Why are we Here?

Science says, that we are simply a product of evolutionary progression that by chance (and natural selection) finds itself at the top of the food chain. We are just one among millions of different species living on this planet sharing similar DNA thus originating from one single organism at the top of life’s family tree. Homo sapiens it seems, are not so special after all?

Science then hauntingly concludes that human life has absolutely NO meaning. In the grand scheme of things, when we’re gone, when our planet is gone, the universe will simply continue on without us. Continue on like we’ve never even existed at all.

This for most of us is a hard pill to swallow indeed. A cry of heresy among most religious doctrines, perhaps even disconcerting to atheists as well? After all, it implies that any meaning we have previously given (or have been given) to our lives — is illusionary. Just another man-made story that over time we’ve come to believe.

Because Humans it seems, need “something” to believe in?


Could it be that like so many of the past legends, myths and stories we once believed-in, our being special, intentional and purposeful is also just another fabrication? Just another story we humans have invented to give our lives meaning and purpose and a reason to carry on? And why do we need a reason in the first place?

Ah now, that is the smoking-gun question don’t you think?

Now by this time all my good religious reader friends are chopping at the bit. To them the answer seems clear. If you Google my question “Why are we here on Earth?” your list of sites are primarily religious, spiritual or of God and the afterlife. Not really surprising in that religion has always laid claim to life’s purpose and preach unchallengeable (and divine) reasoning behind their answers.

Yet, every single so-called divine word of religious doctrine has been inked by a story-telling human being. Claims of deity possession at the time put aside, these are stories invented and written by members of our own species. They come complete with all the biasing tendencies and restrictions of a human brain. A human brain known for creating it’s own realities.

Our Human brain not only functions in belief of good stories but creates them to explain away the unforeseen status of our realities. From who we are to why we are and what we believe. In truth, everything you will ever experience in life is within your own mind. A mind that is never free of manipulation and shaped and influenced over time by — other human brains!


And so the smoking-gun question arises again? Why must there be a reason for our existence? Why, in the face of hard scientific opposition do we insist on choosing one of many man-made stories to believe in and carry it as an ultimate truth all the way to the end of our lives? Why must there be meaning to our lives when all evidence is telling us — there is none?

Is the hard truth of reality too much to bear for us humans? Or have we been brain-trained to living our entire lives believing in stories, including the one that we ourselves believe we are living? One we believe in without question, the story our brain, our mind, is telling us we live in and to stop believing in it now would be inconceivable! Or Maybe even, impossible?

We all live inside our heads. Our inner-voice playing devil’s advocate. Our story telling human brain in complete control of who we are, what we believe and how we think. Our personal identities, our entire social perceptions but a story constructed from childhood by our brain.

To now look from outside the box at this story we have so fully come to believe and suddenly inject doubt upon it? Becomes utterly unthinkable! How could it be possible that we’ve been wrong about this our entire lives?


Leaving religion aside for now, for the sake of narrowing our conclusions scientifically. The question is? Without the comforting preaching’s of an afterlife… Would you then still need a story to believe in?

Must there be a purpose, a meaning to your life?

What is left to give meaning to life if life truly is just one big story our human mind has constructed for us? Can you live with that reality which is left? To be born, live out your life and then die presumably with no continuation? Or Is that a story you simply cannot phantom? One you will always choose no-matter what to never believe in.

Will you always choose to believe in the story your brain and the opinions of others have constructed for you whether it be the truth or not? Believe in it, because the alternatives are just too consciously upsetting even to imagine!

Or are you unafraid in your search for the truth?

And so I ask you — Why are we here?


Perhaps the number one answer to “why we are here” will be family? The creation and care of children? After all, this is the primitive and primary goal of our species. To reproduce, care and bring to maturity our children. What about living a good moral existence? Kindness to our fellow man and humankind in general?

Or maybe our purpose is to the betterment of our species, leaving behind something that will continue to be an advancement or improvement on human life such as a cure for a disease or an invention that aides mankind in the future? There seems to be many possible answers.

Perhaps, after stripping away all the preconceived human stories that we’ve come to believe and simply looking at the question from its most basic scientific form we can come up with a conclusion. A conclusion Not based on emotion.

Maybe we are here simply as evolutionary progressions!

We Individually among our species are currently the best genetically made so far. We are the results of thousands of years of natural selection. The lesser of us have been (or in the process of being) genetically weeded out leaving a new version of mankind to go on and reproduce. Our children will inherit a combination of our genes and their children theirs. From those children the DNA from the strongest most diverse will continue as our DNA has continued before them.

You and I are the product of continual evolution, natural selection at work over many thousand years. We are here to represent our DNA generation, we are simply living during an evolutionary step forward in the overall continuation and progression of our species.

As our environment changes, our needs as a species change with them. Where food and shelter skills once dominated, perhaps today, adaptation of new higher social digital skills may take their place. New illnesses need new resistant antibodies and future climate change may need new survival adaptations. Those with these new adaptive DNA genomes will survive to the next stage while those without will eventually fall by the wayside! That is how evolutionary natural selection works. How it has always worked!

I believe we are living during a blink of evolution’s eye, a step forward in the ever ongoing progression of mankind. Of our species, Homo sapiens.

Our meaning of life, our purpose, is to continue this process by reproducing and combining our DNA so evolution and natural selection can continue its forward advancement of humankind.

We do have a purpose, a meaning for our lives. We are here for the ongoing betterment of our species. Whether our DNA makes it to the next round or not, we are all part of this process. We are the best of the best of our species so far and passing on our genes is the reason why we are here. The reason we have made it to here in the first place. And this — is our purpose!

I don’t know about you? But I can live with that!



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2 thoughts on “Why are we Here?

  1. Hi cousin! I agree with you and I think that our lives, with the absence of the religious definitions, are actually more meaningful! We aren’t waiting for some great reward or punishment. All there is, is here and now, and that should require us to be kinder to each other and realize that we are all part of the same tribe – not separated by race or anything else. Imagine all the people living for today. (Thank you John Lennon)


    1. Nice to hear from you cousin! Thanks for the comment! I guess the question is, will we as a people ever be able to put aside our differences and share in our common goal of humanity? We seem so stubborn and protective of our silly little personal beliefs when we should be (like you have stated) re-imagining our common goals of peace, kindness and togetherness as one species. We are all made of the same — we are all one species.


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