Why Science is Under Attack

Those living during mankind’s early societies had much to fear. Angry Gods, Witches and Demons casting all sorts of disease and plague, famine and failed crops, death and misfortune. Sacrifices were made to appease them, food and wine, cattle and goats and yes, even virgins!

Then Science took our hand and led us out of the dark ages where we once cringed in fear at our own shadows blaming angry Gods for every unknown. Today science has explained away those early fears of ignorance of the once frightening unknown. And not just those of Mother Nature, but those of modern technologies.

Today, Science continues on, providing new knowledge that when applied through modern technologies leads to lifesaving medicines and procedures. They give sound to the deaf, eyes to the blind and new limbs to the those without. They continue to Increase our life-span and overall health making life here in the 21st century the safest, healthiest and technologically the most advanced in human history!

They’ve gone on to connect the world, link our species in communications with mobile phone innovations, satellite link-up, GPS, and internet social media. The world has never been more connected! Yet this world wide connectivity may actually be part of their problem!


Perhaps ironically, this sudden availability of global human connectivity (made possible by science) is what is fueling today’s mistrust of science. Billions of humans who by nature possess beliefs, opinions and insecurities all their own now have the capabilities, the means, the venue and the new technologies available to them to express them openly and without reserve to the rest of the world. Regardless if they’re based on fact or fiction.

And now In consuming these multitudes of opinions, we are left with a choice! — of who and what to believe!

Today Science finds itself caught in a media propaganda war between right-wing political, personal Ideological, Pseudoscience and religious dogma that look to discredit science in protection of their own personal belief’s and agendas. Today’s internet connectivity with its plethora of different views and opinions makes it easy for them to find and use opposing ill-conceived data and opinions. They use this to attack, slander, and discredit what science is saying all in the name of their own personal agendas.


Its pretty clear, Donald Trump doesn’t like science. It gets in his way, provides information that interferes with his own personal goals and presidential agendas. And so he dismisses climate change as a hoax and introduces gag orders on all outgoing scientific literature that opposes his views. This because it interferes with his promises of rebuilding the coal and oil companies that would provide jobs and economic boost in his country, regardless the environmental concerns.

Yet even while he outwardly muddies the scientific waters he uses science and its knowledge of human behavior to advance his will on the masses. He publicly repeats his personal opinions, his lies and falsehoods until they are accepted as the truth. He removes from office, publicly threatens or attacks those that openly disagree with him leaving few left willing to take him on.

He fires his credible scientific staff, then hires his own to help propagandize his own personal views thus providing doubt in the public’s mind by airing opposing opinions. But make no mistake here. He’s totally aware of the science of human behavior, and is using it for his own political gains.

Donald Trump in essence — is an evil closet science user!

I do not believe Donald Trump is as much a science denier as he is a political manipulator, a bully knocking down science simply because it’s in his way! — Word of Wayne


Even though there is plenty of credible agreeing scientific information out there contrary to his false spewings there are many now who take his side. Like in advertising where repeating messages is a mainstay, the science of human nature and behavior predicts the eventuality of at least some conformity. In other words, repeat it enough and there will be those who will eventually come to believe it’s true!

Sadly, its not just Donald Trump using this science on us. Today it’s being used most everywhere in the media, as in the news networks promoting there own ideologies and on the Internet where today opinions are taking the place of facts.  And non-opinionated facts are all but impossible to find.

Information made available to us today has never been so unreliable. Fake-news has reared its ugly head and continues to grow. Lies and innuendo’s have long been an unwanted characteristic of our political leaders, but today its at a whole new unrestricted level. And its not just confined to the political genre anymore!

It seems anybody and everybody with a personal agenda can now discredit freely and without consequence anybody or anything they don’t agree with. Including science — that ironically without the scientific technology that all media is based on — wouldn’t be possible!


Like in all matters where humans are involved, science too has its pretenders. Most of these are either not scientists at all, scientists speaking out of turn not in their specialized fields or borderline scientists being paid to promote theories or ideas outside the scientific method. Again usually for personal gain.

Pseudoscience: consists of statements, beliefs, or practices that are claimed to be both scientific and factual, but are incompatible with the scientific method. Users of Pseudoscience misinform, mislead and stretch the truth while falsely declaring their products or personal theories as science proven. Usually in attempts at personal or monetary gain or in protection of their own ideologies or religious beliefs.

“While science is a genuine search for what is true regardless of what that might be, Pseudoscience begins with a desired outcome and then works backwards to try and verify only their conclusions. They only desire to confirm their hypotheses by making a Lawyers case for their beliefs, dismissing skepticism, alternatives and explaining away faults and inconsistencies to achieve their goal.” — Dr. Steven Novella (Skeptics guide to the Universe)


There are no absolute science deniers as in “I don’t believe in anything science!” Science deniers always “pick and choose” in what they don’t believe. They may not believe in evolution or climate change, but believe in and rely on science to: cure their illness, make their cars they drive, the TV’s they watch and provide light and heat for their homes. Even the Amish are not science deniers, they simply shun its modern technologies believing in a simpler life.






So in essence its not science per say that naysayers are denying. Its that one piece of targeted evidence that is in direct contrast to their current (or long-held) belief. As in, they do not except evolution because it directly challenges their own personal religious beliefs. Or others who pick and choose from what science offers (omitting the challenging parts) in order to make their personal claims seem more feasible. Or simple twist or omit whole sections of scientific documents that counter their viewpoint.


The word “Deny” can also in many incidents be replaced with the word “Distrust” as in: I deny vaccination, because I distrust the science behind it. Or distrust my Government’s agenda. I may distrust the news about climate change, because I think its impossible to tell the weather that many years into the future? Or opinions from others (strangers usually) have influenced my decision? Or even that Climate change is just a conspiracy.

So in the end, there are many reasons why one may deny scientific evidence. Distrust, personal agendas, or challenges to personal religious or ideological views. But the main reason perhaps lies in the fact that we are human and do not easily give up our beliefs. In fact quite the opposite is true. Human Nature dictates that we will impulsively fight for them, right or wrong, and with biased reasoning that’s all our own.


Science is a way of looking at the world using a specific tool “The Scientific Method!” It’s goal is to explain how the Natural World works by forming Theories or Hypotheses then verifying or falsifying these by using testable evidence occurring in the natural world. Science follows only unbiased and provable data that leads to conclusions that are observable and testable for ALL to exam.

Most importantly, these conclusions are then set upon with fierce determination to falsify, or prove them wrong! And not just by its conceiver but open to the whole of the scientific community. This process of scrutiny continues for the “entire lifetime” of the proposed theory and its documented conclusions.

Science is a self-correcting process where “Absolute Truth” is never finalized only deemed to be considered as “well corroborated” and “currently supported” among the scientific community. — Donald R Prothero (reality check, science deniers)

Even current mutually accepted scientific theories are changed willingly and without bias if needed as new information (perhaps provided by new technologies) requires them to be. They may be changed, improved on, added to, or if deemed necessary even completely stricken from the books.

Science is about reaching the best possible conclusions that “current data” allows. And be willing to change them when new data demands it. The history of science is full of cases where previously accepted theories have been entirely throw out and replaced by new ones of more accurate data. Science is continuously verifying, falsifying and updating its information seeking only to reach the best possible “current explanations.”

Science continues to remain relevant by continuously evolving towards the truth. A self-correcting system unlike any other in the history of humankind!


There would be no electricity, no modern agriculture, no modern medicines. Without science we’d still be living the life of our ancient ancestors without today’s modern conveniences, transportation, building structures and technologies.

Science continues to give us new knowledge, new inventions and better healthcare making the 21st century the safest, healthiest and technologically the most advanced in human history. We are living longer, healthier and safer lives then ever before all due to science. More importantly, without science — we wouldn’t even be here today! Disease and infection would of wiped humanity off the face of our planet long ago.

Science technology has put men on the moon and sent probes exploring all of our planets sending back data and pictures of wonder from billions of kilometers away. It has opened up our universe with photos captured from the Hubble space telescope gazing back into the past as far back as near the beginnings of our universe itself. — A Miracle?

“Without Science — everything is a miracle!” — Lawrence M Krauss


Science is not perfect. How can it be when imperfect humans are involved? Yet science with its checks and balances and unbiased goals is far and away our best means in finding the truth. It’s revolutionized every aspect of our lives and continues to do so. It has explained away our fears, given truth to our realities and squashed the many myths and supernatural stories in which we once believed. It is the prime factor in the very survival of our species!

“Science may be the most proudest of our accomplishments as a species” — Steve Pinker

Real science, its knowledge both past and present, is free to those that wish to know it. Its not intended for monetary or corporate gain or patented for use to be sold to the highest bidder. Science knowledge is for the benefit of all humankind! How we choose to use its findings is up to us! We can revel in its wondrous discoveries, or deny, distort and bend its information to fit our own personal needs. Like those who deny or distort it for their own personal goals. — This is not the fault of science, but of mankind itself!

So I say, beware the imposters! Check and make sure your science is the real thing by checking the source of the information. Do they have something to gain? Hidden agendas? Personal ideologies to persuade the masses?  There will always be those looking to distort science for their own personal needs. Because (and according to science) it is after all, only Human Nature!

“Humans were always far better at inventing tools — than using them wisely” — Yuval Noah Harari’

Do you believe in Science?


As Always — Search for the Truth

Don’t forget to share your views and experiences with all of us on today’s subject line. Your input “What do you think?” is what WOW is all about! Opinions from the only voice that matters. Your voice! The voice of the people!








3 thoughts on “Why Science is Under Attack

  1. Hey George, thanks for the comment. Even today a lot of Religions still see science as a threat to their theologies. Yet in reality, science really has no interest in religious dogma since science is based on how the “natural world” works. Science understands that the theories of the theologians cannot be proven or disproved through science. Yet as I’ve stated in this post — targeted scientific evidence contrary to specific beliefs, still rage on. Perhaps after Science saves us from this current pandemic,(and they eventually will) more of us will realize its valued authenticity. Then again — maybe not?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good point Al and thanks for the comment. The public’s negative perception of politicians and politics in general speaks for itself and history seems to prove the reasoning valid.


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