Adrift on the Covid Sea

Politics, the political system, or perhaps more pointedly, politicians themselves have long-garnered the reputation as untrustworthy in the eyes of the general public. Having distrust in your political leaders is one thing, but accusations of negligence and incompetence of leadership during a pandemic crisis is quite another. Yet, with the alarming rate of infection ever-rising and death tolls climbing, fingers are being pointed at those in charge. Deep in the bowels below deck, the Captain’s leadership is being questioned.

Adrift on the Covid Sea


Let’s face it, our political leaders have not fared-well in handling the spread of the pandemic. Nor, making good use of the advice from their team of pandemic and air-borne viral experts. In fact in many countries, the death and infection rates continue to rise, threatening to overwhelm health-care systems, facilities and the front-line workers who bravely tend them.

This of course, is no minor failing. People are dying and in some countries by the hundreds, even thousands daily. So why have our political leaders been so inept in the handling of the pandemic? And how is it that under their command and in lieu of their ineffectiveness — they remain in charge?

The fact that they are in charge in the first place is a point of contention for many of us Canadians. Simply put, having a career politician, be it high-ranking or not, in charge of decision-making during a pandemic makes no sense. Let the experts in their field handle the virus and politicians, play politics somewhere else!

After all…

When your car is broken you take it to a mechanic. When you have leaky-pipes you call a plumber and when you have heart problems you see a heart specialist, who if needed, recommends to you a heart surgeon!

Yet in the midst of a highly contagious pandemic, a worldwide health-crisis incomparable in our lifetime — we have politicians in charge of our health-safety and well-being?

Politicians, who’s background, schooling and specializations hold absolutely zero knowledge, experience, or expertise when it comes to viruses or indeed — pandemics!

Politicians, whose only claim to fame is their ability of propagandizing for the purpose of getting elected. And for their continuation of doing so in order to remain in office! What little they do know, about pandemics or air-borne pathogens, they are told by their health-science advisors.

Still, perhaps their biggest crime during the pandemic is that many of them ignore or downplay the advice given by their team of health-safety and pandemic experts. Instead, favoring decisions of a political vain. In other words, playing politics while the pandemic in their charge threatens to run out of control.

Playing politics, while the population suffers in the grip of an ever-spreading super-virus, increasing infectious-rates and health-care systems on the verge of being overwhelmed!

Having politicians making life-affecting decisions during a pandemic is crazy enough. Having them do so while ignoring their health-science advisors is down right insane!

And having a captain in command of your ship, with no prior experience of the dangerous waters ahead, is more than asking for trouble. It’s like being trapped on a sinking ship, headed for the worlds tallest waterfall and finding out your captain’s never once been on a boat — ever before!


The captain of our sinking ship “The Ontario” is such a man. As Premiere of our Province (Like Governor for those in the states) he has taken upon himself to rule with political interference, overseeing all and above during the pandemic crisis.

He has named himself Captain, yet holds no prior experience, no knowledge of the raging Covid sea pounding wave after wave of infection over the brow of his listing ship. Still, he stands arrogantly on deck, ignoring the whispers of criticism and growing dissension from those onboard. Turning a deaf ear to those who dare to question his command he steers his ship “Ontario” into dangerous and uncharted waters.

Ignoring the advice from his knowledgeable crew. Downplaying in consideration the warnings they forecast when his misguided directions remain uncorrected.

Many onboard, have died already, and more and more become infected by the air-borne pathogen riding on the wind over the stormy Covid sea. The crew, his officers, stewards and mates, pleading for a course correction. Begging to be heard!

The ship, under his command, now listing and leaking, adrift without aim or purpose. But our Captain continues making the final decisions and he listens-not to the wails of his pleading shipmates. Nor to his advisors of knowledge, his purveyors of safe-route and direction. Or to the overwhelmed care-givers below deck, overridden with the sick and the dying.

Still, the captain refuses to change course. His ship “The Ontario”, now but a fragile teacup riding the stormy waves of the angry Covid sea. His fearful crew taken to hiding below for safety, out of the Gail-like winds of infection that tosses them like rag dolls dare they venture on deck.

The situation has become dire…

Below, the talk of mutiny begins.


Playing politics during a pandemic, trading lives, even one in lieu of economics is a dangerous perhaps even inhumane game. Gambling lives for the sake of the all-mighty dollar, lifting lockdowns and restrictions too soon or not implementing them in the first place no-matter how economically devastating — costs lives!

Not maybe! — But statistically proven!

The total number of lives, both affected and needlessly taken as a result of improper or lack of political leadership during this pandemic, may never be known. Assuredly, there are many. Each country, each nation, each state or province that granted political oversight during the pandemic, must bear this responsibility.

By Law, the captain of the ship bears all responsibilities and should be judged accordingly. Our Captain, the Captain of the good ship Ontario — has a lot to answer for.

How about your Captain?






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9 thoughts on “Adrift on the Covid Sea

  1. Canadians and “We the People” as the overridden U.S. Constitution refers to the hapless public, have to watch these corrupt politicians with an eagle eye or else many non-vaccinated citizens and people even suspected of having Covid will be transported by rail to Covid Isolation Centers, as is Canada, See video:


    1. Com’on Bill, you don’t really believe that having lived here yourself? Just some half-structured early written proposal taken way out of context by the opposing party way back in Oct 2020. So ridiculous it didn’t even deserve an answer. Canada finished 3rd in 2020 (and top 5 last 10 years) out of 73 countries in the category of civil human rights. Leads the world in multiculturalism and freedom of rights. If this were true — Canadians would be in the streets by the Millions!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re right, I stand (or rather sit, drinking my coffee) corrected. My half-assed research was knee-jerk ignorance. Some reporter, eh?! And you’re right about Canada — big, beautiful and free, from sea to sea. I’ve told you I often think of moving back.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear you Irwin. Yet if enough of us raise our voices in collaboration with those most effected, sometimes a good-old public shaming gets their attention. You know how politicians hate loosing public confidence in the polls. Hit em where it hurts I say! Be well my friend!


  2. Premier Doug Ford has made a mess of it for sure. Imposed the strictest lockdown in Canada, then backtracked with a tearful apology (maybe give him credit for that). Simply put, he doesn’t have a clue what to do! And that’s because, as you so well expressed it, he’s a politician and not a doctor or a medical specialist — which of course, as you state, is the problem with Covid control (I should say lack of control) all over North America, and I dare say, the world. With 4,000 new cases a day in Ontario and new variants popping up all the time throughout the world, the scourge of Covid will be with us (all of us on this tiny, vulnerable planet) for a very long time to come. And politicians, as you say, are the last persons on earth we should turn to for guidance. We must fight this battle ourselves, guided only by our own good judgment and common sense.

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    1. Well said Bill! And your bang on about Ford! Generally I stay away from politics but this guy and his mismanagement of the pandemic in Ontario is bordering on criminal. He calls a stay-at-home lockdown and is caught going to his cottage the very next day? Members of his party under the same lock-down restrictions are caught flying out of Canada heading on vacation?

      He panders to big business and big corporations while shutting down small businesses who can’t afford the lost of income. He ignores his pandemic team when the call for tighter restrictions and sure-enough weeks later infection-rates are out of control. He’s made things worse not better. Cost lives, not saved them!

      Finally, his team fed up, they grouped together with other provincial health experts, thousands of doctors and hospital administrators and went public. Perhaps now shamed, or more likely just worried about his huge drop in the polls, he’s admitting his mistakes. But its way too late for that now, the damage is done and recovery from his bull-headed mismanagement will set back our recovery for months at least. Maybe more! And how many needlessly affected in the mean time?

      And like you said Bill, Its not just here that political interference has made matters worse. Its happening all over the world. My god, just look what’s happening in India! They’re running out of places to bury their dead!

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