Your Quirky Inventions — Patent Pending

We are a very inventive species. Our capacity for innovation seemingly limitless and ever progressing. Yet new technologies that lead to modern inventions, quickly become commonplace in a society already spoiled with life-easing innovations. Nevertheless, we are always thirsting for the next new thing. The lure of new product innovation, irresistible, a must have in the eyes of the all to eager consumer. Not to mention, a huge profit making cash cow to those selling it. So, what about you? Ready to ride the inventive gravy train to success?

Have you ever had a passing thought on how to make an existing product better? Or perhaps, an idea for something totally new? Now most of us are not technically capable of seeing our ideas through from start to finish. Maybe even, the technology for your invention does not yet exist. But let us not concern ourselves with probabilities. It is your imaginative ideas alone, that interests us today.

Now yes of course, we’d all like to invent a cure for cancer. That’s a given. How about a vaccine that not only wipes Covid-19 off the face of the Earth, but protects us from all viruses? Cure world hunger? Racism? Greed and violence and all manners of man’s naughty natures? Well certainly, yes of course!

But let’s leave the big ones to science shall we and delve instead into our more trivial and perhaps selfish personal needs. Inventions that solve our individual quirks of bother while nurturing our imagination.

So let’s put the needs of the world on hold for now shall we and think selfishly about ourselves. Put on our thinking caps of imagination and see what inventions we come up with.

Inventions — that you’d personally would like to see!


Now here’s a proposed invention of mine that would not only make your life easier, but could make you very wealthy in the process. A double bonus if you will! For this one, let me start by asking you a question…

Do you like mowing your lawn? How many times a year do you have to cut your grass, trim the edges, perhaps blow the driveway and walkways not to mention hauling your lawn-care equipment in and out of the shed. All the while cutting into your free time, your days off, or missing the ball game on TV!

So why haven’t they invented grass — that never needs mowing? Just grows to a neat freshly-mowed length and then stops! Never needs mowing because it never grows beyond a targeted length! Not ever! Now what homeowner wouldn’t appreciate that?

And it’s not such a far-fetched idea either! After all, we’ve been fiddling around with nature for some time now. Crossbreeding it, genetically modifying it, changing it to suit our every needs. So why not our lawns? Surely some innovated sod company somewhere could make grass that doesn’t grow?

I don’t know about you, but I’d buy that.

And I’m guessing a whole lot of other people would too!


Here’s another one! Speaking about growth control, what if we could control the growth of our hair? How awesome would that be? Never having to shave again, not ever? Men and women! A one time procedure, or a snip of a genetic code, or maybe by using some future technology that’s just around the corner.

Or maybe, and wouldn’t it be great, if one day the length of our hair (or no hair at all) could be decided simply by taking or not taking a pill. Or an application of cream? But what makes this innovation special is that one dose is good for the entire year! Or a number of preset days or months? Your choice! Head hair, facial hair, underarm hair, any hair on your body (anywhere) and its your personal choice!

Want to try the bald look? Get rid of unwanted or unsightly body hair? Just take a pill that targets the area and soon — ooh-la-la your smooth and sexy! Think of all the time you’d save never again having to shave or get your hair cut. No more razor burn, nicks, cuts or aggravation. Who wouldn’t want that?


Now this next one may be a stretch, but with future technology why not? How about your own personal, go where you go, Bubble Force Field? Maybe a gizmo you carry or a mechanism you could attach to your belt or wherever, that once turned on, bubbles your entire body in a see-through yet very protective shield. Filled with fresh filtering air of course! — It’s your very own personal, on and off, force field!

Now how handy would that be?

Pandemic? What pandemic? Simply turn on your bubble when you leave the house and your worries about contagions disappear. A high quality, state of the art air-recycled system would filtrate all viruses. Common pathogens too! So, no more colds, flues, outdoor allergies! Protection against air pollution or any other nasty airborne substances too.

Your completely safe and sound inside your personal protective bubble. A force field that surrounds you with fresh filtered air and protects you with a hard see-through shell that never touches your body. Just moves when you move, always centering you in the middle.

And, if you come across some shady looking fellows looking to mug you? No worries! Your safe in your bubble force field. Safe from any physical harm! So go ahead, wiggle your fingers up by your ears and give them the raspberry!

Na, Na, Na-Na-Na! — You can’t get me!


What about where the necessary technology already exists but is not being used. Like in calling balls and strikes in baseball. Or balls, in or out, in tennis. Today, soccer, football and hockey have cameras everywhere and video-review technology already settles most disputes.

Yet for me, I find video review unnecessarily time consuming. Slowing down the game, even stopping it, killing the build-up drama that fast sport competition thrills us with. Waiting for replays takes the thrill and spontaneity out of the action. Was it offside? A first down? Is the goal or touchdown going to count? Should I stand and cheer or wait for the review?

Baseball already has a digital superimposed TV strike zone for batters. Yet this has no real purpose or effect on the game as it’s only used as a viewers visual aid. But the technology does exist today to have this digital strike zone call all the balls and strikes and with almost perfect accuracy.

Sports is meant to be fast and competitive. That’s why we get so engaged in watching it. Slowing it down, even stopping it to check video replay takes away the flow of the building drama. Technology exists today to keep this flow going by making instant digital decisions live and ongoing. And with greater accuracy than any human eye.

One day in the near future, this, and other already available technologies will be used in sports worldwide. The ongoing progression of technology and the players demand for competitive accuracy makes it inevitable!

My question is? If we can do it now?

What the hell are we waiting for?


— A mobile phone App. you can use to redirect repetitive marketing or scam calls to a law enforcement investigation bureau. The transfer undetectable to the caller! Allowing time for new updated tracing technology to hunt them down.
— TV technology, that lets you skip commercials, replacing them instead, with music videos of your choosing.
—A Social media App, that instantly verifies fact from fiction. And issues warnings to those spewing nonfactual claims while posting their names (after so many violations) in a world digital accessible inventory listing.
—A food product line-code scanner on your phone, that reveals questionable ingredients, additives and chemicals. Get instant recall info and warnings of price gouging as well.


Who knows what new inventive technology will arise in the future. Maybe one day, grass ‘will be’ genetically modified to grow only a certain length and a pill ‘will be’ invented that controls human hair growth. Is that any more amazing than a man-made rover traversing the Martian landscape and sending back pictures to Earth some 225 Million Km away?

Or, genetic engineering, used in modifying our foods, to last longer, resist disease, and repel infestations. Or the science that allows us to choose the color of our child’s hair, or eyes, or resistance to inherent disease and all before they are even born.

So my friends. Anything is possible. Any crazy invention has the chance to come to fruition given time. Even YOUR want-to-be invention, what ever that may be?

So what new quirky invention would you like to see?

Peanut butter milkshakes? A.I. no-poop cuddle-puppies? Flying cars that get reach outer space?

“The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain.” ― Nikola Tesla







5 thoughts on “Your Quirky Inventions — Patent Pending

    1. Hey Harold! Yep, Hair growth for men would be a best seller no doubt. As would an in-home instant hair-doo machine for woman as suggested by Nebula. I tried thinking of an outdoor nature related innovation but came up empty. I was thinking along the lines of mosquito, ticks and black fly protection, other than a chemical spray. Nothing ruins a nature trip like clouds of bloodsucking insects following wherever you go.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Now that would be a killer invention if you could eliminate the bugs. Especially if you could avoid chemicals. I enjoyed your post. And I have faith you’ll come up with some good invention – keep the ideas flowing my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi Wayne 🙂
    A.I. no-poop cuddle-puppies? Definitely yes! 😄
    And a bigger Yes to your proposed vaccine. How about if it could also cure all other pains – like back pain, stiff neck. So, no need to exercise, but you are still fit. 💪
    I also want a robot hairdresser. Or some machine like a helmet. Wear it, and you are all ready in a few minutes! 😅 And do you know about Doremon? He has a magical pocket filled with all types of cool gadgets. I really want his “Anywhere Door”. You have to just think where you want to go, then open the door, and you are there. Teleportation 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well done Divya! I love your ideas! Your in-home hairdresser helmet idea would be all the rage and would make you rich overnight. And a Teleportation device? Wow! Beam me up Scottie! It would change the world! Good stuff Nebula. And thanks for playing along.

      Liked by 1 person

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