During the prolonged stress of an ongoing social crisis such as we find ourselves in today with the coronavirus pandemic, human nature’s bizarre side often makes an appearance. Feeling vulnerable and afraid with no way out in sight, our thoughts, perhaps in resignation, then turn to find something or someone to blame for our situation. Thus conspiracy theories are born spreading like rapid fire, one barely fueling out while another is ignited to run its course. Each one thereafter more desperate, less feasible than the other. — Welcome to the Bizarre-o world of the Covid-Crazy!

During this time of emotional crisis, those already prone to influence by others become even more susceptible to all the rumors, accusations, false accounts and innuendoes spreading through social media. Already looking to play the blame game they sift through the list of imaginary foes planning against them. They extend their blame game to cover even those most unlikely and become easily swayed by those pretending to be “in the know.” —  A perfect storm in which conspiracy theories are born!


The COVID-19 conspiracy list, is long and alarming. From it being a biochemical weapon intentionally or accidentally set loose on the public — to the dangerous anecdotes of drinking bleach or disinfectants. Social media has become a conspiratorial nightmare of misguided, misleading and unverified falsehoods. All feeding the overly-emotional open minds of the Covid-Crazies!

Theories include: That the true motive behind (intentionally) crashing the economy via a pandemic lock-down was to enable the (insert group of choice) to tighten their grip on the world — and pick up discounted assets while they are at it. There’s also a complex conspiracy theory involving Bill Gates and vaccines’.

Looming large is the 5G wireless communications conspiracy, playing on our fears of new technologies. Fears that the new 5G mobile networks are causing the spread of COVID-19 are spreading to such an extent, that cellphone towers have been vandalized even destroyed in the U.K. and now across Europe as well.

Then the bizarre case of a US Army reservist and mother of two who has become the target of conspiracy theorists who falsely place her at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Accusing her as the one who initially brought the disease to China. The false claims are spreading across YouTube every day. Hundreds of thousands of views which have been eagerly embraced by the Chinese Communist Party media.

She and her husband are now a point of contention on Chinese social media despite never having tested positive for the virus or experiencing any symptoms. The false accusations have turned their lives upside down. The couple say that their home address has been posted online and that their social media inboxes were overrun with hate messages. Husband Matt says the family now lives in fear, for their very lives.

All this, a powerful reminder that misinformation online, however wild or obviously untrue it may seem, can have real and lasting consequences offline. Affecting real people, their safety and their lives.


Striking while the Iron is hot, those who recognize that we are currently in a vulnerable state of mind, take their advantage and strike with self-interest propaganda. Like advertising and commercialism using the current pandemic to help sell their brand by promoting how caring and heartfelt they are. Politicians deflecting criticism by opining blame on others as we’ve seen Donald Trump do on many occasions.

Or (in Trump’s case) taking the bizarre to extremes, by doubling-down on his imagined self-Image of being a “Hero” during this virus Pandemic. With the selling of official White House coins “that egotistically portray him as just that!”

Attention US citizens! A once in a lifetime offer! In commemoration of the coronavirus pandemic that’s currently killing hundred of thousands world wide, the White House souvenir gift-shop is proud to announce the availability to purchase a limited edition commemorative coin set ” COVID-19 TASK FORCE.”  The Inner-ring proudly emblazoned with “President Donald J. Trump” a part of an ongoing series marking the Presidents major accomplishments while in office. — P.S> Sadly, this is not Fake News!

The two coin set is selling for $125 US. Quantities are limited so get them while they last! — Or before you may not! Full story at Josh K. Elliot — Global News.


A stuffed animal called “Trumpy Bear” is a real product available for purchase. The commercial itself (below) comes across as a satirical skit from some popular comedy satire TV show (perhaps SNL or from one of the late-night talk show hosts?) — So much so, that I had to research to verify its genuine validity.

But its true! Trumpy Bear is real! The commercial is real, not a spoof. And the bear itself is a real product available for purchase. OMG! Now I’ve seen everything! — Bizarre-O World really exists!

The product consists of the 22-inch tall stuffed animal and a 28-by-30-inch American flag blanket that can be stored in a zipped pouch inside Trumpy Bear himself, according to the product web site. Trumpy Bear costs $39.90, which can be paid in two installments of $19.95. — LOL, Get Yours TODAY!


Then there are those, that believe the whole pandemic crisis is a conspiracy. Made up, not real, or has been greatly over-exaggerated for political gain. Its all a mere façade. A fake-crisis for the purpose of restricting or taking permanently away constitutional public rights. In protest they take to the streets in support of their beliefs of a governments secret agenda. — Bizarre-o world? Or Covid-Crazy?   Photo (OC Hawk)  Photo: AFP / Nicholas Kamm




 (Photo: Elaine Thompson/AP) Photo @benjaminhphoto







With most nations still in some form of social lock down, and growing worries of an economic crisis, comes some potential good news! Some scientific studies are claiming that “our poop” could be the key to determining when a community might consider easing health restrictions.

Researchers have been analyzing wastewater to track the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. Initial studies show that sewage monitoring, or “wastewater-based-epidemiology,” could not only tell us how much the virus might actually be spreading in a community — but also when the virus has finally gone away.

So keep flushing people, your human waste may in the end, (no pun intended) just start the slow recovery from isolation and reopen society as we once knew it! So show your support — go ahead and give a crap!







As history has shown us, there are those who don’t particularly need a pandemic crisis to believe in crazy conspiracy theories. And commercialism doesn’t really need the help of a contagious virus to manipulate its prospective consumers. They’ve been doing just find thank you without it. And politicians? Well, we don’t even have to go there now do we?

Human beings (in general) are already a very easily influenced species. Under emotional stress it seems, we become even more susceptible to the propagandizing of others. Unfortunately, there has been and always will be those who will use this against us for their own self-interests. And they have no qualms of taking advantage of us even in times of emotional Pandemic upheaval.

They could care less about pushing us over the top

Into “Bizarre-o World”

or in this case…

Making us — Covid-Crazy!

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11 thoughts on “BIZARRE-O world of the COVID-CRAZY

  1. Great post ! Ever since Trump took office we’ve been living in “bizarre-o-world.” And he is the least competent person we could possibly have as president during this pandemic. What a moron, and what morons follow him. And clearly these people thinking some “right” has been violated by being told to behave responsibly for the entire community have no basic understanding of the law, the Constitution, or how our system of government works. I imagine these same folks willingly took their vaccinations and didn’t whine a bit about the government injecting foreign substances into their bodies for the greater good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bang on buddy! Yet it’s not only the US that he’s mismanaged and further divided, but he’s thrown in a monkey wrench globally as well. To the extent that it may be unfixable in the short-term. Your next president is going to have a lot of cleaning up to do my friend. He best be a very smart and clear thinking man.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Why yes writer George — I see your point! You won’t sell many fictional stories that make no sense at all. Though “Making sense” can be a relative term — at least when applied to the open minds of the conspiracy theorists?

          “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.” ― Carl Sagan

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Very good Wayne. It truly amazes me how, at times like these, common sense flies out the window and people just don’t stop and think. Oh well, as I have said many times – one day at a time! Stay well my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So True Irwin. Somebody should close that damn window because common sense has been flying out for years now! As Forrest Gump so elegantly put it — “Stupid is as stupid does.”


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