MEMORY JOG: Have You Seen My Wiener?

Memory Jog is a trip down memory lane where I reminisce and try to replay some memorable times from my youth. We’ve all had moments in the past that today we fondly look back upon. Fun times, crazy events or memorable trips or vacations. The one constant in all of these good-time memories, are the people, the friends, the family members that were there and helped make your “Memory Jog” a memorable one.

Memories Change! Today, Brain Science tells us, that our memories are not like little books stored on a shelf (somewhere in the brain) awaiting easy retrieval later. Memories are in fact, remade each and every time we attempt to remember them individually, and thus are prone to alterations and constant updates. So how you remember that long ago incident today, will most likely differ with your previous recollections in the past.

Now how strange is that?

Anyways! — Here’s a good-time favorite memory of mine that I remembered again just recently. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed remembering it all over again! — Well, remembering it “this time” that is! Which is supposedly different than how I remembered it “last time?” —  Am I the only one confused here?


My cousin Pierre and I were at Ivor Wynne stadium (now Tim Hortons Field) to watch our hometown Hamilton Tiger-cats football team. And it was raining! I mean it was really coming down and pretty much non-stop since we’d gotten there. Yet we had come prepared; raincoats and hats and some, um, amber liquid heating fuel to mix in with our cokes if you catch my drift? You know! Just to take the chill out of the night air.

Regardless of the weather, we were having fun, and besides It was a good close game and coming down to the wire. Still? The rain continued to fall without a break and now regardless of our attempts to stay dry we were pretty much soaked through.

The Cats were driving late in the game looking for the winning score when they connected on a long pass. The receiver shook off the last defender and was racing for the end-zone. The crowd roared and jumped to their feet bringing us with them!

And that’s when Pierre tapped me on the shoulder and showed me what had happened.

While lost In the excitement of the play and with his sudden cheering rise to his feet he suddenly realized that the hotdog he was holding — No-longer had a wiener! — He was holding an empty bun!

With all the rain and the sudden jerking of his celebration his hotdog wiener had somehow catapulted right out, leaving him with only an empty soggy bun!

This of course started us laughing, but were soon brought to tears when an elderly man behind us said; “excuse me guys, is this your wiener?” Now everyone around us was laughing as well, and the rest of the game (what little remained) was punctuated with jokes from the crowd about — “slippery wieners” and “soggy buns.”

So my friends, if you ever happen to find yourself in a rain-soaked crowd, cheering wildly for your team. Do yourself a favor, and take my advice!

 Always — “Keep your Wiener Dry!”

THAT’S ALL FOLKS (for now)

There you have it! A quick flashback memory of mine with a little strange and funny ending. A true story as I remembered it and in talking with those who were there with me at the time (cousin Pierre) — he concurs!

Like I’ve said, memories can be a shifting form of recollection and everybody may remember a little differently from their point of view. Not to mention these are tales from some 40 or 50 years ago! So I do take solace in his agreement that Yes, that’s how he remembers it too.

Only Paul was there too and not Gary?… And it was Sunday not Saturday?… And…

Memories are in the details and everybody remembers them a little differently.



“What? You senile or something?” “That’s not how it happened!”







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