Can America Be Great Again?

Let’s face it, Joe Biden is not a particularly strong presidential candidate. In fact, in normal times, his chances might be slim and none. But these are not normal times and this is not a business as usual U.S. election. Because this years race has less to do with two opponents vying for the presidency of the United States and more to do with a showing of allegiance. A, for or against one candidate. — A vote for Trump or No Trump!


Admittedly, as a Canadian, I’m no expert on American politics nor the American electoral process. Further more, I don’t even have a vote on the upcoming election. I do however have an interest, seeing how closely tied our countries are, both in trade (1.9 billion) and the trickle down effects it can have on our economies.

And, as a caring human being, I have concerns over what seems to be a uncontrolled and runaway Covid-19 in America. Breaking new records for infection almost daily and with seemingly lack of concern. Then there’s the injustice of the long ongoing racial issues that have long plagued the country. Now again with civil unrest.

I also worry, when I see Americans pulling away from science and replacing it instead with opinionated misinformation, political misdirection, and downright ‘down the rabbit hole’ conspiracies.

There’s the rise of hate groups, the fall of concern for the environment, climate change and America’s disconnect on the world stage. And the people themselves, more divided than ever?

Yes of course this concerns me, both as a humanitarian and as a close neighbor.

But what concerns me most of all, is that all these things that currently plague our neighboring country are not easily fixable. They didn’t happen overnight and cannot be turned in direction overnight no matter who won the election. The dissension, the division, the political misrepresentation, perhaps today at a raging peak, but the fallout has long been in progress.

Yet, as a Canadian, why should I care?

I care because the world needs a strong America. It misses its long withstanding leadership, its global democratic might, both in representation and in protective military muscle.

America on the world stage long stood for freedom, justice, human rights and opposed political corruption, oppression and fanatical dictatorship. And held those accountable for their disregard.

Today, with America not even able to get its own house in order, the world itself is already becoming less safe, less just, and less accountable. New undemocratic nations are filling the void and other, no longer reluctant nations, are turning without fear of reprisal.

The word is out — America cares not about uniting the rest of the world anymore! Cannot in fact, unite its own!

So, can America ever again be that country? Will it ever one day rule the global stage representing all that is good and all that is right as it did once before? And what about the results of the election? Will this start America’s about face back to respectability? Turn America around once again, facing in the right direction?

Can America be Great Again!

I Don’t Know… It seems an impossible task?

What Do You Think?








17 thoughts on “Can America Be Great Again?

  1. I ask myself the same question, especially now. The only answer I have is that I believe in those things that made this country great in the past – freedom to follow your dreams, protection under the law, and the ability to succeed if you worked hard and and had a modicum of talent – regardless of where you came from or from which station of life. Therefore, I will continue to support these ideals in my own life, offer support to those who think along these lines, and stand against those who are trying to abridge these rights. Be well.

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  2. You answered your own question, Dude: ‘The world needs a strong America.’ As I wrote in tonight’s post, even if you don’t like him (and I admit there could be many reasons), Trump, and not frail old “dark winter” Biden — and certainly not soft-on-crime Socialist Harris — Trump is the only one who can provide that strength. I know that may not be a popular opinion but I’m going with his achievements over the past 4 years — bringing back American jobs (which Obama-Biden shipped overseas), building back a strong economy, record breaking employment and stock market highs, eradicating Isis, terminating a couple of top terrorist leaders, brokering peace in the Middle East… the list goes on.

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    1. Thanks Nick! I appreciate your comment and opinion. One things for sure, whomever wins, has a monumental task ahead of them. After voting, I guess all one can do in the end is hope the winner ends up being the right choice! Thanks again and nice to hear from you. Be well!

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  3. It’s over whoever wins. Won’t be a word said about the national deficit unless Biden wins, then they can blame him. Climate Change. Outrageous spending and corporate rip-offs. They’ve kicked the can down the road so far they hit the dead end. It’s over.

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    1. Yeah George, I’m pretty much of the same opinion. Too messed up for too long now. Only question is, is this rock bottom, or is the worst still yet to come? There’s all kinds of possible scary scenarios running through my head. What a mess man! What a mess!

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        1. My pleasure writer George and coincidentally I too will soon be posting another Nightmare entry. Of course the real nightmare, will or won’t occur tonight, depending on who wins the election! Now there’s a story just begging to be written.

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  4. I’ve voted by mail a month ago. Have to admit I am not well-informed and by nature not interested in politics, but too often in 7-Eleven at some gas station, I see some middle-aged guy still wearing his baseball cap backward but NO mask up front, talking loudly and incessantly to the cashier, spreading his opinions if not Covid, with a glint in his eyes suggesting a superior attitude over all other people who wear masks. And too often such character would be gunning past on a road with ‘Trump’ stickers all over his rusty pickup, or an oversized placard for Trump in the back, and the tailpipe of his beat-up vehicle spewing out unusual amount of smog as he accelerates … So I feel obligated to vote for Biden, in order to just negate or cancel out one of the votes from these maskless high-minders🦖

    To me, these maskless, loud and low-income men seem exactly the ones who could benefit from some basic welfare that a democrat president might bring about, but why are they supporting Trump instead? There are so many things I have yet to try to understand in America 🐌

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    1. Hey Dot! Always nice to hear from you. That image you painted so well of the maskless Trump supporter with an overripe cocky ‘I am American’ attitude says it all. It speaks loudly of just how far down the rabbit hole Trump’s influence has driven the division of the American people. But the fact that he achieved this so easily suggests to me that this division existed already and only a nudge was needed to send it completely over the edge. This has been slowly building for a long time now.

      The only question remaining, is can anyone heal the country and reunite the people again or has it gone to far for too long to be saved. They say one must hit Rock Bottom before real change is even possible. Is this America’s rock bottom? We all better hope that it is! Take care Dot! Be safe!

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