Has Your Country Mishandled The Covid Crisis?

Yes hindsight is 20/20 and its easy to play the blame game after the fact. But this is different. Our borders have been overrun by a yet controlled pandemic unprecedented in modern times. One that will, by the time you read this, have infected over 32.5 million people worldwide. And killed more than a Million! Now, with a second wave about to hit, these numbers will rise exponentially. So what has your country done to protect you?

Check out the day-to-day changing Covid-19 numbers for your country. Simply point to where you live on the World Map. At https://covid19.who.int/

The Covid-19 Pandemic has touched all our lives. No matter where you live, you have felt its effects. Yet some countries have handled this contagious virus better than others and some very poorly to say the least. So where does your country rank? In your mind, has your country done all they could do?

Are they? Did they? Make the right decisions in order to mitigate the threat of this horrible contagious disease? Have they done enough to protect you, your family and loved ones or have they failed miserably, even perhaps, costing many lives needlessly as a result.

Every country became an island unto themselves when their borders couldn’t hold mother natures deviation.

How did your country respond?


The pandemic mistakes that were made by WHO, by Country and Nation, by leaders and Governments, politicians and health administrators alike — Are not your usual ‘oops sorry we’ll do better next time’ forgivable misjudgment’s. No, in hindsight, they were monstrously grave errors, ones that cost people their lives, their jobs, their sanity. In fact, the whole bloody infected world is now suffering in part because of them.

So what about where you live? Your country. Your home. In your mind, did your leaders do enough, take the proper steps and do all they could to ensure the safety of you, your family and your loved ones? And what about now, today, as the second virus wave is about to hit — is your country ready? Do you feel safe?

There are perhaps, similar bones of contention between nations when it comes to handling the pandemic.

How many of these (if any) make your list?

  1. My Government was too slow in responding.
  2. More concerned about the (their) economy than public safety.
  3. Should of shutdown their borders at the very start of the pandemic.
  4. Airports were left open way too long including access to people from infected countries.
  5. Our health-care workers were not properly equipped both in space and equipment.
  6. Public lockdown should of occurred sooner. Lasted longer? Still today?
  7. Violators of health-care restrictions should have been/should be, more severely dealt with.
  8. Nation wide testing was, or still is, woefully inadequate.
  9. Mixed messages from leaders and health advisories alike caused public confusion.
  10. Our Government has reopened much and too soon.

Many on the list, I accuse my own country of being in violation. Though perhaps not as guilty as some, I still have questions and reactions to my own governments attempts at reactive safeguards. Some of which in my mind either were implemented too late, or still, not at all.


When I first took notice of the developing virus in Wuhan China, the issue, though still somewhat localized, was spreading uncontrolled. Well before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a pandemic with over 118,000 cases known in over 110 countries (and what took them so long?) one could already predict the potential danger.

Here at home in Canada, our top health advisers in cooperation with our countries epidemiologists, although in recognition that a pandemic was likely imminent, made some curious public announcements.

Canada, was not going to strongly enforce its borders since statistics say that is a monetary waste of time. A What? Instead, we were going to fight the virus  — Once ‘inside’ our Borders! Say what now?

Call me crazy, but when your castle is under siege, isn’t it prudent to fill up the moat, lift the gate and batten down the hatches to keep the invaders OUT! Do everything possible to keep them from breaching your fortifications because if they do get in? Isn’t it pretty much — game over!

But instead, they chose to rely on statistics, data, maybe even prognostications and computer simulations who knows? They went on air trying to sooth public concern with rhetoric about how awesomely prepared they were, how they have cleared room in our hospitals, readied our health care workers and how ready they were to tackle this pandemic when it got here.

Yes! When it got here! Not if?

So our borders remained a sieve. Our airports banned no one including those from Wuhan and other already infected countries. Their only meager defense was to hand out questionnaires; Do you have a fever? Feel sick? No? Then Welcome to Canada and come on in!

This to me of course was laughable, infuriating! What the hell are they doing I asked! They’re practically inviting this pandemic into our country! And so, it did arrive! With the equivalent of a flyswatter for defense, the pandemic poured in unabated across our borders and is still reeking havoc with infections, sickness and deaths today. Oops, sorry? — I don’t bloody think so!

There have been other questionable Canadian health authority mishaps as well. Like the wearing of masks. For a long time Dr. Tam our top government health agency representative said masks do not prevent contagion and give a false sense of security when wearing one. She didn’t recommend it.

Yet today, not only is she recommending we all wear masks when out and about, but by law now the wearing of masks is mandatory in almost every place of business. Both for employees and for customers. So now Canada, although late for the party, is finally catching up to most of the rest of the world who’ve been wearing masks right from the very beginning! Oops Again! My Bad!

Even today, our handling of the virus has me shaking my head in confusion at times. Here at home, the so-called ‘second wave’ of the virus has arrived with infectious cases on the rise, and dramatically so. The government, in lieu of these dramatic increases, warns of a possible return to mandatory business lockdown and public isolation if the curve continues this upward swing. And in my mind, rightfully so!

Yet even while these grave warnings are being issued, and daily by our health advisory spokespeople, businesses continue to re-open with government blessings? And just today, word has come that Casinos are re-opening for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Casinos! Are they mad?

Colleges, Universities, even public schools have already re-opened and infectious cases of Covid are already starting to show among our children. Businesses, bars and recreational facilities now open and now Casinos as well. Yet all the while cases of Covid increase daily, spiking the upward curve ever alarmingly to the point of a possible re-lock down of everything.

We’ve already suffered through months of social isolation, economic damage, and employers forced to shut out employees. Now after enduring all this they’re going to ask us to do it all over again because oops, sorry, we started reopening too soon? Their misjudgment is infuriating since plenty of examples exist from other countries’ failed re-openings. And a second wave stronger than the first was predicted.


Yes, the world economy is suffering. Yes, the public is weary of isolation, social distancing and wearing masks. And yes we all want to return to how things were before the pandemic. Yet in order to achieve this, mankind must do what’s rarely been done before! Unify as one people in cause towards one goal — The control and eventual eradication of a worldwide pandemic!

But without a globally committed social conscious and moral obligation to our fellow man, there surely will be more, perhaps many more who will suffer, become infected, even die. And not only in my country, but all around the world.

Those divided from our common goal, who choose not to cooperate and instead selfishly stand in opposition, in indifference, in disregard of the people dying around them — have made our attempts at achievement, that much harder.

Whereas defeating this virus depends on unity, those who refuse to follow restrictions and health authorities have now themselves become an infection. An infection within an infection! Is it not time we handled them so? Is it not imperative that we do so now and with haste?

This is not a fight the world can win socially divided and many lives hang in the balance. Yes, I believe in freedom of choice, in individual rights, but not when their actions are a threat to the rest of the population. And make no mistake, their nonconformance is very much a threat to the rest of us. There’s no room for selfish cries of personal rights in the face of a pandemic. And certainly not in one that can — and does kill!


The situation you find yourself in today, has a lot to do with your governments response to the pandemic in your country. Depending on where you live, Canada’s missteps might seem pretty trivial. Many countries are much worse off. Covid in the USA for example seems totally out of control with more than 7 million diagnosed cases. India, just surpassed the 6 million mark.

Countries with strong leadership, who exhibited sound judgement and applied a solid unwavering plan of prevention fared much better. And in most cases still are. Do you live in one of these countries?

Or was your country slow in reacting, making many errors of misjudgment along the way?

Has your government gravely mishandled the 2020 pandemic?

Do you have a sad story to tell?








13 thoughts on “Has Your Country Mishandled The Covid Crisis?

  1. Hi there, I am from India! To be honest, after a while I stopped following Covid-19 news. Why? Because I was determined am not going out of my home. I read in an article that this virus may affect your brain. God, I had my exams and interviews, can’t let the virus screw my brain.

    Time was flowing smoothly and then on September 15, I tested positive. I have almost recovered and feel like an upgraded version as my antibodies keep surfacing to celebrate.
    And about the government, can’t comment. But we citizens are equally at fault.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Greetings shooting nebula! Welcome, and I thank you for your visit! I’ve been hoping for contact from someone in a far away country and you from India is perfect. The Pandemic is a world crisis, and since I believe we are all brothers and sisters living on one planet, we should take notice of each other and care what’s happening in our different homelands.

      The news from here, says India is still suffering hard with rising Covid-19 numbers. I hope it’s not so bad where you are? Yet, you’ve gotten the virus and recovered and as you say now feel well. I wonder, can you tell us what having the virus was like? I’m guessing you’re a younger person so perhaps not as bad as someone of an older age?

      Anything about how the virus is effecting the people in your country would be of great interest to both me and my readers. If you can share that would be great. If you cannot, I understand and wish you and the people of India well! And thank you shooting nebula for sharing what you did. Be well my human brother! Be safe!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will be honest – I love to talk and share my stories. Thank you, Big Brother! (I hope you won’t mind it.)

        Where I am living right now is as good as a picnic spot for this virus, it is enjoying here. My entire family tested positive. (Most probably my father met it in his office and invited it for dinner.) Many neighboring families also caught it. Almost all of us have recovered. But a few succumbed to it. May their souls rest in peace.

        Coming to me and my family’s journey, we all had a different path where we kept on bumping in each other. My father – eldest – was affected the most. He even got the skin rashes. He was the first to start the race and the last to finish it.

        Initially I had a sore throat, well we all started with this symptom only. And we all lived in denial – no, it couldn’t be covid, it has to be some seasonal flu, anyway the weather is getting cold, let’s drink tea, ginger, black pepper, some x, more y, a little bit z. But deep inside we all were wondering – this coincidence has to have some meaning. So after 3 days we got tested. I didn’t like that test – taking out the nasal swab. They said it will take 5 seconds, but didn’t take that wire out for what felt like eternity. My fists were in mid air desperately wanting to punch him in his face, I wanted to sneeze. But I didn’t or rather couldn’t. When that wire was out, tears were rolling down my cheeks. After a few hours, the report said – Congratulations! You all are positive. Happy quarantine.

        Instead of getting hospitalised, we chose to live in home isolation. The reason being that the condition of hospitals is not really good. It is very positive, you enter negative but you exit positive! And a lot of people squeezed together in one ward in the name of isolation.

        At home we all fought the cough, cold, fever bravely. But the weakness was a hard opponent. This virus sucked all our energy. We regularly took multivitamins, protein, a healthy diet, coconut water, fruits. We all were living in separate rooms and talking on chat apps. Wearing a mask all the time – you know over preventive measures! Earlier it was a normal virus for us, no big deal, it’s never gonna catch us and then when we had it, let’s wear masks. It takes some time to adapt to it. We had bought one oximeter, in the morning checked our SpO2, pulse rate. Talking to ex-patients what they did and then doing the same, irrespective if it is logical or not. Well, that’s what my parents do!

        The most painful part is the formalities- once you are positive you are gonna receive a number of phone calls from the administration! I was pissed from this much paperwork! They will ask for your details, and repeat don’t you dare to leave your home. Your home is sealed. Looking out of the window/door felt like a crime. When the quarantine was finally over and we were allowed to go out in the fresh air, I felt shy.

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        1. That my friend, was quite the story! Thank you for sharing! And for sharing in great detail as you did. The test for Covid that you had to endure sounded terrible yet I suppose had to be done. Very brave that you got through it. And your whole family suffering together all wearing masks, what a troubling image that brings to mind! But you’ve all recovered and a good ending to your story indeed.

          I appreciated you telling the rest of us how the virus effected you physically. Many of us wonder what it would be like. So Thank you Shooting Nebular for your honesty and candor. I truly hope you all recover without any further issues. — Be well, my new friend from India!

          Liked by 1 person

        2. No, it has nothing to do with you. A completely different story about how humans and our brains function via story-telling. This was written way before any of our conversations. No worries my friend I respect and hold in care of our conversations.


    1. Sadly, I agree Harold. What worries me about Trump, is how he will spin his getting covid if he comes out of this okay? He’s the type to say “I told you so, It was no-worse than a mild flue.” That man and his influence on the ill-advised scares me my friend.


      1. It is scary. And if COVID gets him, I’m sure they will blame the Democrats somehow, or they’ll say it was divinely ordained for some other bullshit reason and they will martyr him and beat their drums to vote for more right winged fascists while escalating their attempts to suppress other groups from voting

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yep, I can see that happening too. Let’s hope the American people do too come voting day. Could be one of the most crucial elections in American history and during a pandemic that’s already killed over 200,000 in-country. What a mess. Fingers crossed my friend.

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