Fate? Destiny? Or Just A Roll Of The Dice?

Your existence really is a wonder. Think of the incredible odds that it took for you to get here. For you being born —as YOU! The exact succession of events needed starting way back in your ancestral history and on down your Family Tree. The unlikely chain of events and circumstance that had to happen in exact order before you could be born. If there was even a tiny deviation from this chain of events — Would you even be here today?


Have you ever been in a hurry to get somewhere and noticed that for some strange reason this is usually the same time when the world decides to get in your way to slow you down. Almost like on purpose? Maybe your late for an appointment or to pick up the kids or whatever and of course just then you encounter unwanted delays. Like car trouble or worse — an accident on your route stopping traffic dead in its tracks.

In anger and frustration you wonder? I’ve traveled this same route for years now and never once ran into traffic problems? Yet today of all days when for the first time I’m running late — Boom there it is! What are the odds of this happening now? On the day I least can afford it?

Now of course this is just a small example, but we all have had similar experiences. Perhaps even smaller and at the time seemingly insignificant events that may have you scratching your head later thinking — what are the odds of that happening?


I was once forced to drive on an emergency errand at 3:00 am in the morning. It was also a Sunday during a windy and very cold winter snowstorm. The snow thick on the roads not as yet cleared. With all these factors combined you’d expect not to encounter anybody or at least very few others out in these horrid conditions.

In a hurry, and not wanting to risk stopping and getting stuck in the snow I merely slowed at the stop sign leading to the main road convinced that every man, woman and child were either asleep or sheltering safely in their warm cozy homes. But I was wrong!

I skidded to a stop as a man hunkered down against the cold blowing snow walked right in front of me totally oblivious of my presence. When I prepared to go again a car drove by making me wait. And then another! Stopped and waiting now, I looked to see if it was clear, yet another car was coming. What the?

After all was clear, I looked carefully in both directions and the roads were deserted. No cars, no pedestrians, the scene was totally void of life as I believed should of been the case in the first place. I made my turn and continued on the main road for some 4 miles heading to my destination. I encountered not a soul the rest of the way.

Later at home, I reviewed my experience with wonder. After my encounter at the stop sign that took valuable moments away from my emergency trip, I considered the odds. Not just that I encountered others on what should have been a deserted early Sunday winter’s storm. But that we crossed paths at the exact same moment in time. And seeing that they were the only other people out that night, at least that I’d seen, what were the odds of this happening?

On top of that, after they were gone, presumably I could of waited there at the stop sign for hours before anyone else came along. Yet we all met, at the same time, at the same place and in the most inconceivable of circumstances. What are the odds?

Now I know what your thinking. It’s all in your perceptions. You find this event strange because: 1) You were in a hurry and very aware of delays. 2) You only found it odd, because you were in a hurry, and dreading delays in the first place! In other words, if I was out to, let’s say, get some milk from an all night grocer? This event may of never even crossed my mind as being so coincidental. Okay, fair enough I say!

But there are even stranger events of timing to consider. Incredible odds that do come true!


Have you ever had the misfortune of being in a car accident? Been in exactly the wrong place at the wrong time? Think of the precise timing involved that leads to an accident. The chain of events that had to unfold to bring the drivers to the exact same place, at the exact same time! If just one driver had arrived late (or early) and by just a few seconds? Then — No accident!

If anywhere along your route your arrival time (or theirs) was changed by: Traffic, or making or not making a traffic light, or leaving a few seconds earlier or later than you did that day, then — no accident! And what about the other choices made that day? Stops or no stops along the way? The speeds of travel? The choices of routes?  Is it Fate? Destiny? Or a direct result of small multiple choices and the roll of a dice!


Here’s something to ponder regarding incredible odds of circumstance. How many different precise events, synchronized by how many different people, had to be made in order for you to even be alive today? Your conception, your birth, was not only dependent on your parents meeting, but on their parents and their parents and their parents meeting!

Without even one of these incalculable number of events happening and in order — would you be here?

And here’s another scary thought! If you hadn’t been conceived at the exact moment that you were? The exact second perhaps? Would you — as you — have been born? Or would your parents of had a different child? A daughter instead of a son, or vise-versa? A lawyer instead of a mechanic? Someone else — other than you? Think of the exact timing of trillions of little choices made in exact ordered sequence all made by others in the past and all leading up to that one moment of conception that allowed you to be here!

When you think about it, Isn’t that the true miracle of life! The fact that you — being you — are here at all? That you exist as you is truly an incredible roll of the dice! And against incredible odds!


Is it Fate? Destiny? Or merely by chance that we the individual walk this earth today born as who we are. From the top of our Family Tree to where we perch on one of its branches seems a miraculous coming together of circumstance, timing, synchronized events and incredible odds.

Are we merely a result from a roll of the dice?

What do You Think?


Don’t forget to share your views and experiences with all of us on today’s subject line. Your input “What do you think?” is what WOW is all about! Opinions from the only voice that matters. Your voice! The voice of the people!























7 thoughts on “Fate? Destiny? Or Just A Roll Of The Dice?

  1. Yes, and many rolls of the dice. Perhaps the man who walked in front of you prevented an accident with the next car that appeared 🙂 I don’t believe in coincidence. Here’s one example in my life. When my Great, Great, Great Grandfather immigrated to this country, he, his wife, and my Great, Great Grandfather (2 or 3 years old then) came across the Atlantic on a ship just like everyone else was doing. It seems my rambunctious GG Grandfather, while scrambling about, fell from the upper deck, but a person below caught him. Had no one caught him, my entire line of descent would have never come to be. And since seven of his children lived to adulthood and had families, that’s really seven lines of descent that would have never existed had he died in that fall. A roll of the dice, indeed 🙂

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    1. That’s a great example, it shows how incredibly far back in ones family tree that the dice were already rolling. It does boggle the mind when one considers the long winding, and in your example, sometimes dangerous road it took to get to the moment of our conception. I wonder what odds we’d get from Vegas? Man, we’d make a killing! Thanks for the comment. Nice to hear from you again!

      Liked by 1 person

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