COVID-19: Time to put Aside Emotions and Rise to the Occasion!

The Covid-19 Pandemic crisis is playing out like some end-of-the-world horror novel. Only the main characters aren’t imagined and brought to life by a talented author of say, Stephen King’s persuasion. No, you and I are the main characters in this horror drama. And its certainly not a work of fiction — it’s all very real!

In this real life drama we’re caught in, real emotions are at play. Anxiety, fear, stress and worry. Our world has suddenly been turned upside down and our entire social structure seems to of changed overnight. In compliance with  pandemic protocol, most of us are self-isolating or staying at home as much as we can. Normal socializing has become taboo, not only frowned upon but in most cases declared temporarily unlawful.


Now this has been going on now for only a couple of months, yet years are what it seems like. After all, we are a highly social species. We crave the company of our own kind and when this normality is taken away from us — strange things start to happen in our mind.

Being physically isolated from the rest of humanity it seems, is not our cup of tea.

Then again, more alone-time should have its benefits. Because of the social isolation caused by this Pandemic, we now have a lot of time for self-reflection. For taking status of our lives, of who we are, who we were and who we’ve become. To re-evaluate our beliefs, our priorities and perhaps even to contemplate the current state of the world that we live in.

Perhaps with all this extra thinking time on our hands, it might help to remind us of that which most of us have forgotten. That we are an intelligent species (for the most part) with the ability to think, reason, to contemplate and evaluate ourselves and the world around us. And that this cognitive ability is part of the reason we are the dominant species on this planet in the first place!


Yet most of us it seems, have forgot this. We’ve been mentally sucked-in by opinionism, social conformity and political directedness. We get lost in the mad rush and responsibilities of what has become, our normal daily lives. We are group peered or opinionated into our belief’s, and our actions and reactions are more and more dictated by social media.

It seems that the art of unbiasedly thinking for ourselves has been replaced by opinionated viewpoints from biased news networks and by the anecdotal and subjective prattling of social media. We’ve become so accustomed to choosing what we believe in from the screens of our new digital devices, that we almost — no-longer feel the need to think for ourselves.

What little personal thinking time we do engage in, has become relinquished to short stints of daydreaming or fading thoughts as we’re falling off to sleep. Neither one allowing sufficient time for deeper contemplation.


Now today, being socially isolated, has forced us to live at a much slower pace with increasing time alone. Okay, now we have the time and space we need to think deep thoughts! Yet, a lot of us have reacted negatively to this situation instead. Letting our emotions take control of us, injecting fear, anxiety and stress. Yes, this is a normal initial reaction, but — for how long should it last?

There must come a point in time when we retake control over our emotional selves. Over our thoughts, our worries our fears. Otherwise continuing on this path will more and likely lead to some kind of self-induced mental breakdown. Yes! — Self-Induced!

After all, who is in control here, you or your emotions?


Living in the age of social media, with access to everyone and anyone with an opinion or trying to make a quick buck, is leading us down a path of misinformation. Especially when it comes to the subject of our emotions.

If you listen to what they are saying, more and more of us are being inflicted with anxiety disorders, phobias and experiencing panic attacks than ever before. Social media and the internet itself is flooded with sites of those claiming to be so-called “wellness experts” or “life coaches” dedicated to combating your every personnel inner emotional demons.

The unachievable bliss that the happiness industry is trying to sell us, is persuading more, not less of us, into believing we are emotionally unstable. With their unrealistic goals of sustained enlightenment and prolonged well-being — and their opinionated unproven cures for anxiety, stress and everything in between — we have forgotten that challenges of our emotional-self are part of what makes us human.

“If you aren’t the one who is controlling your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions then you are the one who is being controlled.” ― Clyde Lee Dennis


Yes, there are those few percentages of society who really do need some professional help. The rest of us, the vast majority of us, need to realize that the anxieties, fears and negative emotions we feel, are normal. Even if they overplay themselves for long periods of time. That’s Normal! — We all have them!

Emotions have been a part of who we are ever since we were first able to stand on our own two feet. Evolutionary speaking — even before!

As a rule, our emotions rise and fall and sometimes become over-active even dominating for long periods of time. But this is NOT abnormal! This does NOT require a wellness or life coach or any other mystic guru! It’s part of who we are. Part of our human nature.


Perhaps we all need a shoulder to lean on in these unprecedented times of Covid-19. We may even need to share emotionally our anxieties and fears over these very troubling times. Being socially isolated is after all a strain on our normal behavior even mentally upsetting to our evolutionary inherent social needs.

And Yes! These are very emotional straining times! Yet we are all in this together. As a people, as a species, we are all effected. Everybody’s emotions are running high and this is to be expected. We wouldn’t be human if they weren’t.

Realizing this reaction is global, that your emotional-self is not reacting abnormally, may not only help unite us as a people in these troubling times but may mentally allow us to move on. Move on from our emotional selves and mentally get down to business.

There comes a time when you need to put your negative emotions aside and rise to the occasion. And this point in the current pandemic crisis is one of those times!

It’s time now to be brave, clear-headed and strong. For our own benefit, our families and our communities. Time for all of us to work together in co-operation and start making significant inroads in our fight against this dangerous contagious virus.

Yes, its emotionally hard!

Yes, it is emotionally stressful!

But nobody ever said being Brave — would be easy?



This post is in no-way intended to be a criticism of anybody, or anyone’s emotional reactions to this stressful and for some, life-changing Pandemic crisis. After all, we are all unique individuals, complete with varying degrees of emotional strengths, weaknesses, tendencies and susceptibilities.

It is recognized, that we all are, or have been, effected by this pandemic in different ways. Some of us perhaps even losing loved ones due to infection. To those suffering in these ways, I make no call to arms, only wish for you, peace, strength, and the will to fight on!





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