Nightmares: The Awakening

The Nightmares are getting worse! The last two, recurring at the scene of a long-ago childhood haunted house (or so the legend would tell it) scared the living hell right out of me. So now I’m afraid to sleep. Terrified that the next nightmare will have me face to face with the dead owner of that evil place. Afraid to step foot upon his haunted grounds and rouse him from his slumber. Terrified at the consequences of his — Evil Awakening!

This entry is a chronological continuation from a series of posts entitled Nightmares. This one, a follow-up to my previous postThe Calling.” For the sake of fluidity, perhaps a quick read would be advised?


For those who haven’t been following, I’ve recently taken the task of trying to put an end to my repeating and most unwelcome nightmares. As per some of your suggestions, I’ve decided to face my fears head on with the aid of Lucid Dreaming. Though I must admit, in all honesty, I pretty much suck at it so far.

But that’s not what’s really keeping me up at night. It’s the dreaded confrontation with my nightmare nemesis that’s been slowly sucking the courage out of me. Yet, to be rid of my nightmares, I am told, I must face my evil tormentor, my ultimate fear, and challenge him face to face. And this above all else is what’s haunting me.

For I fear him as I fear no other.

And so I pace this empty house late at night. Drinking strong black coffee and rising quickly from my chair whenever the tickles of slumber starts to lower my weary head. But in the end it’s a fools endeavor. We cannot go without sleep.  And so, like a child up way past their bedtime… I too… am suddenly no-longer awake.

I’ve fallen asleep in my comfy chair.

And I am Dreaming…


In the dream I’m running. In the dead of night I’m fleeing from a dark evil place haunted by its long-dead owner. The old haunted Griffin house of childhood legend looms large and menacing over my shoulder.

Terrified, I’m fleeing in horror from its foreboding shadowy presence. From its persistent and persuasive luring call. Whispering my name on the wind … willing me to come closer.

And so I’m running.

Running away as fast as my feet will carry me.

Yet now I’ve grown weary! Too weary in fact to continue, for it seems I’ve already run too long and too hard. And now I must stop, for the stitch in my side and sore cramping legs demand it. Perhaps worst of all, I’ve become emotionally drained. The fear zapping my strength and ebbing my will to go on.

Stopped now and resting, I look back to see how far I’ve come and now I’m totally defeated. My knees unhinging, striking, then resting on the ground. In disbelief I see that the House is still there just behind me! As if, I haven’t been running at all? “But how can that be” I whisper in anguish. “How can that be?”

Then, as dreams are want to do, time skips forward into the night…

I find I’m no-longer kneeling in anguish across the road, but now…my God… up tight and against the side of the house itself! Touching the ancient dirty sideboards and sensing from within, a repulsive, pulsating evil heartbeat. As if the very house itself was alive, breathing, sensing my presence.

In horror, I quickly step away, wiping my hands frantically across the thighs of my jeans. Hoping to cleanse them of the unseen vileness that I imagine crawling hungrily across my skin. But I have much more to fear than imagined contagion this night. And the sudden deafening silence around me, confirms this.

The night blackens, becomes even darker than before. An eerie silence falls, uninterrupted. The wind stirs not in the least and an uneasy foreboding permeates the sudden stillness. It’s an anxious feeling, so intense, that goosebumps arise on the back of my neck. And with it … comes a premonition!

Something evil…is watching me!

Crouched low near the side of the old haunted house, in the shadows I waited. Trembling, holding my breath in fear, and longing for my heartbeat to slow again. An overpowering sense that something is about to happen tenses my body in anticipation of flight. Though consciously unaware — I’m preparing to run!

My eyes wide and searching, darting back and forth, looking for the danger I sense is coming. Then suddenly, there is movement. A shadow at the far end of the house just there for a second then gone. Like someone had taken a quick peek around the corner, then back again in hiding.

Yet in my heightened state of awareness, complete with all the alarm bells and whistles, I couldn’t be sure if I’d even seen it at all! So like a frightened rabbit in hiding, staring where he thought the fox may still be … I froze, focusing intently on the corner of the house. Seconds seemed like minutes. Minutes like hours. My nerves stretching like an over-wound elastic band ready to snap!

The tension of the moment too big for my conscious mind to handle and now my primal instinct of fight or flight takes over. It’s a quick meeting of the mind to either stand and fight or flee and the final decision comes quickly. The verdict was unanimous … RUN!

As I took my first step out of hiding, intending to make a full-out mad dash to freedom, the shadowed form emerged fully from around the corner of the house. Two giant steps towards me and it’s out of the shadows.

Its terrifying image…stopping me dead in my tracks.

It was massively, impossibly, huge! With an over-sized, too-big head, the size of a thousand pound prize-winning pumpkin. The head misshapen and deformed, the hellish face twisted and tormented with hate. Long powerful ape-like arms dangled menacingly, ending with huge, anvil-sized gnarled hands.

Its blazing fiery eyes found mine, but it wasn’t till he grinned his evil grin that my bowels started loosening. For this was the grin of pure evil. A hideous malevolent grin of insanity, fused with demonic evil intent.

It was my nightmare nemesis

Old man Griffin himself!

Transformed into the demon before me, his evil grin cowering my inner soul, his near presence an abomination that wavered reality and horrified the very essence of being. My legs weakened and a trickle of urine gasped in horror, escaping me.

But it wasn’t till he spoke to me, that I truly thought I’d gone mad. His voice even louder and bigger than he was, booming and echoing around me like thunder just above.

“Behold me little one and fear my awakening! For this very night will be your last!”

Head down now, in absolute fear of his image, I stared trembling at the ground beneath me. Defeated and in total submission. Like a shivering lost child with no hope to be found and the bogeyman standing o’er me.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, a low moving shadow suddenly streaks across my vision. A black cat? Now there — now gone? The Griffin too turns away from me for just an instance, looking behind him as if sensing an unwanted presence. But it’s gone now. Perhaps, was never there at all?

Yet with its sudden flash appearance real or not … something has changed! The terror subsides, and my foggy head clears, and my mind, just for an instance, sharpens like a razor! Oh my God… that was “MY,” Black Cat! … the one in my dreams … and suddenly it hits me!

Like a bursting dam the knowing comes rushing in like a tidal wave …


I’m in one of my nightmares! And I’m aware!

The sensation was incredible. Empowering! Almost God-Like! I’m asleep at home and dreaming, yet while in this dream I am all knowing! And it was the Black Cat from previous dreams who pushed my mind to comprehend this.

So now that I’m Lucid dreaming? What does this mean? What has changed?

What’s changed is that now the tide will surely turn to my choosing!

For it is me now… who has control!

Emboldened, I turned and faced my nemesis. “Your just a dream” I said victoriously! Even bolder now, meeting his hateful red eyes, “You can’t hurt me! In fact, you can’t do anything at all to me you repulsive big-headed asshole.” —  “Be Gone wretched Demon!” — “Back to whatever hellish hole you crawled from!”

Be Gone! And never again be seen!”

With clenched fist raised in defiance and chest heaving with expelling emotions I stood proudly facing my tormentor. Bravely and courageously and directly in front of him. And then… I paused… waiting…

Waiting, because I didn’t really know what to expect next? Perhaps he’d slowly disappear in front of my eyes, crying out in rage as he slowly faded into oblivion. Or maybe, he’d just wink-out, in a flash of brilliant light and this nightmare and all my nightmares to come, would finally and forever be over.

But none of these things were happening…

Instead he threw back his massive deformed head and roared out thunders of booming laughter. Echoing canon-like, reverberating through the blackness around me and of that which was this night.

“You think me a dream puny one” he bellowed, eyes wild and blazing fire. “You think me NOT REAL!” he screamed in anger, sending my thoughts reeling in confusion. Before I knew what was happening, he was there, mere inches in front of my face. His rotting putrid breath gagging me and his hands… his massive gnarled hands… suddenly around my neck.

“You have no command here foolish child” he whispered in my ear. Turning my head to do so, as a giant with a Rag Doll. “This is my domain” he continued softly, almost seductively. “Here YOU are the intruder!” now loud again with returning thunder!

Then, his vice-like oversized hands, slowly started squeezing. Cutting off my air and the blood flow to my brain. My feet lifted off the ground and total panic set in. The will to survive had me thrashing wildly, raking at his grotesque evil face. But he was much to big, and his outstretched reach much too long.

His face unreachable, my flailing hands dropped down to his ever tightening grip around my neck, trying desperately to pry loose his massive stony fingers. Even with the panicked surge of strength and adrenaline coursing through my frantic body… I was no match for this evil demon.

Slowly, my wild antics to be free started fading. My strength, and will to live, draining away. With no air left in my lungs to breathe and none-new coming in … consciousness began waning.

Exploding white Lights…

fading to grey…

then black.

Then blessed be the darkness… that overcame me!







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14 thoughts on “Nightmares: The Awakening

  1. These are the worst nightmares I’ve ever heard in my life and I though mine were bad. You need for them to cease and desist. Have you considered sleeping pills to send you off on your sweetdreaming way instead of that Stephen Kind sht man?or a few Brandys before bed, or in your case before armchair. Those nightmares would drive me fckng insane

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I’m pretty sure my chronic neck issues have something to do with them Bill. And sleeping upright in a chair! After all, pinching nerves and sleeping with pain can’t make for pleasant dreams. Killers before bed work most of the time but not always. Anyways, I’ve come to far cutting down on my Meds to start up again. And I just won’t do that, nightmares or not! The curse of it all is my memory! Remember every damn one of them! Hey, we all have our crosses to bear, I guess nightmares is just one of mine. C’est la vie say the old folks!

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Lol! I hear ya man, getting old sucks! Who new right? I do envy your nightmare free nights though. Then again, it does keep the old heart pumping. In fact It’s the only running exercise I get anymore, running from the bogeyman in my dreams. Guess its better than no running at all. And cost effective too. My running shoe budget is pretty much nonexistent! Lucky me!

      Liked by 4 people

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