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Since my last post just four days ago “COVID-19: Time to Panic?” the infectious spread of the novel coronavirus has exploded world wide, fueling increasing fear and panic among the general public. Supermarkets are starting to experience panic-buying for the first time and talks about a possible global recession fill the news. It seems A Global Panic is starting to take hold. Doom and Gloom is Everywhere!


Although the virus is an increasingly world wide concern and rightly so — separating opinionated doomsday predictions (that only add fuel to the rising public panic) from informational fact — now becomes more important then ever. I suggest sticking to the information presented by the World Health Organization (WHO) instead of the plethora of opinionated news articles. Unsubstantiated Doom and Gloom perspectives are becoming increasingly more and more prominent and these should be taken with a realistic grain of doubt.

Adding some of the recent more promising news will help in alleviating some of your fears instead of constantly dwelling on worst case scenarios.

But lets start with some updated data and information you should know.

So, How fast is the virus spreading? What can you do to protect yourself? And what about progress on a vaccine?

Here’s some updated data from the World Health Organization (WHO) as of March 2, 2020.

73 Countries now Infected — The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that public health officials are operating in “uncharted territory” as they combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has infected more than 90,000 people across 73 countries and territories as of Monday evening.

WHO has so far held off on classifying the outbreak as a global pandemic, but has warned it is a possibility in the near future. To date, there have been 172 deaths reported outside mainland China, raising the global death toll to 3,115.  And at least 80,151 cases have been identified in mainland China killing 2,943 people.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Warned Monday that the virus plunged the world economy into its worst downturn since the 2009 global financial crisis and that growth could be cut in half if the outbreak continues unabated.





Coronavirus concerns are very real and likely this outbreak will soon officially be classified as a Pandemic. However, more than ever, a reality check is needed. Here in the western world the virus has so far infected very few and containment is not out of the question.

Even if you do become infected, you will most surely survive just fine. Percentages of deaths due to the virus are holding steady at a mere 2 % or so, mostly affecting the very old or already chronically sick.

WHO says, most people infected with the new virus will likely only experience mild illness. In comparison to the genetically related SARS virus that killed about 10% of people who caught it.

Perhaps the biggest worries are not of the virus itself? But of the unsubstantiated predictions of global economic breakdown and the rise of panic-buying consumers adding fuel to the public’s increasingly wary outlook. A plethora of opinionated doomsday perspectives are also not helping with the reality of the situation.

Separating facts from fiction should be our primary objective!
Heeding the advice of those in the know as to best protect us and the ones we love should become general knowledge and based on scientific fact and not fiction.


Wash your hands regularly and keep them from your eyes, nose and mouth. Make sure your elderly are taken care of and also well informed. And most importantly — do not heed the Panic of the less informed. Be realistic about the situation, follow the WHO updates — and continue on as before in your daily lives.

Most Importantly Don’t Panic! — This is NOT the end of the world!


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  1. Thanks for the updates, Wayne. You’re right, it’s important to separate facts from fiction. It’s comforting to know that it’s not the end of the world. Most people have the tendency to dwell on worst case scenarios, and probably there should be a report on how much of that affects people’s quality of life too.

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    1. Although everybody reacts differently to different situations its important to keep worrisome times like these in perspective. Choosing to be a calming influence in a perceived crisis instead of an “OMG the sky is falling” doomsayer! — Can be emotionally soothing to both those you correspond with, as well as yourself. Thanks Dot.

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