Are We One Strange Species or What?

When you get right down to it, we humans are a very strange species. I’m not talking about the strange individuals you see once and a while on the news, or happen to pass on the street, flailing their arms like a windmill warding off invisible insects and mumbling crazily to themselves. No, I’m talking about us, the average normal human being and when you really think about it — even we are pretty strange!

If you look at our species from an “Outside the Box” perspective, you’ll see what I’m mean. The world we live in, the reality we’ve made for ourselves, overflowing with nonsensical human behavior. Behavior bordering on sheer lunacy, from strange social idiosyncrasies, to illogical acts of indifference foreshadowing the destruction of the very planet that sustains us.— We are indeed one strange species!


Take for example our strange fascination with our own appearance. Bordering on obsession is this preoccupation of how we look. Our self-image fragile, our appearance a priority in comparison to the standards set by current societal ideals. We are forever scrutinizing our looks, comparing them to the handsome good-looking actors on TV and of film, and to the beautiful sexy actresses of the same.

Our constant concerns over our appearance not only ruled by vanity, but by current in-country social abidance as well. Conforming to social protocol, behavioral and physical appearance practices and standards. Those that refuse these norms risk social outcast, are seen as strange, weird, even mentally unbalanced.

Albeit in today’s modern world, immigration, world travel and the mixing of cultures has, in many places, eased social resistance to nontraditional customs, appearance and differing social anomalies. However, overriding norms still prevail in most countries and within our species as well.

Now some of these appearance-norms, can seem pretty strange when looked at from outside the box.

Human behavior, perhaps at odds for a so-called dominant intelligent race.


Face Painting, as in the wearing of makeup (primarily) by our female species. Said to of started as an ancient ritual among tribal women and later made popular by the ancient Egyptians, women have been using color on their face now for thousands of years. For most woman today “putting on their face” is an everyday morning routine and as a society we long-now have been accustomed to seeing our females in makeup.

But when you think about this whole makeup wearing business from an outside the box perspective, it does seem a bit odd don’t you think? I mean, modern day human beings coloring their lips? Their hair? Their eyelashes and lids? Their eyebrows, their cheeks, their whole face with foundations?

What would an Alien race think of us, seeing how we hide our natural appearance behind false faces and how is it that this once ancient ritual has survived all the way into today’s modern age?

Has evolution deemed it necessary for the survival of our species? That females enhancing their appearance to entice a mate — betters our chances of sustainable reproductive survival? Perhaps the wearing of make-up is here to stay, society deeming it so. Or maybe, wrapped up in our own pretentiousness, personal vanity now goes beyond mere societal appeasement. A victim of our own human nature.

Don’t get me wrong, woman look beautiful when they’re all made up. But the fact that they do get made-up and (most everyday) is a little strange don’t you think? Humans putting colors on their lips on their face and in their hair. And today, its not just the female species doing so, men too color and preen to look younger.

Look, I’m not judging here. I’m just saying from an outside the box perspective, as an intelligent race with ever advancing technologies — doesn’t this seem a little strange to you?

That we can walk on the moon, land robotic rovers on Mars and take photos in space going back billions of years. That we use hand-held devices that enable us to send words and pictures and have conversations with those on the other side of the world. Only we do all this, while walking around with painted faces, dyed hair, and trending popular hair-styles. Vanity, playing a major role in our everyday existence.

A little strange perhaps?


It’s not just the female of our species that are judged by appearance. We judge, then define, everybody by how they look! Each culture with its own ideals regarding appearance, dictating who is attractive, sexy or desirable and who is not! Add the influence of advertising and media portraying “beautiful people” as the norm — and the competing high standards of what we should look like — are now set in stone!

In the west, taller males are perceived more desirable and successful. Prettier and sexier females the same. Thinner is better and younger better still. If none of these traits are personally attainable then wealth or power will fill the void in being a desirable mate.

Still, mating-attraction is not appearance’s only gain. Attractive individuals of our species are also said to be given more opportunities to succeed in life. How you look influences those looking at you. And our species, strange as we seem, are definitely big-time suckers when it comes to looks!

But there are plenty of plain, short, perhaps heavy people of our species, who given half a chance, can outperform, are more caring and intelligent and with better leadership qualities than those deemed more attractive. Yet we continue to judge one another by appearance.

How strange that we have come to label appearance as a dominating factor in our lives.

Not judged by our internal fortitude — but by our looks!


We not only judge each other by attractiveness, but by race, religion, culture, ideals and by wealth. By personal belief’s, political choice and by age. We set up borders to keep those not the same out and wage war on those most unlike us. Sadly, although we are all one species, we have made many divisions within our kind.

Humankind has forever divided itself into classes. In most cases, you were born into these classes and there you remain. It seems the only way to rise out of class division is through the accumulation of wealth. Yes, In today’s modern world, we are considered to be a much more equal society. Nonetheless, wealth still remains the prime indicator of one’s worth to society. The less you have of it, the lower in class you are deemed.

In other words, the possession of Money (a man-made invention) acts as a determining factor of how you are seen as an individual among your species. Even today we are judged and categorized in this way.

And what of our leaders? The ones with the most control over the rest of us? They are not our most intelligent, nor our most humanely responsible. Neither are they in possession of humankind’s best attributes. Their claim to fame, their power of dominance over the masses, largely due to their enormous wealth!

Like the giant corporations, whose wealth in some cases exceeds those of entire countries! And with unlimited wealth comes unlimited power. Yet, are these really the people we want in charge of our world?

If you were in charge? Wouldn’t you have the best of our species running it? The most intelligent, the most humane, the person that best represents our species that you could find? Yet for the most part we find almost the complete opposite is true? How strange this species Homo sapiens!


We are a species set on our own undoing. Our climate is heating up, and even though science has been warning of man-made climate change for decades, their warnings go unheeded. Our oceans now filled with man-made plastics, our coral reefs slowly dying. Our oxygen producing forests slowly disappearing and the soil we grow our food in, chemically poisoned by agricultural super-giants.

Almost 200 different species will go extinct this year alone, the most since the mass distinction of the dinosaurs. Suicide rates climb yearly and murder is as rampant in our cities as ever before.

Our governments have become self-serving as we ourselves trend in this way. Empathy, equality and justice meaningless words in the greedy rush for wealth, power and self-gain. The many left behind, doomed to scrape out a meager living under the repressing powers of corruption, indifference and corporate greed.

And though our history is marked with endless human-made atrocities, we refuse to learn by our past mistakes. Our Nations, our cultures, our people still divided. Hatred, greed, racism and indifference still fueling our separations. And the dominance of the few over the many, still remains.

Wars rage on, the rich get richer and the poor struggle to survive.

Now as a species — You can’t get any stranger than that!


There are many more examples of our strange behavior as a species, too many in fact for just one post. Perhaps a revisit to this topic is in order at a future date? Or perhaps YOU have some examples of what you think as strange behavior for a supposedly intelligent human race? If you were a visiting Alien race looking down upon us? — What would You Think?






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19 thoughts on “Are We One Strange Species or What?

  1. It is hard to remain optimistic, looking back over human history. Recent and distant. Perhaps the problem is that most of us do not have the energy or drive to put things right. And that those who do have drive and energy have the desire to use it for their own destructive purposes. I have no doubt in my mind, none at all, that our society and our economies are deeply wrong. And that we need to radically rethink our way of life. I am a utopian and thus not particularly practical – thus I have no real alternatives to propose. I do recognize however that we urgently need a fairer and more just world where the resources we all need to survive are distributed fairly and where our governments are led by people who genuinely want the common good. Rather than just their own.

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    1. Thanks Anthony your point well-taken. As you’ve said, there’s “no doubt” anymore great change is needed. It’s now beyond obvious that this same-old-same-old road of corporate and political corruption and indifference, this man-made hierarchy benefiting the few wealthy and powerful over the many, is not a road of good intention. Can only lead to great division, anarchy and chaos. Their reign, no matter how long-embedded — must come to an end.

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  2. Crazy we are. I remember once a woman telling me how she would get up earlier than her husband to “put on her face.” She told me that her husband had never ever seen her without her make up on. Now that’s strange, and I think women look better without tons of make up. On my Grand Canyon trip this summer, there were some still putting on their makeup in the wilds. Really? And as you note, wealth, from the male perspective, will always top all other traits. A few minutes on the online dating sites will confirm this rather quickly. Crazy we are. Values skewed. One other thing, have you noticed how the majority of our politicians all look alike ?

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    1. Lol! That reminded me of my cousins old girlfriend. Maybe 16 but plastered in make-up and would never come in the pool with us for fear it would wash away. And the politicians do look alike — perhaps sounding alike even more!


  3. It’s a strange planet indeed!

    You said make up, how about people taking horses tail and other humans hair to extend their own. And to please who?

    People having multiple mansions around the same world where someone sleeps on the cold streets. Restaurants throwing out day old food in the same neighborhood a family sleeps hungry.

    Strange, is a major understatement. We are the aliens within.

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  4. LOL. Like what is said, probably by Vonnegut, that “we trashed this joint”. Now we need to clean up our mess or find another planet to live with aliens. Knowing “what would an Alien race think of us…” is important. Hahaha. What if aliens have furs, like cats, who don’t need cosmetics or outfits to make themselves look adorable? They will laugh at us…

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    1. Yeah Aliens with fur! Like some of the characters from the Star Wars movie! The cute little forest Ewok’s (I want one!) or the big fury dude “Chewbacca, Chewie for short.” I wonder if they spend hours preening in front of a mirror or combing their hair one hundred strokes before bedtime? Or maybe like a cat — just once around the fur with a good tongue washing. LOL!

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  5. We’re all a bunch of lunatics Wayne – no doubt about it. I can vouch from painful personal experience! Personally I think it’s much better for one’s mental health to become disillusioned with the human race. Your point about appearances is a good one. It got me thinking about something I read to do with prejudices – how society marginalises short and ugly people in a similar way they do minorities and women. It’s just not talked about. There’s no group of short ugly people campaigning about unfair treatment in the workplace. Why is that? Aliens might find that very strange – the kinds of prejudices we are willing to stand up for and the kinds we remain silent on. Why is it we only judge people according to certain things like skin pigmentation and not others like the colour of someones eyes? What exactly is it that determines “other” for us? Why is that so different from person to person? An alien will surely have trouble answering those questions. Great thought provoking post Wayne 🙏

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    1. Interesting question pilot “Why is it we only judge people according to certain things like skin pigmentation and not others like the colour of someone’s eyes?” Perhaps because we still carry with us, old evolutionary traits, including our inherent wariness of those not looking like us. Once well-served in our prehistoric days of survival.

      Today, with so many members now in our “In-groups” we have come to except height, weight and eye colour differences among our members. However, still have problems with obvious conflicting appearances of race, colour and creed. Almost like, we’ve been “fine-tuning” our inherent racism over the years without knowing we were doing so!

      Let’s hope this fine-tuning continues. Perhaps one day, our “in-groups” will become indistinguishable enough from each other, that we will all be accepted members of one big united club. — Thanks for the visit Ace! Be well and be safe!

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    2. Shhh… Don’t tell humans they can judge by the color of the eyes… They’re going to take it as a challenge… Haha

      Have you ever thought… Just the names ‘beautiful’ and ‘ugly’ are the problem to start with or is it how we’ve come to associate the words with. Who said ugly is a negative stamp of disapproval. Why can’t it just mean ‘not beautiful’. I know it’s not the rarerity of ‘beautiful people’ because I know I can hit a couple with just one stone throw…

      Before I spiral off into a worm hole I’ll just cut myself off haha!

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