The Tale of The Holy Man Who Wouldn’t Shut Up

It is said that our human brain is the most complex structure in the universe. Its full range of capabilities perhaps never to be known. Including some may claim, yet untapped capabilities, one’s that push the boundaries of human expectations far and beyond. A brain with hidden abilities, that can on occasion endow strange powers on the few who encounter them. This is my story of one such encounter.

When I was in my late teens and early-twenties, I was perceived to have a “unique ability.” And not just perceived by myself but by others as well. An ability at times, of being able to persuade events to happen as to my wishes. And because I was able to do this on demand and frequently enough in front of others (family and friends), this somehow got to be accepted as normal for me.

There are many such incidents to tell, however my best friends wedding is the one I choose today. Unusual events that unfolded at his wedding reception — A showdown between me and a Holy man!


It was my best friends wedding! From a group of four very close friends, he was going to be the first to tie the knot. Now in our early-twenties, we’ve known each other since public school and were looking forward to sending him off in style. For us, that meant a celebration of epic proportions. One of best-wishes, reminiscing and old familiar stories. Fueled of course by the nonstop intake, of alcohol consumption.

But before the party could get started, traditional wedding ceremonies must first be observed. First at the church, were it all became legal. Then the reception hall, where the new bride and groom were to be celebrated and a great feast laid out to be enjoyed by all.

At the reception, the boys at the head table included the groom (my best buddy), his brother, myself (the best man) and 2 more members of our band of brothers — All close friends I still keep in touch with today.

With dinner over, now came time for the speeches. The father of the bride, of the groom, brothers and sisters, friends and relations and on and on and on. The last fellow to speak was the families local priest, decked out in a full white traditional flowing garb, standing in front of his table, right in front of us in the first row.

By now the boys were becoming restless. Antsy and fidgety in their chairs. We’d had enough of the speeches already! We were ready to celebrate, to drink and to party.

But the Holy man… he cared not for our impatient wanting!

He droned on and on, blessing this and Holy that and sanctified union this, prattling on endlessly. A good 10 minutes already with no end in sight. Even the other guests were starting to fidget now, sounds of squeaking chairs and repositioning bodies echoing, all throughout the cavernous hall.

Finally the groom (my best friend) leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Do something Cork! He’s boring the shit out of everybody. It’s time to dance and drink and be merry. Nobody’s fucking merry Cork!”

“Its time to get the party started, but this guy just won’t shut up!”

And so… in a roundabout way… I went about solving the problem!

Now before I go on with my story, perhaps I should explain just how these perceived so-called abilities that I had back then worked. First and foremost, they never always did! Because it involved great focus and commitment on my part which in reality was not always easily attained.

In youth the mind wanders, my mind no different back then.

Still, when the circumstances were right, the focus and emotions high — success rather than failure usually followed. However success in my abilities was not always in the form of a clear directive. I knew the goal, but the means to the end were never clear. Never clear —Even to me!

But I had just received an emotional plea from my best friend. And at his wedding! There was no way in hell I wasn’t going to at least try! The showdown between me and the holy man was on!

And so, it began…

The priest and I locked eyes. Mine never leaving his, his never leaving mine. With each passing second the intensity of focus grew. Mine becoming pure and unwavering,  pinning the priest in spotlight, shrouding darkness and silence over everything else. — Only he and I, now existed.

I could sense something was about to happen, but what, I didn’t know. I could also feel his growing discomfort, his words slowed, his concentration wavered. Something lay heavy in the air. Something between us, building and building … coming to a head!

And that’s when the explosion happened!

Apparently our good, but overly-talkative priest, had stowed away under his table a magnum of wine for later. The sudden explosion of said-bottle, erupting red wine all over the inside of the hanging tablecloth and beyond. Spattering wine in all directions, including over the back of the priest’s immaculately-clean full length white garment.

The sudden explosion sending gasps throughout the crowd, but soon turning to giggles as the source became apparent. All through this, the priest’s eyes never left mine. Even the explosion did not unlock his knowing stare. But for me it was over, my spell broken by a hardy slap on the back.

“Good job Cork” he said! — “Now lets get the party started.”

Rising, he turned to the crowd and in a joyous booming voice said…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the bar is now open!”


As the evolution of our species continues, from prehistoric to modern man, so too does the evolution of our human brain. Who’s to say what evolution will endow in us. Perhaps even abilities we can only dream of!

There are those already with seemingly superhuman abilities. Possessing extreme intelligence, computer-like memory or artistic and musical prowess far beyond the norm.

Yet, there are others still, who’s abilities succeed even them!

Supernatural, superhuman or psychic abilities. Terms usually sneered at by those of science. Yet used in reference to the human brain, modern science is slowly redefining these terms. The special abilities found in Savants, an example of why. Possessing not just special abilities, but extraordinary abilities that cannot be duplicated by most other human beings.

Then there’s the documented cases of brain-tumors or brain injuries endowing average people with super-abilities they’ve never possessed before. And almost overnight! Playing perfect renditions of Bach or Mozart on the piano — when yesterday the piano was but a trivial means of self-entertainment! Or paint a near perfect Mona Lisa, having never held an artistic paintbrush in their life!

So if special circumstance can indeed lead to special-abilities, who’s to say we are not capable of even more! Does the human brain hold untapped powers? Abilities we yet cannot conceive — perhaps even in you?

Do you believe in the untapped powers of the human mind?

Perception or reality…

What do you believe?








19 thoughts on “The Tale of The Holy Man Who Wouldn’t Shut Up

  1. Yes I’m a believer. We’re said to use a very small percentage of our brain. I believe the more we teach ourselves to use the more we continue unlocking these mystic superhuman abilities… Everythings seems impossible until someone else does it.

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  2. “Do something Cork! ” So, yes cork was loosened. 😛
    I don’t know if real or perspective, but I have always wanted such psychic powers. I wanted them for only one thing, rescheduling the quizzes and exams, especially surprise quizzes. Nothing ever happened. Maybe if we attended the school together, I could have asked you, “Do something Cork”.
    You’re lucky 🍀, it was an interesting story to read.

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    1. Why indeed? And that’s the point! Its open for opinion! And one’s opinion depends on range of beliefs. Like some believing in religious miracles, or conscious life after death, or the power of the human mind — people are free to their own conclusions. Many like you will say coincidence, or faulty cork or bottle. Okay, I expect and accept that!
      The only thing I will say for sure, is that my retelling of these events are truly as I remember them. And there are others! And they all come with backing from friends and family who were there. Still, in the end, it’s up to you in what to believe!

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  3. LOL. It does feel like your wish, or everybody else’ wish, has something to do with that explosion. Hahaha. I know there’s a word for it, but I can’t remember it now–English has way too many words for my tiny memory capacity. The progress of a plot, be it a movie or a play or a novel, is suddenly changed by a seemingly unexpected event to avert an undesirable natural consequence. There’s a word for it…

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    1. What word Haoyan do? Plot twist? Revelation? Epiphany? Turn of events? I know how frustrating it can be with the word seemingly on the tip of your tongue. It will come to you eventually. Let me know, because now I’m curious too! Lol!

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  4. What a story! And putting it out there is another thing. I believe there are more things in the universe than we can even begin to realize that we dont know. Keeping our minds open and being able to discern at every moment what is a true experience and what is a figment of our imagination is the real test. With our perspectives being manipulated so wildly by “popular” thought and beliefs these days, it’s really a jungle out there. Thank you for sharing. It was a refreshing read.

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    1. Thanks K1! I totally agree about the unknown of reality and our perspective manipulation. If this year has taught us anything, it’s that many of us are still very much influenced by the words of others. Of what they believe, or want us to believe — rather than thinking for ourselves.

      Furthermore, the stigma of rejecting popular belief in itself, holds many back from accepting all other possibilities. Including the functioning power of the mind and the most complex structure known to man — our human brain! Thanks K1, nice to hear from you! Be well and stay safe!


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