The Curse of the Bahjou

They say “Seeing is Believing” but what if what you saw, was hard to believe? In fact so strange and beyond the normal scope of perceived reality, your mind balks at even its possibility. Would you need to see it again to believe? Or again and again and again? What if you are not alone but in a group with others when experiencing these seemingly impossible events? Or what if, you believe, it is you yourself who is causing the unbelievable to happen in the first place? Would you believe now?

The Curse of the Bahjou

By CorkyWK,

When I was in my late teens and early-twenties, I was perceived to have a “unique ability.” And not just perceived by myself but by others as well. An ability at times, of being able to persuade events to happen as to my wishes. And because I was able to do this on demand and frequently enough in front of others, family and friends accepted this as normal for me.

There are many such incidents to tell, however the “Horse race Bahjou” is the memory I’ll share today. Unusual events that unfolded many years ago at a public race track. Yet so strange and unsettling, they’re still talked about today by those who were there to witness the inconceivable influence of the curse of the Bahjou!


One night, a large group of us (guys) decided to go down to Flamboro Downs for some Horse racing action. For the most part, we’d group-up and pool our money together trying to win a big payout. And for the most part, we were unsuccessful!

So much so, that more and more of us started opting out of our collective pooling strategy, either in frustration or because of dwindling funds.

Those that were still game (5 or 6 of us) decided to go all-in and try one more time before leaving. We would bet on the last Triactor, which required that we correctly pick the first three horses to cross the finish line “In order!” So now realistically, there’s not much chance of that happening, but the payoff would be big and this was going to be — our last shot of the night!

We all huddled together in the indoor seating area where we’ve been watching the races, pooled our money, and tried to agree on the three winning horse and driver combo’s (trots.)

The problem was two-fold! First we couldn’t decide between 4 horses that we liked and which one we would drop to make three? And second, we couldn’t agree upon the order in which they would finish.

We solved problem #2 first, by deciding to each invest a little more and box our three picks. This cost more but enabled our three choices to finish in any order as long as they were the first three to cross the finish line.

The first problem, of what 3 horses to choose out of the 4 that we liked, was solved in a more, let’s say unconventional manner.

Someone suggested (I remember not who) that we would all go outside at the rail before the race and while they were warming up, I was to “Bahjou” (Hex) the horse and driver whom we had decided to drop from our 4 to make 3 in making our Triactor ticket. “Bahjou” him! And thus eliminate his chances of finishing in the top 3 and ruining our winning ticket.

Yes my friends believe it or not! This was the strategy we came up with! The brainstorming results of 5 or 6 buddies who in their desperate desire to win, collaborated in unison and came up with a plan. A strategy of enormous thought and applied intelligence!

We will get Wayne — to Bahjou the Horse and driver! And eliminate the threat!

Now you may think we were just having a good time. Just fooling around and surely not serious? But you’d be dead wrong my friend! This was serious business! And the Bahjou had a serious reputation to withhold. And so, on that night, at the rail of Flamboro Downs, I too played my part most seriously!

And so we all gathered at the rail waiting for the target to expose itself openly and close enough for me to — “BAHJOU!” I SUDDENLY CRIED OUT! Wriggling my fingers as I pointed menacingly — BAHJOU!

And then… Something extraordinary happened!

As I was Bajouing this horse, both the driver and the horse and in unison (as they were trotting past in warm-up) turned and looked directly at me! The guys went wild! Someone said “He’s dead! Doesn’t have a chance!” and another shouted “Man I hope you didn’t kill him!”

So how did it end, you ask? Did you guys win? Well it wouldn’t be much of story if we didn’t! Some of us stayed at the rail at the finish line while others walked down a bit near the last turn, but all of us watched as our three picks pulled way-out ahead of the pack. —  And finished! 1st – 2nd – and – 3rd!


And so we won the Triactor that night! Well over a thousand dollars as I recall. A big cash-out indeed, at least for the times back then. We hooted and hollered and clapped each other on the back and by the time we left we all had excited headaches along with a wad of new-found cash in our pockets. It was time to celebrate!

We went for Chinese food at a place called W.K.’s ( Yep, strange but true, my initials!) and ordered like Kings! Our first order was for a bowl filled with aspirin for our headaches but after that the food just kept on a coming! That was a good night. A night I’ll always remember. As those who were there in witness of…

The night of “The Horse race Bahjou!”

Oh! By the way! What of the Horse? The one that got Bahjou’d?






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11 thoughts on “The Curse of the Bahjou

    1. The race track thing didn’t last long because I started going to the Casinos! The slot machines in particular were very good to me back then. Many nights I walked to my car, pockets bulging, looking over my shoulder to be sure I wasn’t followed. Even started to worry about winning too much in one place and so I varied different casinos nightly.

      All things come to an end though and today I’m pretty sure the gift has left me. As you know Wild Bill, old age takes all the fun out of living!


      1. Yep, the casino years were great. I know the feeling walking to the car a winner and looking over your shoulder. Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls was good to me, back in the day, as you say. By the way, you’re not old until you hit 70, and not “really old” until you hit 80 — so you still got some good years.

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  1. Of course, it is considered an unconventional manner. And wow, you did it again. Well, yes it is difficult to believe. How is that possible!? Oh yes, one will say there is a need to see it again and again and again and … BAHJOU – 😈. ( I’ll definitely give it a try but I doubt if it will work )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No Divya, it probably won’t work for you and for the same reason it no-longer works for me — lack of confidence! 100% total belief and then some. Just like our little chat about confidence being the key. And back then, with my friends and family also believers, it made me believe too! Have a great day Divya — be safe!

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      1. Hi Wayne, I am unable to like and comment on your new post “Something Bad is About to Happen”. I can’t see it on my laptop, I even checked your blog site. (I suspect that either you deleted it or reverted back to draft) But WordPress Android App and web application differently handle the posts. So, I can read your post on my mobile.

        Although it seem scary, I was giggling when I read ‘literally flying through the air’. You must be quite an acrobat. And yeah I totally get why you might not have any memory of time between leap and landing. It once happened with me – I was 10. A street dog chased me and dragged me on road. But I didn’t feel any pain and nor do I have any memory. I was so scared and that’s what I remember I was scared.

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        1. Hi Divya! My fault for the goof-up! I was working on the post and hit ‘Publish’ instead of ‘Save’. Since it was only half-finished I put it back to draft. Sorry for the confusion but it will be ready later tonight or early tomorrow. I was however very interested in your story about the dog chasing you. It happened to me too when I was young and made me afraid of dogs for years! If you like you can read the whole story in my post The Brain’s Ultimate weapon.

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