Life’s Embarrassing Moments


We’ve all done it! We’ve all had our little “d’oh” moments. Said something dumb or in reference to someone that we wished later we’d hadn’t. Let loose some not well thought-out words leaving us embarrassed, humiliated and at times very apologetic. We’ve all at one time or another committed “Social Faux Pas” A “stick your foot in your mouth” incident that is of our own doing. The question is — what do we do now?

Life is full of little embarrassing moments and we all have them! And so today on WOW and if you DARE? We want to hear yours! Look we’re all human, make mistakes, and sometimes find ourselves in crazy situations that hopefully, we can laugh about later.

Because in life, sometimes, shit happens!

So here are a couple of examples that have happened to me and that I have “no trouble!” remembering! Even though I mostly would like to forget! Not my most memorable moments no doubt! But In the end, I guess all you can really do is laugh at yourself after the fact.

This one Time when I really — PUT MY FOOT IN MY MOUTH.

DEFINITION: To say or do something inappropriate that you should not have, esp. something that embarrasses someone else: To say something foolish, embarrassing, or tactless. (seeing Mary is larger than normal) John asks “When is the baby due?” — Mary: “I’m not pregnant!”


One of my very first jobs was working at a large manufacturing automobile parts plant. I had just started and hadn’t gotten to know everybody there yet and so I was feeling a little shy and “out of sorts.” I made my way to the cafeteria for break and was surprised (and pleased) to recognize someone from my neighborhood sitting with a couple of guys and having a conversation!

Now I really didn’t know him (more, knew of him) and we had never spoken before but as I came closer I could see he recognized me in the same way. We made our little introductions and he seemed like a good enough guy and as I got to know him better after talking on several more occasions we became more comfortable with each other. Maybe for me, a little too comfortable?

One night (working night shift) we had an extended lunch break for what ever the reason and we got to talking about our survey; where he lived, who we knew and hung out with! One of my work buddies and two of his were also there listening in.

We were reminiscing about some of the crazy times in our area, both present and past and we were having a good old-time laughing about some of the odd-balls that live or had lived in our survey. So I says to him “remember the three older girls (older than me) who lived by themselves on such-and-such street?”

You know! The run down little house with no porch? You know which place I’m talking about right? They had this red front porch light and at night guys were coming and going like seamen on shore leave, if you know what I mean? And they weren’t the best looking girls in the world either! My friend lived across from them and when his parents were out we would turn out the lights and watch them through his front window.

He says ” you talking about the small house with only 3 or 4 concrete steps going up to the front door?” Ya I says, that one! He says “the one directly across from Coopers place?” Ya, I say, You know — where those 3 skanky girls lived. You know the girls I’m talking about right?

“Yes I do!” he says.“I married one!”

Everyone at the table fell silent, all conversation stopped and all of their eyes seemed to be boring in on me. First thing I thought was — very funny he’s just pulling my leg for a laugh right?

But nobody was laughing — including him!

I can’t remember how I tried to weasel out of what I’d said about those girls and one of which who is now his wife. But it wasn’t pretty! I might of mumbled something about “we’re not talking about the same place” or something to that effect? But both of us knew that we were!

Needless to say we never did become good friends after that!

I sure put my foot in my mouth on that one!


It was Christmas day, this time held at my sisters. A family gathering that most of us who celebrate Christmas go through every year. Family and relatives exchanging gifts, children running around excitedly while the adults sipped their adult drinks and savory smells wafted from the kitchen.

This was perhaps 10 years ago or so and my grandparents had long since passed. My father as well. But those of us left were determined to carry on the family tradition. I knew everybody there of course, except my sisters son’s girlfriend (now married but at the time very pregnant) whom I’d only met once or twice before.

The place was a beehive of activity…

The women were upstairs in the kitchen putting the final touches on the feast they were making while the guys were downstairs watching football, drinking and swapping funny stories. When my sister came down to freshen our drinks she announced that Christmas dinner would soon be ready. Not long now she promised!

The rest of the women joined us downstairs for a quick break as the turkey finished its final few minutes in the oven. We kinda lost time watching the kids play with my sisters dog, teasing him with his squeaky toys and running around after him, but soon my sister rose to go check on the turkey.

My nephew’s girlfriend said she had to go upstairs anyway and would check it for her. Now she was huge in her late pregnancy and being male, I was amazed as I watched this slim girl with a huge extended belly slowly climbing the stairs and in all honesty, I was worried if she’d even make it!

After a time my worry got the best of me and I excused myself saying I needed to use the upstairs bathroom and went up to check on her. When I got to the kitchen she was in the process of taking this big and very heavy looking turkey out of the oven all by herself which (again being male) alarmed me. “Need some help Amber?” I asked, hoping she’d say yes. She kinda smiled at me curiously but said no she had it under control.

The rest of the girls came up and shooed me away saying go back down and get ready, everything was done and supper would soon be served. And a magnificent feast it was. When it was over, the guys started bringing up the empty plates and serving dishes while the girls were rinsing them off readying them for the dishwasher.

So now most of us, if not all, were now gathered in the upstairs kitchen, yakking away at how good the meal was when one of the kids came up to tell us of some food that had gone missing. A full plate of jalapeño poppers someone had made and left on one of the low-lying coffee tables downstairs was empty, when before our meal, it was full? We looked at each other and in unison said — the dog! We all headed downstairs.

Sure enough the plate was empty. Not a single crumb lay anywhere near. And the dog? Well she looked quite content, licking her chops and wagging her tail as she eyed us cautiously from beside the couch. “Did you do this?’ my sister asked her in a rising accusing voice. “Did you eat the food here on the table?” pointing to emphasize exactly where she meant. The dog’s reaction was hilarious. She bowed her head in shame and her eyes got all pleading and remorseful and it was all we could do to not start laughing.

“You know your not suppose to touch our food” she scolded. “Go sit on your blanket. Bad dog “Amber!” WAIT! WHAT? — AMBER?

The dogs name is AMBER? Of course, I should know this, I’ve been here many times. But? Didn’t I call my nephew’s pregnant gal AMBER? OMG! I think I did? Upstairs when she was taking out the turkey I called her AMBER! The bloody dogs name! You idiot! So now I was feeling more shame than even the poor dog.

And deservedly so!

I looked around the room to find her and there she was smiling knowingly. “I’m?- I’m so sorry” I said. “It’s all right I’ve been called worse” she replied with a smile letting me off the hook. But I was truly embarrassed.

How the hell could I call this poor pregnant girl “Amber” the dogs name for Pete’s sake even though I’ve greeted the dog by name on so many other occasions? And she, new to the family and all, and that was my welcome?

Oh man, I really did it this time!

  It was definitely a very Embarrassing Situation.



Okay folks, now that I have let you in on some of my “most embarrassing” moments, I think it only fair that I hear from you? Come on now, don’t be shy, air some of that embarrassing “dirty old Laundry.” 




“It took me about a second before I realized I’d done it again. My mouth seriously needed a chaperone.” ― Elise Allen






21 thoughts on “Life’s Embarrassing Moments

  1. Hi there! This is the best thing that happened to me today – I came across your blog! Feeling relaxed.
    First of all, I want to say one thing – I LOVE your style, your outfit, your glasses, your hat, your Beard… WOW.
    And I mean WOW.😎😎😎😎😎

    Honestly, I have got a lot of such moments… that I never wanted to be there!
    I will share the most recent, it happened today itself, so I am unable to see it from a distance.

    I’ve got a new job, it’s my third week. I had some doubts about a few scripts (I am a coder) being used in production, so I typed a long message (on the company’s chat app) to my manager detailing all my progress and blockers. (We are still having a very formal conversation and we haven’t talked a lot, work from home!) I read it 2-3 times ensuring there is no error. The moment I pressed Enter, there were a lot of 😋 popping up on my monitor. I was stunned for a minute.
    Actually, I had mentioned a lot of functions of the form Private::Process_xyz and everywhere this “:P” was replaced with this emoji. I know it’s not a big deal but I am still feeling embarrassed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the compliment shooting nebula. As a retired musician, I figured that image would portray me best as to who I am. Not that I walk around the streets like that anymore. Those days are long gone!

      I also enjoyed your embarrassing moment. Thank you for sharing. I can see how those unintended email emojis’ would be concerning. Especially on a new job! Yet, there is humor there too no? At least to those hearing the story as I did! 😂

      Thanks for your comments S.N. Hope to hear from you again!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Join the club my friend! It seems I’ve hit a 100% mutual sign of resistance here! Perhaps, Self-deprecation humor is strictly a Canadian thing? Let’s go with that, shall we! No worries Harold, thanks for the visit my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow, I stand corrected! That’s one tough self-imposed moniker if I ever heard one. You sure you don’t have any Canadian in you somewhere? Lol!


  2. When I got to the part about the emptied plate and everyone eyeing the dog, I thought it would turn out to be the pregnant ‘Amber’ who ate it, as she might have developed a huger than usual appetite in her late pregnancy?! Now I can’t decide which scenario would be more embarrassing, accusing the wrong party or calling the wrong name?

    I often feel embarrassed about something I said too. Not because they were not nice, but exactly because they were too nice – I have this tendency to exaggerate. When I exaggerate, it’s not because I am deceitful, but because it just wouldn’t be as satisfying if I didn’t use the most drastic wording … What’s wrong with me 🐝🙊🦔 I enjoy reading what you write, Corky, as usual 🐸🐞

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello dot! So nice to hear from you again! I was pleasantly surprise to see a post from you pop up on Reader and immediately got busy writing a nice welcome back we miss you comment… But? Comments were turned off? Absolutely your choice of course, but I am a little worried that perhaps? Your, let’s say, social difficulties, have gotten the best of you and now you are socially disconnecting even online? Say it isn’t so! 😰

      Now the timing of your return, at least to me personally, is eerily coincidental. I too have recently been contemplating moving on from what has lately become more a joyless struggle than a place for inspiration. My renewal date but weeks from now yet still I struggle for a reason to continue? Shhh 🤫 you are the first to know!

      Yet, the cold Canadian shut-in winter is almost upon me — what then will I do to appease my curious online social nature? Then again, is the threat of boredom an excuse proper enough? Having gone and come back yourself Dot — any advice?

      What ever course of action I finally decide I’m glad your back Dot and look forward to at least a few of your well-written and insightful posts! Comments on or not — I will be reading!

      Oh, and I had a good chuckle at your suggestion that perhaps it was the pregnant woman and not the dog cleaning the plate in secret. She, merely giving in to her pregnant cravings. The image of her chowing down hastily not wanting to get caught is hilarious and gets me giggling every time I think of it. So nice to hear from you again Dot. I hope all is well!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You are so good-natured and kind, Wayne. That’s why even a ‘socially difficult’ person like me enjoy hanging out with you 🐨 I totally understand how you feel and what you’re talking about. I’ll think about what ‘advice’ I could give, and I will get back to you later 🐌 Until then, hold on to the image of a hasty ‘Amber’ 🦋

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wayne, you replied to your own name 🐰 so I didn’t get notification about it, but it’s all right, I will share my thoughts here –

          Somehow I can sense you probably have made up your mind about whether to renew your site or not, and I think whatever you end up doing will be the right decision. Because everything is a double-edged sword that comes with both sides, and there is no telling which side is really good or actually wrong. So there is no advice I can give. But during my short stay in the blogosphere, one thing strikes me as most striking is:

          The popularity of a blog is not determined by its quality, but its owner’s capacity for ‘socializing’.

          It must be full-time hard work for popular bloggers. You can see their footprints everywhere, scattering likes and comments to the air like poppy seeds, and naturally people return all the likes and comments. It is a game of reciprocity.

          The owners of popular blogs must have been spending all their waking hours ‘socializing’. And over years of diligent practice, their operation has become such a well-oiled machinery that can’t stop running, simply because humans are creatures of habit and routine. I doubt they are getting real joy from it. But it must be nearly impossible for them to stop doing it after 10+ years of doing it …

          So if you need the ‘human warmth’ to sustain you through the cold hard winter, Corky, are you willing to endure all those ‘manual labor’ over many years to come? There is no guarantee you will get any real ‘joy’ out of it. Most likely you will experience what my favorite Zen master Chögyam Trungpa has summed up perfectly –

          “Whether we eat, sleep, work, play, whatever we do life contains dissatisfaction. If we enjoy pleasure, we are afraid to lose it; we strive for more and more pleasure or try to contain it. If we suffer pain we want to escape it. We experience dissatisfaction all the time. All activities contain dissatisfaction or pain, continuously.”

          On a personal note, three days ago when I resumed my blogging, almost immediately I started feeling tired of it. There is something about blogosphere I just don’t like. Besides, I can’t really afford to spend the time on it now. So I’ve decided to go into retreat again …

          Try not to let my choice affect your own decision though. Wayne, you are a great writer with a wonderful mind. I still remember the first post I read on your blog is “The World’s Greatest Story-Teller”. It’s such a splendid masterpiece 🍑

          Liked by 2 people

        2. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me Dot. Even as you plan to disappear you take the time to first give reply and offer personal insight to a relative stranger whom you may never hear of again. I find that remarkable, and it gives me pause to appreciate what is good in humankind when examples of bad are today all too prevalent. I for one, will miss your unconditional kindness.

          And your words speak true Dot! “The popularity of a blog is not determined by its quality, but its owner’s capacity for ‘socializing’.” How true those words, and how sad. To realize, as you insightfully described it, “as a game of reciprocity” takes all the joy and meaning out of one’s initial labor-of-love intent. Perhaps I have been foolish, to hope for better.

          Yet it is what it is! For better or worse! The question is, can I survive in a game that I am personally, no longer playing? Like most others, I too was caught up in the reciprocity game with self-centered desires for a massive following. Perhaps its human nature, this need to be appreciated. Yet how self-centered the goal in reality. And how all-consuming it can become!

          So now, I’ve stopped! For a long while now, I peruse the other sites when and only I have time or inclination. Searching for only that which inspires me, relates to my experiences or my way of thinking. My likes, my comments, chosen carefully within only those parameters if at all! I’ve given up the game of reciprocity and have chosen to ignore my status of followers and likes. I’ve even whittled down those that ‘I follow’ to ones I truly enjoy. Those, now numbered at 7 or 8.

          Still, I find I am uninspired in my writing. Many times choosing to ignore both it and the blogoshere in its entirety for days on end. There is no lifestyle personal change, nor personal crisis to cause such a reaction. So am I bored? Still disillusioned, deep down in spite of my reconciliation? Maybe this happens to most bloggers at one time or another, I just don’t know!

          Perhaps, like you Dot, a break will better speak to my confusion. Perhaps, that’s now the most logical course of action. I will ponder this and the insightful thoughts you have graciously afforded me. And I do sincerely appreciate you doing so Dot. You have given me much food for thought. — Note: If you prefer this conversation deleted? I will do so without hesitation.

          Thank you so much Dot! For your time and online friendship! Be well! Good luck! And I truly wish for you joy in all that may come your way!

          Liked by 2 people

        3. Thanks for being a solid person, Wayne, that I can feel comfortable sharing honesty with you 🦋 I gain more than you do from our exchanges. One advantage of being anonymous is we could speak some truth🍄 The reason that graffiti artist Banksy could enjoy that much freedom is exactly because of his anonymity.

          Although I suddenly realize you might not be as anonymous, so if you feel any slight unease about this conversation being too public, feel free to delete it – it’s your blog, you do whatever you see fit.

          I tried really hard wanting to think of something that might help you rekindle your enthusiasm for writing, but I couldn’t. All I know for sure is you will write again. Before long you will gather speed and take off again🦇 You have unfinished business with the blogosphere, I can tell … May you find your inexhaustible sources of motivation and inspiration, Wayne, now take care and good night 🦔🦉🐸

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m guessing your sense of humor all-around might need a few days seeing how your beloved A’s are currently up against it. I’d give you the old, It ain’t over till its over… but? — Anyways, hang in there Gary and thanks for the visit man.


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