Covid-19 Related: Cerebral Constipation

Okay I admit it. I’m mentally backed up! Suffering with a bad case of coronavirus cerebral constipation. The cause? The constant barrage of updates, news casts, articles and blog reads on everything and all things virus pandemic related. The symptoms? Feeling mentally drained, emotionally numb and cognitively out of whack! And the cure? Mmmm the cure…

The coronavirus pandemic is not to be taken lightly. The dangers of getting infected are real, as are the potential health risks in doing so. And this world wide crisis is far from over. Add to this the incredible strain we’ve been enduring with the total disruption to our social lives, our lock-down isolation and now perhaps, added on, our growing financial concerns. The stress is playing havoc with all our minds.

Emotionally we’re a wreck and physically drained with worry. Not to mention the lack of exercise and social inactivity to boot. We know we need to continue these health advised restrictions including isolation, but we’re starting to loose our friggin minds!


Or, as in my case, our brains have started to gear down in self-protection and switching to auto-mode. I’m not sure when this actually happened to me but when I reach for inspiration, for something new and different to write or even try to link a few simple thoughts together — I come up empty? Dumbfounded, nothing, — Kaput!

Its not just writers block per say, because my “all of the sudden dumbed-down brain” doesn’t want to think or inspire any new thoughts at all about anything! It’s like its suffering from shell-shock, able to perform only the most simplest of tasks.

It’s getting harder to focus, reading and writing have progressively become an unwanted chore and expanding or linking thoughts a hardship. What’s happening to me? Could it be… coronavirus PTS?

And Why Not! Every TV channel, every newscast, every feature special documentary is about the virus. Every online article, blog post and social conversation (at a safe distance of course) is about the Pandemic.

Unless you turn off all your devices, turn off your TV, forego the internet entirely and hide in your room by yourself with the door closed — only then can you avoid the constant chatter about the pandemic.

Yet even alone in the dark It’s still there! — always present in the back of your mind.


So is it any wonder that a lot of us are now functioning on brain auto-pilot. Our brains shutting down all but what is necessary to get us through the day in hopes that soon this will be over. Doing so to protect us from our already stretched to the max emotional well-being. Dumbing us down to wait for better days to come.

It seems my brain has decided for me, to start mentally paring down.

Thus the intellectual constipation I speak of. My focus, my imagination, my critical thinking all encompassed in a shroud of fog. I turn the TV on, then quickly off, pick up a book but soon lose interest, write a few sentences for a new blog post then discouraged at what I’ve written backspace till its gone.

Like real physical constipation, I wish there was a quick cure. A pill, a liquid drink and a following return to normal in the morning. But this blockage is cerebral. There is no magic pill, no curing liquid drink. My mental blockage is coronavirus inflicted and not soon to go away. So what to do?


The obvious thing to try first, is to cutback my daily virus related input. I’m trying to stay away as best I can from the ongoing flood of pandemic news. Though keeping informed of changes is still a must.

I’m also totally eliminating related virus stories that raise my blood pressure as in: those idiot protesters who call the pandemic “fake” or that isolation restrictions are “against their civil rights.” Or any other nonsensical conspiracy theories that draw my ire and increase my bewilderment of the human race.

My #1 pandemic rhetoric avoidance, will be anything and everything that Donald Trump has or is saying about the virus. No one gets my blood raging more as does that paltry excuse for a world leader can. Total avoidance with anything related to Trump will be half the battle. Maybe even more.

I do wish the weather here was better though. Then at least I could get some regular and much needed outdoor exercise. Even a simple long walk would do wonders for not only my body but perhaps help clear my mind as well. But unfortunately its been unusually cold and rainy here where I am.


I’ve come to accept my current foggy-brain condition, as temporary. Though the remaining duration is still unknown. Perhaps not until this virus nightmare comes to an end will this cerebral fog then be dispersed from around my brain. Then perhaps, hopefully, I once again will return to normal function.

I’ve also concluded that, there is no magic cure. Only small successes in reduction of my symptoms. I take these moments when they occur, happily, and though wish for more, am grateful for the few short moments of total clarity. It is surprising, how you only miss, what suddenly isn’t there.

I do take some relief in knowing that I am most likely not the only one suffering through this mental fog during this crisis. And I remind myself to be strong and willful for myself and those around me.


Although I may have been embellishing my situation just a tad? I have however really been experiencing some noticeable changes in my normal cognitive self. Perhaps you too have noticed a difference, perhaps finding it harder to focus? Or trouble thinking things through as before?

Maybe your brain has also gone to auto-pilot? Maybe you too are cognitively backed-up? If so don’t worry! Like me, I’m sure its only a temporary thing. And there are better days ahead my friend!

“Every situation in life is temporary so, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life isn’t so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way.” — Jenni Young

“Don’t ever lose hope because better days will come.” — Ana Monnar






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3 thoughts on “Covid-19 Related: Cerebral Constipation

  1. Gee, and I thought I might be losing it, but your comments just resonated with how I have been feeling for at least a week now.
    TV doesn’t interest me unless we can find a good movie to occupy two hours of our time. I too have attempted to read several books I am in some part of reading but the content of same doesn’t seem to hold my attention for any serious length of time.
    And writing, well, what can I say about that, other than lately it is more of a chore than something fun to do and something I look forward to do and as a result my writing has come to a screeching halt.
    But, all that aside, I know deep down in my heart this too will pass and who knows one day I will wake up and pen something wickedly funny and “I”ll be back!”
    You will too so just hang in there. Take care from one old fart to another.
    Irwin 🤪👍

    Liked by 1 person

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