COVID-19: Time to Panic?

The Coronavirus (now Covid-19) has long broke contain from the country of its origin spreading out of China and infecting today (posted date) at least 40 other countries. The World Health organization (WHO) as of January 30, 2020 is officially calling this outbreak a Global Emergency. Yet still it seems they are reluctant to call it a Pandemic. And who could blame them? The word itself would undoubtedly strike fear and panic in the global population. Oh yes, Pandemic — is a very scary word!


The super-virus originating in Wuhan China, was first reported to the World Health organization on December 31, 2019. Since then, as of February 26, only 2 months later, the global death toll is nearing 2,800 with a total of about 80,000 confirmed infection cases reported globally. It seems containment has failed and the disease is about to infect the entire Globe.

Make no mistake things are getting serious out there. Sea border Countries are now severely restricting access to their docking ports. Huge cruise ships some with as many as 2,000 tourists on board are now daily refused port entry and turned away back out to sea. US Navy vessels operating in the Asia-Pacific region are now mandated to remain at sea for at least 14 days after stopping in any Pacific country before docking elsewhere.


Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization’s director general, said “the world is at a decisive point in its fight to contain the virus.” Changes are happening quickly and the world should take notice.

—  On Feb. 18, — 29 countries reported cases of coronavirus.

— On Feb, 29, (just 9 days later) — 46 countries are now infected.

— Just In the past 24 hours, 7 new countries have reported cases for the very first time.

Also Community-based transmission — Person to person contamination not associated with a foreign border breach, is being seen in more countries as well.

So for some, depending in what country your currently living in, the time for Panic has come and gone. For countries with so far limited number of infected cases, Panic is perhaps too strong a word. Perhaps, “time to prepare” would be more relevant to the situation.


Time to stock up on supplies if and when this virus sweeps through your community. Before Panic does set in and empty shelves becomes a problem. Before quarantines are imposed and/or travel is restricted. Before declining  availability of essential products and medicines fueled by panic buyers becomes an issue.

Look, I’m not suggesting you should get ready for Armageddon or stock pile a years worth of goods as in preparation for nuclear war. Let’s not get crazy here! Even if you do get infected for most of us our lives are not in danger. So far the death rate is a mere 3.5 % mostly restricted to the very old with other underlining medical conditions. So let’s not Panic here!

I’m simply suggesting that getting the jump on things now and not waiting to the last minute makes sense? And doing it now before everybody else comes to this conclusion or are suddenly faced with this same issue. Preparing now, so if the worse case scenario does happen you will avoid the stress of last minute chaos and empty product shelves.

And if not, at least the peace of mind knowing that your ready.

So what would you need in preparation? I suppose that is for you to ultimately decide based on your family size and medicinal needs and what you consider to be essential. Perhaps other than some extra can goods or long lasting food products you could look at what other highly infected communities are running out of.

Like protected face masks which are reportedly already hard to find due to the panicked rush of worried consumers. Experts insist masks have limited effectiveness on airborne virus’ but limited or not, I think we’d all feel safer wearing one?

Electricity, water and most other essential living necessities wouldn’t be impacted so don’t get carried away. Again, there should be no panic buying at this time. Perhaps simply purchasing a little extra each trip to the store. All we are trying to do is beat the panic buying rush IF it does eventually occur. For most countries and communities this is yet not even on the horizon.


Have I gone too far in suggesting preparing now in case of a runaway contamination in your community? Is it way to soon to even think this way? Perhaps. But what do you really have to lose. Either you end up with some extra supplies you can slowly use up over a few months or you end up prepared and ready long before the chaos of panic sets in among your fellow consumers.

And doesn’t it look like this super-virus is now running out of control and skipping borders as easily as birds flying their yearly migratory route? Unless world travel is totally shut down (not going to happen) borders will be breached carrying the infected and continuing the spread of this disease.

JUST IN UPDATE: Canadian Health Minister Patty Hajdu is encouraging Canadians to stockpile food and medication in their homes in case they or a loved one falls ill with the novel coronavirus. Good advice for ANY potential crisis, from a viral outbreak, to a power outage she advised.

And so it begins!

The hopes of containment is over. The spread of the disease is becoming world wide. How each country handles the outbreak from here on in is yet to be seen. Even in countries with few cases of infected so far, the virus is spreading with new cases reported almost on a daily basis.

Nobody it seems, has been able to stop the spread of Covid-19 once it crosses their borders. They all talk soothing words, say it’s not a concern in their country. But what else do you expect them to say? Panic is infectious! As much as, or even more than — the virus itself!

Now officially declared a World Emergency the word Pandemic is sure to follow.

If that doesn’t cause you concern, then your just plain not paying attention!


Don’t forget to share your views and experiences with all of us on today’s subject line. Your input “What do you think?” is what WOW is all about! Opinions from the only voice that matters. Your voice! The voice of the people!
























7 thoughts on “COVID-19: Time to Panic?

  1. Nice post. My past health care career taught me that the CDC would probably bundle this one, and it did. Screwed up test kits, over-restricted testing guidelines, telling everyone it could not be transmitted when a person was asymptomatic – then having to back pedal daily as more information is learned. China confirms two different coronavirus types now (one more severe than the other), and we can count on it mutating. Realistic preparation is the best approach. Hard to avoid all of the fomites though. A reasonable question for the experts would be why are they telling us not to buy masks because they are not effective, but at the same time telling us they need to reserve them for health care workers?? Just guessing on my part, but I doubt this will be the last virus pandemic producing a serious death toll.

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    1. Yeah, I hear your concerns! I’m still astonished Canada chose to more or less allow the virus a free pass into our country (please tell us if you have symptoms my ass!) Then publicly try and soothe us with how prepared they are to fight it. Most likely comes down to the all mighty dollar — after all, shutting our borders would mean huge economic loss for our government and all the big corporations who feed their sustainability. And all their greed. Who cares if some of us might die, think of the money we would of loss?


  2. I’ve been thinking about doing some preparation. But the No.1 item I have in mind, the face mask, is nowhere to find. The shelves are already empty, Pandemic or no panic. Except for that, I don’t see there is anything else really being essential. One thing I am not clear is, would online shopping still deliver if there’s a shut-down? If yes, then I suppose we could still buy grocery and stuff while staying at home waiting for the bird migration to pass?


    1. Your right Dot, so many unknowns to think about that may or may not happen. However, public panic is already starting. On the news today they show over-crowded stores with empty shelves and line-ups blocks long to get inside. Just imagine when the virus becomes officially a Pandemic! So whether your community is so far free of infection or not. I’d suggest you keep an eye on your local supermarkets for signs of panic buying.

      Otherwise just buy enough extra so that if you do show signs of the virus you can self-quarantine yourself (its the right thing to do) without going hungry or running out of essentials. Like medications you need, toiletries or extra pet food to tie you over. And maybe some extra cash on hand? As far as home delivery is concerned, perhaps its best to presume they will cease if and when your area becomes highly effected.

      Remember were not panic buying, but if others in your locally area are and your already stocked up, then you don’t have to worry about empty shelves and crowded markets. Perhaps the virus itself is not the major concern here its the panicked over-reactive public that we should be aware of. And the effects on our economy as stocks continue to dive at an alarming rate.

      In the end, although this may be a highly contagious disease it’s by no means deadly. The death toll is around 2.5 % or so and mostly confined to the old and already chronically sick. For the vast majority of us, we’re all going to be fine even if we do catch the infection! I wouldn’t worry about the mask shortage either, their proven mostly ineffective as far as virus’ are concerned anyways. So chin up, keep an eye on your elders and buy a little extra in case you’ll need it and wash your hands regularly. Other than that, don’t worry — We’re all going to be just fine!

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      1. Now you really get me into a flight or fight prewar mental state! I feel finally ready to make a special trip today to the supermarkets. Hopefully they are not yet too empty-shelved at this point and I could still get everything I need just in case. Thanks Wayne for everything you wrote 🦉

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