Canada’s Easy Access of the CORONAVIRUS

Did Canada allow easy access of the Coronavirus by choosing to fight the contagious disease on home ground instead of at their borders? It sure seems that way! Airport screening was so pitifully meager and unsurprisingly ineffective that it seems Canadian Health Officials decided to fight the virus once it’s in our Country instead of trying to prevent it from coming in. Does this sound like a sensible plan to you?

One by one members of our Canadian Health representatives publicly slap each other on the back at how prepared they are for Coronavirus. Each and everyone of them doing their best to soothe away public fears. We’ve been ready for weeks now, plans are in place and the spread of the disease here is rated low they say. Yet I’ve heard nothing of the fact of their failure to keep the virus from getting here in the first place. The futile attempts they did make at our airports so meager in fact — it seems they weren’t trying at all?



It really is baffling? When facing an attack of any kind from abroad, is it not the rule to defend your borders first and at all costs? Isn’t keeping invaders from entering your land the primary objective of survival? In other words, there is no threat to Canadians at home if the virus is not allowed into our country to begin with! Right? Perhaps a dotting task, yet did they really even try?

It seems to me that considering the obviously paltry and insufficient screening at our airports that they had long ago decided that preventing this virus from entering our country wasn’t a priority. After all, they had proper cause, sufficient time and had to know this was eventually going to be an issue. Whether they concluded it couldn’t be done or wasn’t necessary or somebody screwed up big-time, we may never know.


The Public Health Agency of Canada says it introduced messaging on arrival screens reminding travelers from Wuhan China (the site of the outbreak) to inform a border service officer if they experience flu-like symptoms. Also, an extra health screening question will be added to electronic immigration kiosks.

Seriously that’s it? Please tell us if your sick? This is our border plan against an infectious fast spreading virus with a ever rising kill list? Just, are you sick, No? On your way then and Welcome to Canada. What if your not yet feeling symptoms but still have the disease? Unlike the SARS epidemic we can test for Coronavirus, so shouldn’t passengers from infected China ALL be tested upon arrival?


Several Canadian airports extensively screened passengers during Toronto’s 2003 SARS outbreak but a study that year found the measures to be costly and ineffective. The report’s authors from the Public Health Agency suggested the money would have been better spent instead, on stepping up screening procedures at hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices where sick travelers are likely to go. From Alex Migdal · CBC News · Posted: Jan 20, 2020 2:06 PM PT | Last Updated: January 20.

Let me get this straight! It costs too much money to protect the public at airports (the point of entry) yet recommends the money be spent screening at hospitals? AFTER the virus is in our Country? Does that make any sense to you? Again, unlike SARS we do have a tests for Coronavirus though how time-consuming a test it may be. Still, isolating then testing incoming visitors from China doesn’t seem inappropriate considering the risks to our country. Does It?


China is in a lock-down attempting to contain the fast spreading Coronavirus from spreading even more within their country. Each day the infected count rises and with it the death toll. And because our Canadian Health Care superiors deemed it to costly and ineffective to properly defend our borders — which they most assuredly could of — we the public may in time face our own virus-spreading crisis.

I find it misleading and a deliberate downplaying of the Canadian public’s intelligence every time I hear them crow how ready they are here at home. Yet nobody is saying why they so easily let it get here in the first place. Why our screening at the airports were minimal, full of holes, almost ridiculous considering what’s at stake.

Are they not ultimately to blame then if even one Canadian ends up dying of this virus? If many get violently sick? What if its you or a family member?

Regardless of their “We are so ready here at home” repeated soothing mantra, things can go wrong. Super-virus’ are known to go dormant then reemerge mutated and stronger than ever before. There is now talk that you don’t even have to show signs of the disease to be a carrier of this virus. What then? Isolation is only useful when you can identify those infected?

Perhaps I’m making a mountain out of a molehill and all will play out exactly as they claim. I suppose only time will tell. But what if it doesn’t? What if the disease is not so easily contained inside our Country as they have been cooing? What if even one Canadian dies as a result? And is this the plan of future epidemics as well? I don’t know about you — but just the thought, scares the Hell out of me!

Has the Canadian Health Organization made a grave mistake not defending our borders?

The Coronavirus in Canada —What Do You Think?


“Transparency is critical in public health and epidemics; laypeople become either effective force-multipliers or stubborn walls.” ― T.K. Naliaka

“The features of globalization have huge consequences on pandemics. It just connects us so much more and as a consequence, every one of these viruses that passes from animals to humans has the capacity to infect all of us.” — Nathan Wolfe


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