Take us to Your Leader?

Donald Trump was in the news again today. Big surprise there? His ongoing antics and unconventional presidency continues to be a trash journalist’s dream. But this for some reason got me thinking about Aliens landing on our planet making contact with humankind for the very first time and saying those famous movie lines “We come in peace —Take us to your leader!” Then I thought? Who the hell is our “World Leader” anyways? Where would I take these visitors from another planet? Who would be worthy of First Contact?

If you live in the U.S.A, would you then direct these Alien representatives to the White House? To “Pow-Wow” with President Trump? Or if you live in Canada like me, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Or if they landed in your Country, would you feel good about sending these Aliens to see your current Nation’s leader?

Perhaps an overly pessimistic view but wouldn’t countries like the U.S. or Russia or China, North Korea or Iran (to name a few) be more inclined to want to hoard these Aliens and their new advanced technologies for themselves instead of sharing them with the rest of the world? Not to mention with their current enemies?

Imagine the huge up-side benefits these potential new technologies would be to their economies, to their corporate infrastructures and most of all, to their military capabilities. Wouldn’t the likelihood of becoming the number 1 World Power and practically overnight be too irresistible for them?

Would you trust them to do the right thing and share with the rest of the world new found Alien technologies for the good of all humankind?

Perhaps send our Alien to the United Nations? Or what about one of our top leading scientists? Do any of these choices seem right to you? Who the Hell would be qualified enough, intelligent and trusted enough to do the right thing and make the right decision’s on behalf of all of humankind?

Who should be our species representative? Shouldn’t we already have one in place? And not just if  — Aliens one day landed and wanted to be taken to our leader — do we not desperately need a global leader anyways? Right Now? You know, to help guide us through the present and into the future for the betterment of our species as a whole. Who would that be and what qualifications should they hold?

Someone who exemplifies our best qualities perhaps. Who’s intelligent, courageous, compassionate and lacks mankind’s negative tendencies for greed and power and self-esteem. A true, wise and caring leader of our species who’s only ambition is to have us reach our full potential while making all of us better human beings in the process.

Does such a Human already exist? Surely there is one such person out of the 7.8 billion currently inhabiting this planet?

But how do we find him/her? And even if we do, who among us will make this decision that this is the chosen one (real person not a God!) Will we have a Global vote? Appoint a committee, a board of consultants? Will not each Nation then propose that THEY have this person already living in their Country, a member of their nationality — a Russian, an Egyptian, an American? If there is a vote — will an Islamic vote for a Jew candidate? Will Israelis’ vote in, a Palestine? — Catholics a Muslim?

See the problem here?

It seems our very nature would prevent us from ever accomplishing this quest. Or Maybe? Is it ultimately best that we have no such leader? That no one person no-matter how qualified, no-matter how superior to the rest of us should ever be given such powers?

Yet throughout history we human’s have always had leaders. Have always sought them out or voted them in (or just put up with them) to run our Countries, our provinces or states, our religions and economies. And sadly, to follow them into war and conflict against other nations and “their” leaders!

So why not a Global Humankind leader?

Who would be YOUR choice? (current living human being)

How would we on a global scale — choose this Leader?

Is it even a good idea to have one?

Wouldn’t it be great if we did have such a person to lead humankind into the future? Wise and compassionate, morally strong and courageous and intelligent with foresight. Then, if ever an Alien did one day walk up to you and ask “Take me to your Leader.” You’d be able to say! — You bet my funny looking friend! — I know just where to send you!







3 thoughts on “Take us to Your Leader?

    1. Yeah thanks Harold! Quite a tall order to be leader of an entire species while trying to be totally neutral among its many subdivisions. Even if someone special is found who meets all these high-end qualifications don’t forget they must also have control over their human tendencies for power, greed, bias and personal goals as well. Yet, there are at least 5 billion or so candidates (excluding children)? Surely a least one of theses would be a proper fit? And no doubt — the world sure could use one right about now!

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