How The Donald Trump Presidency Epitomizes What’s Wrong In America Today

America! The Land of the free! The home of the brave! The American dream! So what happened, or is happening, to this once mighty nation. A Nation that not so long ago was looked upon as the world’s righteous defender of freedom. A power-house for democracy and defender of civil rights throughout the world. Yet today, they can’t even keep their own backyard in order? — What the hell is going on over there? 

“Government of the people, by the people and for the people?”

Let me ask you, does the US Government today task themselves as public protectors? Or public controllers? Are they more concerned about public wants and needs? Or what politically fits into “their” self-agenda, and furthers “their’ or their party’s self-interest needs? The answers are and have been clear for years. Yet demand for political systematic change with any united public conviction has mostly laid dormant until now? Why?


Perhaps, it’s Donald Trump’s current Presidency that has opened our eyes. His ridiculously inappropriate tweets, his continuous and obvious lies and inflated self-ego, and his political self-interest in lieu of a pandemic that’s killed over 100,000 of his citizens under his watch. This, without a word of empathy for their demise.

Add his indifference, even threats of dominant violence over the recent racist protests and who wouldn’t start to think about the need for political change? Not just change of leadership, but change to the entire American political system that has grown corrupt, self-serving and indifferent to public needs.

Perhaps Donald Trump alone is responsible for finally opening our eyes to what government has become: A priority among all else to get re-elected, a mandate for putting their party members into positions of authority, changing or making new or dropping out of whatever laws, restrictions or moral obligations that don’t fit “their” particular ideals.

What ever happened to the needs and wants of the people? In the US at least, it’s obvious government no-longer see themselves as Leaders mandated to govern “Of the people, by the people and for the people.” In fact, once elected — almost the opposite becomes true!

They rule like tyrants, fueled by political self-agenda and sponsored by the wealthy corporate greed. We the people mere after-thoughts in an over-politicized, self-serving and corrupt system that’s run amok. Run amok, and today so systematically embedded that it’s become the norm.

And they do this (at least in Trump’s case) with near impunity, no longer afraid of public reaction or discord. They believe they know better and so in the end will be proven so. They play to their own group of supporters in hopes of re-election and damn the other million civilians who suffer from it or don’t agree.

Even more startling (again as in Trump’s case) he’s boldly out front with this! Doesn’t even try to hide this self-interest ploy. Is this what Presidential leadership in America has become? All pretense cast aside and laid bare now for all to see. No longer even caring how outwardly narrow-minded and politically selfish it appears?


But if you think the elective voting process, or massive protests, will bring about immediate change — you obviously haven’t been paying attention for the last ??? Years!

Because the government will never willingly relinquish the all encompassing powers they now posses to reign over the public as they see fit. They’re protected by a self-made political system molded over years of fine detailing that now insures their powers remain intact.

This, no matter who is currently roosting on the nations highest perch. Or even —who that might be? Because that, alarming as it may sound, is also “their” choice — not ours.

Even though some 78% of likely voters in America believe the two major parties are “too beholden to special and corporate interests to create any meaningful change.” And are so dissatisfied with Democrats and Republicans, they would join a third party if it had a chance of success.

But No Independent Representative has ever become president (Other than George Washington) and that will surely never happen again. Why? Because the Democratic and Republican parties, with full intent, have rigged the electoral process itself. Neither wants a third challenger, and both have actively colluded to prevent one from ever having a chance again.

Read why An Independent can’t be President — by Patrick Caddel (The Hill)

So in reality, Americans really only have a choice between two major-party candidates and both are chosen from within a group of their own representative parties. This eliminates any real hope of independent political change, now and forever. Both candidates are party-biased who in turn, have their own agenda’s and political goals. Regardless of what the general public desires.

Just think about the absurdity of the American electoral system. Out of a population of 300 or so Million Americans, last election was a choice between either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The system itself, is and has been rigged now for so long — nobody even notices anymore!

“Whether voting Republican or Democrat, the result is the same: A corrupt corporate government.” ― Steven Magee

“If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it” — Mark Twain

Yet, overall change in the American governing system is sorely needed and long overdue. It no longer functions in the public’s interest, in fact, it’s socially detrimental and at times, as in the demands for racial equality, indifferent even intolerant of public pleas.

The million dollar question now is — How do we change it?

History shows, the quickest way forward for change in a corrupt government system deeply embedded — is a public storming of the castle gates to end reign and abolish (or behead?) the tyrant rulers. A revolution! A coup d’état! A complete political system overthrow via public unrest!

Yet In reality, how likely is this to happen in the US against perhaps the strongest military force on the planet? And who will lead this dangerous revolt? Lives will, most likely be lost and is the public really collectively angry enough to try storming the White House gates?

Are the American people even collectively united enough — to even try?


Americans have been (intentionally?) divided for so long now, and on so many different issues, that a united coup d’état seems unlikely. Also the US is a huge and vast country segmented into many individual self-governed states each with their own set of political ideals, morals even religions. Unification therefore must come on a vast and grand scale.

Even the current racist protests against black Americans, though now spreading in support to other countries, seems a tall order for real change in America. Because it’s history is rife with deeply embedded racial division and like the corrupt political system that runs it, racism is part and parcel of a controlled and divided populace.

And so far, its current President, cares not to make a change on this or any other public demands, wants or needs. Even the virus killing pandemic doesn’t interest him or deter his egotistical goals. It’s become crystal clear that Donald Trump is willing to sacrifice as many American lives as needed in pursuit of his selfish political goals.

And why not? After all, he sits on his high presidential perch with overwhelming powers. Protected and unreachable by the corrupt political system that has placed him there in the first place. Free to reign as he desires until the next tyrant, not chosen by you or I — takes his place.


The unorthodox Presidency of Donald Trump has opened many complacent eyes. Just the fact alone that a man of his ilk with no understanding whatsoever on how to run a country, nor the ability to listen to good advice in regards can be President of one of the worlds most powerful countries.

Along with the inherent political powers given by a corrupt self-serving system that allows him to wield these powers as he sees fit. Not only negatively effecting his own country and the people within, but on an even wider and global scale causing fears of global economic chaos and instabilities of war.

Yet perhaps without this outrageous persona he carries, we wouldn’t of become so aware of the depths of the misrepresentation that prevails in today’s American political system run amok.

Donald Trump lies, like all political leaders do, only he’s not good at it. Unlike most leaders in power, he’s unrefined at giving speeches, answering questions or dancing gracefully around problematic issues. He has no talent for rhetoric, diplomacy, or modesty.

He comes across as neither, intelligent, worldly or caring. Unlike all those before him, and now certainly those that will follow, he is the extreme example of unpresidential-like idiosyncrasy behavior.

“He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.” ― George Bernard Shaw

Yet, don’t let this fool you about the other smooth talking refined leaders of the past — or the one’s to come.

Though very much more convincing, they too are and will be products of a corrupt and self-serving system. Oh they may give at times paltry public concessions to further their hold on office. They may sweet-talk around issues of importance and show empathy when required.

After all, unbeknownst to Mr. Trump, this is politicking 101. And most politicians (besides Trump) are schooled on or are reasonably good at — bullshitting the public!

So whether handsome, charismatic, or smooth-talking dung throwers, they are all still products of a corrupt self-serving political system and their priorities’ are forever bound as such. Their leadership intent, just much more hidden than those of the current commander in chief.


Eventually, now or in the future, something must be done to overhaul the current corrupt political system. Because left along to its own devices? The poor will only get poorer and the rich, richer. Social divisions, including race, will only become more prominent. Corporate power that owns the political ear will continue to rape the land and pollute the air and waters till the very planet itself rebels.

Civil unrest will be met with ever increasing force and the American Dream will be totally evaporated (if not already) in a ever declining loss of hope. This as we see, is already happening now. So in projection, what does the American future look like?

Currently, the Covid-19 Pandemic whether mismanaged by Trump or not has brought fear, death and further division among its people. The shutting down of the economy in protection has left millions of US citizens jobless, without healthcare and in desperation.

With emotions already running fever-pitch high — the tipping point came via social media footage of still another black American dying at the hands of a white policeman. Resulting in massive anti-racism protests country wide with bouts of rioting, arson and looting spattered within.

But what happens when the virus passes? Eases, or goes into decline, and life as we knew it slowly returns. When the protesters rage diminish and demonstrations start to decline as is the eventual norm?

When a new, seemingly more compassionate and smoother-talking president is elected promising great change? Haven’t we seen this scenario play out in America’s political history before? Like — a hundred times before!

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” — Albert Einstein


Great change in America will not come through the electoral voting process. How can it, when the system itself is corrupt. Civil unrest and nation-wide protests have all failed to make any real, immediate and long-lasting change as history shows. Though incremental progress at times are achieved!

So is that the best we can hope for today? A new President? Perhaps some small improvements in race relationships or more accountability from local police? Do we take what we can get and move on?

But what about the long broken and corrupt political system that’s at the heart of this and all other American woes? What about the overly biased and broken judiciary system, the lack of affordable health care, poverty, inequality, outdated educational systems, and on and on. All born out of neglect from years of indifferent leadership put in office by a corrupt political system.

So what would a well-led properly functioning government aspire to achieve if the public wants and needs were top priority as should be?

How about general and reachable prosperity for all? An affordable healthy and educated population, a government free of corruption and responsive to human needs, a sustainable safe and free social environment for all! — So why does America today, have NONE of these simple basics?

What is the root cause of a once mighty Nation’s internal decline?

What is it — that’s missing?

Maybe, as President Trump has inadvertently shown us?

It’s —”Government of the people, for the people and by the people!”







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