Nightmare: A Visit From My Evil Side

Out of the terror of my nightmare, up and up my upper-body suddenly bolts upright. Awake now, I find I’m drenched in sweat. My heart jackhammering in my chest and my pulse is pounding. A beginnings of a scream is lodged somewhere deep down in my throat. Confused and wild-eyed there is a smell of fear like a putrid roaring fever and it’s everywhere in the room! And this smell of fear I find — is coming from me!

It’d be safe to say that all of us at one time or another have been jolted awake by a frightening nightmare. A terrifying dream that lingers long after we’ve awakened. Some of these nightmares can stay with us for hours, for days, even longer. And then there are those — that last a lifetime!

Some nightmares are so extremely frightening that we are terrified to even try to remember them. We have long-ago locked them away deep in the dark depths of our memories. And it’s there that they reside, not gone, not totally forgotten, but safely far away from our recall.

Or so we like to believe?


I was in my early teens, sleeping in my room in a house that I grew up in. Even today, looking back, I’m still not 100% sure that I was dreaming? — I awoke during the night needing to use the washroom that was just outside and to the left of my bedroom.

And right away I could feel that something wasn’t right! Even before I started to get out of bed there was a strong sense of foreboding. A sense of something evil lying in wait. A terrifying feeling of warning.

But as in dreams where normal decision-making doesn’t seem to apply, I found my feet were moving, walking slowly closer and closer, nearing the open bathroom door.

This is how I remember my nightmarish encounter!

The house was unusually quite. Completely void of any normal night time sounds. No clocks ticking, no furnace clicking, nobody snoring. Even the air itself seemed thick and heavy as if time itself was standing still.

I find myself standing in front of the bathroom door. Pitch black inside! I’m starting to tremble a little, my legs are weak and wobbly. I don’t want to look inside, I want to run back to bed! There is a light switch, reachable, just inside the door on the left. I flick it on and get ready to run.

I have never been more frightened in my life!

Then to my surprise, the light does come on! Everything is bathed in light and whoa! What a relief, all looks normal! I’m more sure of myself now and walk in, totally unaware that my nightmare is just beginning.

The sink is the first thing on my left, the toilet next, then the back wall — a small space in-between the two!

It’s there! In that small space between the two! — “That’s where I find him!”

Crouching naked, hiding, waiting for me! The essence of pure evil! And my twin?  No, more like — it was me! Exactly me! Only —the evil me!

When it looked at me with its empty dead eyes my heart almost stopped. Then the grin of the insane spread across its evil face and the shock to my sanity had me teetering on the edge.

Yet evil begets suffering and It’s face was contorted, writhing in agony while grinning back up at me. Still, with a twisted hate so pure that I could feel the waves of revulsion radiating off him and filling up the room. A dark evil presence that washed over you like a demons foul breath.

This was evil incarnate. A manifestation of insanity, not without intelligence yet existing in madness as if forever plagued by a horrible unending mental illness. And horror upon horrors, it started rising…

“It was coming for me.”

I turned to run, but as happens in dreams I found myself moving in slow motion, moving hardly at all in fact! Still, out of the bathroom and down the long hall I fled in terror with my nightmare closely in pursuit.

I could here him closing in behind me. His long dirty nails clicking on the hall’s hardwood floor and a low insane giggling ever rising in volume. I was running for my life screaming! No! Stay away! The insane laughter behind me rising in crescendo as he gained even more closing the gap.

Oh so near now! Right behind me! And before I could let out one more insane terrified scream — a clawed diseased hand — fell upon my shoulder.

I’ve seen my evil twin and he still haunts me to this very day!

I try and keep him locked up as best I can but…

Sometimes, on occasion, he visits me in my dreams..

Do you have a Nightmare Tale to tell?





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12 thoughts on “Nightmare: A Visit From My Evil Side

    1. Thanks buddy! Perhaps interesting in that its a real-telling of a long-ago nightmare that has on several occasions come back to haunt me again. And to tell the truth, I’m a little worried now that by my retelling it, it may come back again? Yes it’s only a dream, but this one, for some reason — pushes all my red-alert scared-y-cat buttons. Yeah I know I should suck-it-up buttercup, I’m an adult now! (not everyone’s opinion mind you.) But even us old fellas can get scared sometimes? Don’t ya think?


  1. Wow! What a vivid description! I could picture this clearly, so I hope it never surfaces as a nightmare for me. Strange the way our minds work, when awake or when sleeping. Is there any meaning to be found here?

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    1. A good friend of mine did offer one. He said we all have the potential for good and evil in us. Although these forces are in constant flux for the most part they are in balance as to our own personal genetic make-up (among other things). This balance is to some degree established during our teen years, when we are developing our own personal identity. During this time, one side can temporarily overwhelm the other causing a temporary imbalance. He says most likely my nightmare represents this internal fight for balance at the time. Sounds logical enough I suppose?

      All I know for sure is that this re-occurring nightmare of my teenage years is locked in my memory permanently. When I wish (and I mostly never do) I can recall it as if it happened yesterday. One of the drawbacks I suppose of having a good memory recall. — Lucky me?

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  2. How could you have chosen such a time to post such a thing, right before I am about to go to bed! I considered reading it tomorrow, but my curiosity got the better of me 🐌 Now will it prompt my evil twin to visit me tonight?! So far I’ve never got to meet her yet … Or wait, maybe I am already my evil twin and I have yet to meet my better self? 🐞🐝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, your not your evil twin Dot so rest easy and I only wish pleasant dreams for you tonight. Although if you have a nightmare of your own to share — I’d be interested in hearing it?

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