affect your reality by the way in which you use them to guide your way through life, as in: Your belief or disbelief in God, your global belief’s, your ingrained cultural beliefs, your perception of others, your belief in your own personal values, political, religious, science, your moral beliefs and what you personally believe to be right or wrong.

Your Beliefs shape your perception of the outside world. And this perception becomes your reality!


We all live inside our own heads. The outside world we just navigate, using our past experiences, memories and our beliefs. Our chatty inner-voice always there playing devils advocate. These make us unique and individualize our realities in which we live in. Makes your reality, different than mine.

They say “walk a mile in their shoes” if you want to understand them better? See through their eyes, their perspectives on life? In other words, jump into their reality and see what makes them — them! Because we all live in our own reality and your reality is most likely quite different than mine. Different than anybody else’s!


Reality and how it differs from person to person, from culture to culture, from religion to religion, to no religion, seems to me to be at least in-part based on ones personal belief system. How they came to acquire such deeply ingrained yet different belief systems (though interesting) is perhaps too complex a question, better left in the hands of science and their ongoing studies of the human brain.

But truly these belief’s change the very workings of their minds, make them see a reality that we do not see. In some cases, death and war become heroic deeds and a guarantee of rewarded acceptance into their perceived existence of an afterlife. While others believe these same deeds will deny them access. Some believe in race inequality, others in accepting all as equals. We could go on and on but the point being is beliefs hold powerful sway over our realities. Sometimes they cause disagreements, bitter resentment — even wars!

The world itself, the world we humans have built, still does not function (and may never will) as one because of the many strongly protected and different or opposing belief systems ingrained in the people from different nations. There are long-held and opposing views (realities) in our political systems, our ideologies, our thoughts on individual rights, environmental concerns and what is fair or right or wrong.

Could this be the hidden key to unity of our planet? Is it our different beliefs that are holding back humankind’s ultimate potential? Can we ever reach this lofty goal when so many of us believe differently? It has caused wars, death and genocide. Discrimination and hate, racism and atrocities in the name of religion. These people clearly are living in a different reality than I am. Than you are?

Yet these things have been occurring throughout humankind’s history and show no-signs of dissipating. As individuals, we all have differences of opinions. We all have our own deeply ingrained long-held beliefs that we believe (in our minds reality) to be the Truth. We can in the end, usually accept our differences and move on. But not always, and not when on a large population scale our realities differ so greatly. Then in fervent protection these different beliefs can lead us into what can only be called — madness!


We all live in our own personal realities. Manufactured over time by our protecting human brain. Our personal belief system is a big part of these realities we live in, yet they are based on personal experiences, past events and opinions we’ve gathered from others and not necessarily cold hard facts! Perhaps if we opened our eyes to this reality? We’d become more aware of our flawed way of thinking?

But can one change the reality they are living in? Can we, will we ever be able to look down upon ourselves from outside the box and realize that maybe after all these years of holding on to what we believe so devotedly to be true — some of these belief’s are wrong or misguided? That we’ve been living in a flawed self-serving reality constructed by our own bias-serving brain? Can we realize, admit that its highly improbable, probably impossible to be right in ALL that we believe? We are after all only human?


As always, WOW wants to hear from you! Will our different belief systems forever prevent humankind’s ability to unite as one sharing species? Will it inevitably lead to our downfall? Is it really possible that all YOUR long-held beliefs are true while those opposing from OTHERS are not? And are you capable after all this time of revisiting the reality you live in and arbitrarily re-evaluate your long-held beliefs without any bias at all?

What do you think? — WOW Nation awaits your response!


“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”― Albert Einstein

“It’s funny how humans can wrap their mind around things and fit them into their version of reality.” ― Rick Riordan, Author

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” ― Tim Burton

Don’t forget to share your views and experiences with all of us on today’s subject line. Your input “What do you think?” is what WOW is all about! Opinions from the only voice that matters. Your voice! The voice of the people!







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