R.I.P.— The Dying of Television

Yes TV today is a wonder to look at! It’s a marvel in technology and with every year the technology grows. But TV is only as good as what’s on it, and if your asking me, what’s on it today is mostly crap! Yep, C-R-A-P spells CRAP! Caca, Garbage, Shit, Cowplop, Manure, Poop, and just a plain waste of time. Reality shows, Soap operas, Infomercials, Bad Serials, and on and on we go.

Not only is today’s T.V. programming bad, it’s making us feel bad! It’s dumbing us down with its content, making our brain’s go to sleep with its useless fodder and filling up our heads with falsehoods and propaganda. It dissuades us from thinking, it wastes our time and with the inactivity involved in prolong viewing habits, it’s physically killing us!

Dumbing us Down!


The Greed of the cable providers and the endless shuffling of new and cancelled programming (in constant search of a big ratings hit) have made today’s T.V’s almost unwatchable. Add to this, the same endless repetitive looping of commercials over and over and more and more frequent and your left with little time for the actual program that you originally tuned in for!

This leads to aimless flipping through the 100’s of available individual channels (that you pay for dearly) to find something of interest that does not currently have a commercial playing (but will very shortly!)


I don’t know about television programming and connection services in your country, but here in Canada it’s a bloody expensive mess. In Ontario (where Toronto is) there are but a few monopolizing providers and they take full advantage of knowing your choices are limited.

Internet providers here are among the top 5 of most expensive world wide (modern societies) and cable service providers among the top 10. Combining the two and well — welcome to the poor house! And that’s just your basic Internet and channel package.

Specialty or Sports channels, movie channels or set package groupings are all priced individually. The worst of it is, almost all these channels still contain commercials. Annoying continuously looping commercial breaks, 6 or more in a row, lasting 5 or 6 or more minutes in duration. These breaks almost last more than the viewing duration gap of the program itself? Ugh!


This is fueling a consumers rebellion against the once almighty TV and it’s programming marketplace. The number of Canadians cancelling their subscriptions or forgoing cable TV altogether is accelerating yearly. It seems TV and its ever growing inflated programming and network hookup pricing are destined for a major free-fall. And I for one, am not surprised at all!

You can’t increase the amount of commercials, decrease the actual show time, increase the cost of paying for all this and expect to grow your viewership and customers! Especially now with so many internet entertainment substitutes readily available.

It’s obvious change is needed! And I think those ancient hardliners in the Network programming departments are blowing a once in a lifetime opportunity. They can turn this free-fall around if they would only look outside the box and start listening to rational viewer input.

Not the fat-ass can’t get off the couch without it catching on fire viewers? Not the I want more variety, more options of the same crap I like to watch  — Nielsen rating viewers? But the intelligent, reflective, what would be good for me and my children viewers!

What an opportunity they have to make TV into what it should have been all along. And what the Hell do they have to lose? If dramatic and sweeping change doesn’t happen soon the whole bloody thing is going belly up anyways! Instead of the mostly nonsensical crap they put on TV today perhaps with a little research they may find a vacant need for intelligent programming.

Maybe take the leap from dumb (I just want to be entertained!) TV, to something more substantial. Teach, inform and educate the masses with shows about; Science, Technology, Nature, Health and environmental connectivity. Real science health shows (not advertisements) on physical and mental positivity, on family values and child upbringing. Spark our children’s wonders and reinforce fellowship with humankind.

Enough of the F**KING commercialism, violence and sex and Lies! It’s polluting our children’s minds and — WE DON’T WANT THAT CRAP IN OUR HOMES ANYMORE!!


Just think of the positive role T.V. could play, should play, with its unique already established ability of reaching the masses! Why not provoke conversations on; Harmony with our environment, ways to end poverty and hunger and disease instead of who shot J.R. or who’s next to be voted off the island. (can you tell how long it’s been for me?) Bottom line is — we want change!

Just take a look at Publicly supported broadcasting that already exists. See what people are willing to pay for, what kinds of content is important enough for them to dole out their hard-earned cash and support. Other than what the internet is already over-providing, with foolish “Entertainment” on you tube, and redefining sex on their plethora of Porn sites. TV has a chance to be different, breakaway, and become relative again.

All they have to do is listen, open their eyes, think outside the box and think of all the possibilities for positive Humane and world community programming. Shows that could teach, educate and improve our understanding that we are all one people living on one planet are one and only Home.

TV today has dropped all false pretense of being simply entertainment for the masses. Today, they are showing their true intent. That is, simply a means of profiting through commercialism.


Of course all this is not likely to happen until the overly rich and powerful corporations that own and control all the networks are gone? They show only for their greedy needs, higher ratings and more commercials that equal more money! But what if TV had no monetary purpose? No means for profit?

What if instead of corporate and network boardrooms interested only in increasing their bottom line we let our intellectuals do the programming? Our leaders of science in the fields of nature, the environment, human relations (to name a few) and our world health organizations? Why not give the smartest people on our planet a shot at this instead of the corporate greed?

And the first thing they would do? — Cut consumerism right out of the picture!

Banning commercials entirely. Just that process in its self would make TV tolerable again? Cutting consumerism out of TV “today” and your left with? — Empty space! Ready to be filled with real-life intellectual programming instead of the brain-numbing senseless fodder we see today.

Perhaps T.V. must collapse entirely before it can then be reborn into this positive educational resource fit for all of humankind. If done right however? It could very well (in my opinion) change the World!


If (hypothetically) you were in charge of totally revamping today’s arguably trash TV programming in a non-profit mandate, what would it look like? If you had total control, made all the decisions of what was and wasn’t to be broadcast, what programs and of what nature would you show?

Would there still be entertainment? Movies? Game shows? Serials? Reality shows? How about Sports? Boxing and Ultimate Fighting too?

How about News? Local and/or World? What would you do to ensure the validity of their content? (The Fake news and biased views?) What about Commercials? Political views? Religion? — So much to decide!

What would TV look like — if you were in charge?


“An extraterrestrial being, newly arrived on Earth – scrutinizing what we mainly present to our children in television, radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, the comics, and many books – might easily conclude that we are intent on teaching them murder, rape, cruelty, superstition, credulity, and consumerism. We keep at it, and through constant repetition many of them finally get it.” — Carl Sagan







9 thoughts on “R.I.P.— The Dying of Television

  1. Forgot to say that you’re really a great writer. One can tell from your writing that you are good at critical thinking, having a rather active mind, strong belief, and vivid expression. You are the one who can afford to have greater ambition.

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  2. I’ve definitely moved on from cable TV to Netflix. Have done that a long time ago actually. Netflix has its own issues, but you can see it’s trying really hard to improve the quality and variety of its shows – good intention is what really counts, and I will have good faith in it as long as it keeps trying.

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    1. Thanks Dot for the comment! Yes, more and more of us are joining you and cutting our ties with cable TV looking for alternatives. Perhaps in the end this will prove out to a good thing. In my opinion, TV has been dumbing us down now for way to long.

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  3. Really enjoyed reading this article. Will definitely have to find time to read more of your blog. You have a real talent for expressing yourself. Keep up the good work and continue to develop your skills. You never know where it will lead – a book maybe???
    I worry the most about the impact on children. One channel I do really enjoy is TCM. Discovering these old movies has been a real joy.

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    1. Hey Sonja nice to hear from you! Just to let you know your comment needed approval the first time but from now on it will post right away. Thanks for the encouraging words as I’m still learning the trade and how to better express myself as I go. And your right about the kids today, seems family viewing is a thing of the past. Talk with you later!


  4. Tv is dead for me. Its all about making bucks and political activism. Most shows have no censorship with regards to filth, trashy talk and pathetic story lines. But I guess that is the way society is “progressing”. Give me Beverly Hillbillys, Gilligans Island, Hogans heroes, Green acres, Petticoat Junction Star trek, Lost in Space, Time tunnel etc. any day.

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    1. I’m with you buddy! Good wholesome family shows usually with a moral message embedded in there somewhere. How about Bonanza, Andy griffin Show, even the cartoons were great — Flintstones, Johnny Quest. You ever see the cartoons of today? All adult crap! Was nice reminiscing with you again Al. Be well!


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