Coronavirus: What It’s Telling Us About the World We Live In

There’s no hiding from it now. A world wide Pandemic is upon us. And as we together as a species fight for control, there are lessons here of great importance to be learned. Valuable lessons for when the next super-virus starts its deadly spread across our world. And make no mistake — there will be others!

But not only is this is an opportunity for our World Health Care Organization (WHO) to learn from mistakes being made, but individual Nations and Governments as well. And what about us? What can we the public learn from this? What is the coronavirus teaching us about the world we live in?



Infected — 980,519

Deaths — 50,239

IN CANADA — 10,132 Infected
In USA — 226,378

 To get a continuously updated running virus count visit — <>



We are learning that our current Health Care Systems are woefully inadequate when it comes to accommodating large numbers of patients at any given time. In Canada, yearly cutbacks in our health care services by slashing politicians have gravely effected the levels of service here even in ordinary times.

We already run at 100 per cent capacity in our hospitals, ambulance and paramedic services, intensive care units and wait times for surgery bookings. If and when, the coronavirus infection count rises to that of other countries? The system will be more than hard pressed to deal with it.

That is a fact in most countries and is their hushed little secret that they don’t what publicly to get out. Yes they want to stop the spread of the virus but in all good estimations its not going to happen before their health care services are overrun. Or they are exposed for not being sufficiently prepared.

Patty Hajdu, the Canadian federal health minister, said COVID-19 could infect between 30 and 70 per cent of Canada’s population. That would mean somewhere between 11.3 million and 26.3 million people in Canada could get sick with varying severity. Now no Health system in the world could handle those numbers, but in reality even if that number is a tiny percentage of that — the system will collapse.

“Only If we can spread out the number of people who get infected over time, then maybe the system can adjust,” said  Dr. Michael Warner, medical director at Toronto’s Michael Garron Hospital.

With the number of infected doubling (in Canada) just in the last 2 days? An adjusting system — doesn’t seem very likely! And a Government intent on slashing health budgets and handing out yearly cutbacks, must shoulder at least some of the blame.


We all have Heroes. People we look (or looked) up to, admire and wish we were more alike. Heroes it seems, are made in times of crisis, where their courage and self-sacrifice for their fellow man goes beyond the norm. Such are the times we are facing today, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. An Infectious super-virus sweeping over our planet causing fear and panic. Yet these are the times when Heroes arise!

It’s during times like these when our personal health is at risk, that heroes show up in our health care population. Yet these dedicated and humane human beings have always been there flying low under the radar. Any of you who have battled a personal health crisis under their care will gladly attest to this. They are some of our best examples of caring human beings.

In the Pandemic crisis of today, one such man, a Chinese Doctor who sacrificed his reputation and eventually his life trying to warn the world of a fast spreading super-virus before it was even known — is one such Hero.

Doctor Li Wenliang

 Doctor Li Wenliang was one of the first Doctors who tried to issue warnings about the deadly coronavirus. He died from the disease, Feb. 6, 2020. Contracting it while trying to help the infected while working at Wuhan Central Hospital.

He had issued warnings to fellow doctors in late December about the virus. Dr Li, noticed several cases of the virus last year, and thought it looked like SARS the global epidemic which killed thousands in 2003. So he sent a message to colleagues in a chat group warning them to wear protective clothing to prevent infection.

He also started chatting with other Doctors, warning of the dangers of this fast spreading disease.

Only days later, he was summoned to China’s Public Security Bureau where he was told to sign a letter accusing him of “making false comments” and “severely disrupting the social order.”  He was ordered to cease all talk concerning his findings.

Yet even from his death bed in hospital he remained vigilant in his warnings. One of the first, yet likely not the last Health Care worker to become a Hero in the eyes of the public during this ongoing Pandemic crisis.

Doctor Li Wenliang


Now In the face of worldwide panic. With growing fears of this new coronavirus pandemic. Who is it that we now turn to, to save us? The same people who have been fighting to be believed about climate change? About the safe and needed use of vaccinations that many are refusing? About the dangers to our health from industrial air and water pollution that they have been warning us about for centuries. About what we are doing to our environment on a global scale. — Those people? — The Scientists?

Perhaps a little ironic considering that to this day, we stand by passively as Donald Trump and other Nation leaders publicly discredit science in lieu of their own political agendas. They institute policies to silence scientists, openly discredit their conclusions and ban their scientific-based documents altogether. Or replace them with in-house party line stooges who will blindly follow the governments will.

Yet Instead of an all out public outrage in science’s defense? We simply turn the other cheek. Or worse, actually ponder the validity of such unfactual slandering’s. Like Trump calling Climate Change, “A Hoax invented by the Chinese.” Or when he tweeted “I am being proven right about massive vaccinations—the doctors lied. Save our children & their future.” Sadly, many Americans believe him!

So now in times of crisis? Is it our anti-science leaders who we now call upon? No, now we believe and take to heart when science tells us to ban all large gatherings, disinfect our surroundings and wash our hands continuously. To self-Isolate if we show symptoms or have traveled to a foreign country. We cheer them on when they identify, then isolate the virus and begin testing in hopes of acquiring a vaccination.

Suddenly we are all Science believers again! Looking to them to lead us through this crisis.

If and when a coronavirus vaccination is eventually found — there will be thousands lining up to get it. But will there also be lineups for inoculation against those other diseases that many have rejected in favor of conspiracy? Will we be renewed in our fight against climate change and environmental pollution now trusting in what science has long been saying in warning?

Will this be the last time that science has to prove itself? Will the US public turn on Mr. Trump for his misleading denials of scientific research and from here on out demand immediate action from our leaders, our Governments? Or will all be forgotten in time and fall back to the way things are today?

Because, as we are learning — That’s the way our World works.


As this pandemic is teaching us, there are a lot of things that are wrong in our world today. There’s a lot of things that need fixing. Starting at the top with the absolute need for Government restructuring. We need more accountability, less corporate influence, improved economic and health system structure. And a total riddance of political greed and self-imposing power. — And that my friends is only the tip of the Iceberg.

In a world teetering back and forth on environmental and economical collapse, we need to reinstate science as our guiding light. Only science can fix the problems our government leaders have brought upon our world and the overly-wealthy giant corporations that they pander to.


When science leads us through this crisis. Perhaps then the public will recognize the importance of it again and demand its worldwide reinstatement. Dismissing those who discredit, manipulate and ban its research.

Then with a renewed believe in what science has been trying to tell us for years about the dangers of climate change, industrial pollution and environmental well-being; the public may finally make electoral demands on their government leaders. Insisting that science works hand in hand with our political policy makers.

Putting science and scientific research back on the pedestal it deserves may be the only way we can get out of this mess our world has gotten itself into. Investing in leaders who believe in, and will work with science will give us hope for a better world. A safer world then the one we are living in today.

Because If not science — then who?

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein

“All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil” ― Sophocles

















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