Covid-Christmas: A Gift of Political Pandemic Control

In light of the pandemic, we were asked to shrink our traditional thanksgiving to in-house family only and this I did without complaint. After all, common logic dictates that we all must do our part in helping to reduce the spread of this virus. Yet the way things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me if Christmas Too will soon be on the restricted hit list. The question is, with a vaccine just around the corner, how many of us are willing to now also restrict our Christmas as well? Will you be celebrating a Covid-Christmas this year?

Now asking to tone-down the traditional family celebrations of Christmas in the western world will not go over well. In fact, many I suspect will just plain ignore this plea while grumbling that they’ve already sacrificed more than enough. Scaling back Christmas they will say, just ain’t gonna happen!

Yet, the coronavirus cares not about Christmas! The so-called second wave of infection is turning out to be even deadlier than the virus’ initial surge. Even in countries (like Canada) where things were once mostly under control, the second coming of the virus has blown the hospital doors wide open. Leading to record numbers of new Covid patients being admitted daily.

Worldwide, infections are rising unabated, reaching unprecedented new heights. More of us are dying and more often due to the pandemic then ever before. All this while political and government leaders alike refuse to call for total lock-down as economies plunge ever-deeper into the abyss.

Yet, validating trading lives and allowing the virus to run unabated among the people in lieu of economics seems to me inhumane! Then again, we all find ourselves in different situations. Many are struggling with job layoffs or closures or drastic decline in the businesses they own. Some even, with worries of paying rent, mortgages or just feeding their families.

Still, a vaccine does seem to be in our immediate future. Welcomed news no-doubt! However, it does come with a disclaimer of warning. Health restriction protocol must remain in effect! Even during inoculation, any lackadaisical misgivings towards virus prevention could cost lives. Although an impending vaccination is on the way — we must remind ourselves — the pandemic is far from over!

In Canada, preliminary estimates of almost another full year, before ‘everyone’ gets vaccinated! Even this, depending on when the vaccinations become available and start to arrive. In the meantime, governments play pandemic Russian roulette with its people. Balancing economic concerns with ever-rising Covid statistics.

Including the increasing number of dead, who’s lives were lost in a deadly game of political interest.


Speaking of politics? We now arrive at the very heart of my dissension. We stand on the precipice of a pandemic crisis not seen in modern times. Our health-care workers at the front line, valiantly committed to saving lives while endangering themselves and their loved ones. The second wave of the virus, for all intents and purposes, raging out of control.

It’s a health crisis of the magnitude not seen in modern-day science history. So, who do we have in charge to lead us in this crisis? The pandemic experts? Virus and contagion scientists? Battle-tested infection authorities? The top health care representatives of our country?

No! — its our politicians!

Why in God’s name would a politician, who has zero schooling, no experience and is totally unqualified for any health related matters, not to mention wouldn’t know a virus from a barnyard door? Be in charge of making life and death decisions concerning our health and safety during a pandemic?

Oh, they make a big scene of trying to show how pandemic experts have their ear. And they do get virus updates and recommendations daily. But it’s not like the experts have the final say! For some insane reason, politics has the power to supersede all health-science authorities. Even it seems, when a pandemic rages out of control infecting thousands of citizens daily!

Now how crazy is that? To be led by politicians, mere public servants, during a growing ever-surging pandemic crisis. None of whom know squat about anything related. Who’s only claim to fame, is proficiency in political rhetoric! My God man, in the middle of a pandemic and we have figure-heads making our decisions?

And the results? Well, they speak for themselves! Countries that have been the most proficient in controlling the pandemic inside their borders, are the ones that have given complete control over to their health-science experts. And the ones with the most political interference have the higher rates of infection and deaths. The difference between the two, statistically enormous!

The conclusions are obvious. Political interference during a pandemic, not only raises the potential spread of contagion, but costs lives as well. Needlessly lost lives, due to insisting political control in a pandemic crisis. Control, better left to the virus experts and experienced health-science professionals around the world.

Back to the question about Christmas!

In anticipation of upcoming holiday restrictions, how many of you will be toning-down Christmas this year? Maybe celebrating it with just your immediate family, your children and yourselves. Or perhaps, with a vaccine now imminent, you see no reason to give up your traditional family and friends get-together Christmas ways?

Will you still go to the malls, searching for that perfect gift? Visit friends and relatives over the Christmas holidays? Have your traditional feast with expanded family, friends and relatives and their children?

This year, the year of the Covid pandemic crisis.

How will you be Celebrating Christmas?








2 thoughts on “Covid-Christmas: A Gift of Political Pandemic Control

  1. Just me and the cat, me with a turkey sandwich from the deli (bought the day before) and the cat with turkey-flavored ‘Temptations’ cat treats. I’ll watch a movie on TV all the while drinking myself into a dandy of a Boxing Day hangover. Hey, you’re bloody right about dem goddamn politicians.

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    1. Yep, I here you Bill! I won’t be traveling this Christmas as well. It’s a Covid-Christmas for all us here in the Great White North this year! But I will try and catch the old black and white “Christmas Carol” on TV. The one with Alastair Sim as scrooge. Love that movie! And I too share your disgust with politics my friend! Be well!

      “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain


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