Access Denied! Proof of Inoculation Required

Mankind is a great divider. Division of its own species a prime example as history so disturbingly shows. In this, the early stages of SARS-CoV-2  inoculation, yet another divide presents itself. Not one of race, color or creed nor of the wealthy, middle or poor. No this division is of fear and one of economics. A division of those that have been vaccinated and those that have not! Access Denied! Proof of Inoculation is Required!

The SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic continues reeking havoc over our daily lives. Nations imposing restrictions and lockdown’s then easing them with growing economic concerns. Governments searching for that perfect balance between public safety and failing economies, the balance point itself a bone of contention between the public health sector and local places of business.

Both of whom continue to suffer the effects of government imposed lockdowns and safety-protocol restrictions.

In lieu of the pandemic-induced falling economies, governments appropriate millions, if not billions in funds, supporting their new-jobless population and those who can no-longer afford to employ them alike. Yet still the unemployment numbers rise and the economy grows, evermore fragile.

Balancing economics and population safety perhaps not as cut-and-dried as one would think? Of course this view not shared by emotionally-fueled advocates from both sides of the pandemic-effect coin. Those in charge of health and safety raising their voices of concern publicly and on a daily basis. So too the representatives of local business, their livelihoods crumpling under the lockdowns and restrictions.

Both-sides accusing their government of ineptness and pandemic-crisis failures.

Protecting a Nation’s health and well-being during a pandemic while avoiding economic collapse is a delicate balance indeed. One that will likely remain in discussion long-after the pandemic itself has faded.

But on that note — some good news!

According to current worldwide statistics the overall number of people being infected is on the downturn. Albeit slightly so, but decreasing nevertheless.

This, presumably, because of the onset of vaccinations. Although still in the early beginning’s, millions are now being inoculated every single day. Raising the hopes of everyone that the dark-days of the pandemic will soon be behind us and a return to normalcy has begun. — Or has it?

Mankind is a great divider. Division of its own species a prime example as history so disturbingly shows. In this, the early stages of SARS-CoV-2  inoculation, yet another divide presents itself. Not one of race, color or creed nor of the wealthy, middle or poor. No this division is of fear and one of economics.

A division of those that have been vaccinated — and those that have not!

In the rush to restart badly-bruised and battle-torn economic growth, many Nations are now considering fast-tracking this process with digital “I’ve been vaccinated” identification. Lifting restrictions on those who’ve been inoculated, giving them all-access passes to life as they once knew it while maintaining restrictions on those that have not.

This of course brings with it ethical implications. A worry of stigmatizing individuals who lack certification. Discriminating against those who choose not to be vaccinated for personal or religious reasons and to those on the bottom of the vaccine rollout priority list. Including the young, who may be last in getting the jab.

There’s concerns over access or infringements of personal health-records and calls of political narrow-mindedness when it comes to the economy and indifference to the resulting public inequality it may cause.

There’s also a growing public fear of the technology that will provide the digital clearance as well. The usual hidden-misuse of private companies or any Tech-Giant that may successfully bid on developing and running the software needed to pull this off.

Still, those not in favor of digital vaccine passports site potential for inequality and discrimination as their main concerns. Claiming, not all will be vaccinated because not all want to be! Furthermore, that the efficacy ratings on what are now an ever-growing number of new vaccines remains unproven over a massive scale of deployment.

Vaccine effectiveness ratings range from 95% to 62 % with new vaccines still on the horizon. Their claims still theoretical, based on limited clinical trials involving a very small slice of humanities overall diversity.

Then there are those not wanting to get vaccinated…

In America, roughly one-third of the population say they won’t or most likely won’t get vaccinated. Suggesting the virus will not be eradicated and may live on mutating for years to come. Making the need for yearly booster-shots a real probability. So do booster-shots then become an added requirement to the originally granted all-access pass?

Still in all likelihood, this will come to fruition. In fact in some nations — it  already has!

Israel has already used inoculation-passes for entry to hotels and gyms and the United Kingdom is considering likewise for bars, offices, sporting events and others. America’s new president Joe Biden currently has a team working on the feasibility of all-access digital passports. So too the European Union as well.

Digital vaccination certificates or proof of being vaccinated is a real world-wide probability in the very near future. And not just for travel or border crossing but used for access in the reopening of businesses’, schools, retail and restaurants. Theaters, museums and sporting events and on and on.

Perhaps one day, used to gain access to your own place of employment?

Access anywhere may very-soon require a digital inoculation pass. Those with one gain entry and those without? — Well, we’ll just have to wait and see!


Is fast-tracking the reopening of the economy by giving all-access passes to those ‘that have been’ vaccinated, a good idea?

Or is it unethical and discriminatory to those without passes?

What do You think?






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6 thoughts on “Access Denied! Proof of Inoculation Required

  1. As much as I’m not so much into the belief of the number of the beast crap. this does seem to meet most of the criteria. Lol

    But it’s wrong to limit my movements because I’ve chosen not to receive the vaccine. I can still adhere to all the preventive measures. Personally I don’t think I’m going to take it. Whatever the case. It seems rushed, insufficiently tested to be deemed fit for use.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Francis! So there you go, as part of the percentage of the population who wish not to be vaccinated you may potentially face discrimination, inequality and social-division if this all-access vaccinated pass program goes into effect. This is the concerns of those against this program! Let’s hope they come up with a better idea before yet another division divides our species.


        1. Up until today, all that vaccines contained were small weak doses of the virus they were trying to protect us from. This allowed our bodies to make a natural defense against the full virus. They saved millions of lives! Why you would think they were harmful? There are no legitimate scientific claims that vaccines cause cancer. I can’t imagine where you would you get such an idea?


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