Man Are We One Strange Species or What?

You know, when you get right down to it, we humans are a very strange species. I’m not talking about the strange individuals you see once and a while on the news or happen to pass on the street flailing their arms like a windmill warding off invisible insects and mumbling crazily to themselves. No, I’m talking about us, the so-called average normal human being and when you really think about it — even we are pretty strange!

If you look at our species from an “Outside the Box” perspective you’ll see what I’m talking about. The world we live in, the reality we’ve made for ourselves and how we act within it is filled with crazy social conformities, behavioral and physical appearance practices and standards. Those that refuse these norms are looked upon as social outcasts or (in keeping with our ‘strange species topic’) they can be trend-setters, even geniuses?

So what social conformities and appearance standards am I talking about?


Take the wearing of makeup (primarily) by our female species. Said to of started as an ancient ritual among tribal women and later made popular by the ancient Egyptians, women have been using color on their face now for thousands of years. For most woman today “putting on their face” is an everyday morning routine and as a society we long-now have become so accustomed to seeing our females in makeup, it no-longer seems strange.

But when you think about this whole makeup wearing business from an outside the box perspective, it does seem pretty strange? I mean, human beings coloring their lips? Their eyelashes and lids? Their eyebrows, their cheeks, their whole face with foundations? What would an Alien race think of us seeing how we hide our natural form behind false faces and how is it that this once ancient ritual for enhancing appearance has survived all the way into today’s modern age?

Has evolution deemed it necessary for the survival of our species? The female enhancing their appearance to entice a mate and better our chances of sustainable reproduction? Will women now always wear make-up? Or perhaps humankind has become wrapped up its in own pretentiousness, in its vain need for enhancing personal appearance in order to appease societal pressures? All standards set by marketing and advertising and created by the consumerism world we have made for ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong, woman look beautiful when they’re all made up. But the fact that they do get made-up and (most everyday?) is a little strange don’t you think? Humans putting colors on their lips on their face and in their hair not to mention body piercing and Tattoos on both men and women.

Look I’m not judging here. I’m just saying from an outside the box perspective as an intelligent race with ever advancing technologies — doesn’t this seem a little strange to you? That we can walk on the moon, land robotic rovers on Mars, take photos in space going back billions of years and have hand-held devices that can search the Internet or talk with someone on the other side of the world, but — we do all this while walking around with painted faces to enhance our human appearance?

Man are we a strange species or what?


Its not just the females of our species who get judged on appearance. Today, we judge then define everybody by how they look! Each culture values appearance in different ways and sets different standards on what is considered to be attractive. This in-part accomplished by years of exposure to advertising and the power of media dictating the standards of who is attractive, sexy or desirable. Then convincing us that attractiveness leads to success in life and through the purchasing of their products, you too may achieve this goal.

In the west, taller males are more desirable and successful. Prettier and sexier females the same. Thinner is better and younger better still. If none of these traits are personally attainable then wealth or power will fill the void in being a desirable mate.

Isn’t it strange, that we as a species have come to label appearance as the dominate form of success? Are there not plenty of plain, short, perhaps heavy people of our species who given half a chance can outperform, are more caring and intelligent and with better leadership qualities than the ones we deem as most attractive? Why do we continue to judge one another by standards set by media and advertising instead of human quality?


All through human history we have judged each other not just by attractiveness, but by race, religion, culture, nationality and by wealth. By personal belief’s, political choices and by age. We set up borders to keep those not the same out and wage war on those most unlike us. Sadly, although we are all one species, we have made many divisions within our kind.

Humankind has forever divided itself into classes. In most cases, you were born into these classes and there you remain. It seems the only way to rise out of these class divisions, is through obtaining more wealth. In today’s modern world, we are considered to be a much more equal society. Yet wealth is still the prime indicator of what class you are put into. In the west, its the Upper-class or Wealthy, the Middle-class or Working-class and the poor.

Doesn’t it seem strange that the possession of Money (a man-made invention) would act as the determining factor of how you are seen as an individual among your species? Money leading to power leading to control of the classes below you. How strange is the fact that our leaders, the ones with the most control over the rest of us, are not our most intelligent, not our most humanely responsible or possessed with humankind’s best attributes? No, the ones with the most power to dominate over the masses for the most part — are our wealthy.

Like the giant corporations, whose wealth in some cases, exceeds those of entire countries! And with unlimited wealth, comes unlimited power! Yet, are these really the people we want in charge of our world? Should be in charge of our world?

If you were in charge? Wouldn’t you have the best of our species running it? The most intelligent, the most humane, the person that best represents our species that you could find? Yet for the most part, we find almost the complete opposite of this? — Man, are we one strange species or what?


Many of these same giant corporations that produce the products we buy, do so by raping our land and polluting our air and water. And so as ultimate wealth begets ultimate power, they continue to destroy our environment doing whatever they please with almost total immunity.

How sad it is we say, when another pipeline breaks, another oil spill, another nuclear plant spills its radiation. Factory pollution, burning coal and contaminated soil via pesticides. Deforesting, Ocean Dead Zones and huge plastic waste islands in our oceans. They know it’s changing our planet and our climate, pushing us closer to no return, but they simply don’t care. They care — about profit!

Science has been telling us for years now how this is leading to the destruction of our planet. You’d think destroying our planet, our water and air source that we absolutely need to exist would cause immediate panic and concern even among the environment polluters? But No that’s not the case! They instead claim “There is no climate change worries” and poo-poo the scientific studies hoping to confuse the public’s view.

In other words, they would rather destroy the one and only planet that sustains us, than conceding and making changes that would no-doubt effect their profits bottom line.

Now as a species? — You can’t get any stranger than that!


There are many more examples of our strange behavior as a species, too many in fact for just one post. Perhaps a revisit to this topic is in order at a future date? Or perhaps YOU have some examples of what you think as strange behavior for a supposedly intelligent human race? If you were a visiting Alien race looking down upon us? — What would You Think?


Don’t forget to share your views and experiences with all of us on today’s subject line. Your input “What do you think?” is what WOW is all about! Opinions from the only voice that matters. Your voice! The voice of the people!



3 thoughts on “Man Are We One Strange Species or What?

  1. If you put it this way, looking from outside at the human race, yes somehow we are totally different from the other inhabitants of this planet, ie plants and animals. The question is: who is looking at us? You, as a human, are making this judgement based on the difference between animals and us.
    Maybe an alien would say something different.


    1. Thanks for your input maylynno! Your thoughts are always welcomed here! To be clear, my judgements (as you say) were not based on the differences between animals and us. My perspectives were intended (perhaps not properly defined?) to be aimed solely at our own species, as an individual who’s living among that species. What I personally thought of, as odd, or detrimental behavior within my own kind.

      Philosophically speaking, I am entitled to self-analysis of my own species? And make predictions on what Aliens may think of us? Though in hindsight you are right! As a human life-form, I cannot know what another species (Aliens) may think of us. I hope I didn’t misconstrue your comment maylynno? — You all have a good day now!

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