Something Bad Is About To Happen

Lately, I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. That something bad is about to happen. Like a dog sensing an approaching storm I sense wrongness in the air, I feel it in my bones, in my thoughts, in my troubled dreams. Call it what you like, intuition, premonition or a gut feeling — the sense of impending danger is strong. — Something bad is about to happen!



Back in my teenage years, my father owned a used lumber company and I, when not in school, would help out whenever I could. This usually involved going to prearranged sites with a few other workers and heavy-lifting lumber manually on the back of the company’s straight-truck.

On one such occasion, we had just finished loading a huge pile of long loose 2 x 4’s and 2 x 6’s from a field behind a trucking transport company. When the last piece was thrown up high on the already massive load sitting on the trailer, I had my doubts. It seemed obvious to me that the truck was overloaded, the pile too-big and too-high for the size of the truck.

Still, I was a teenager working among men and so I kept my opinion, to myself. Kept it, even after I was the one chosen to climb up on top of this huge, haphazardly thrown pile of uneven lumber and secure it with binders. Long heavy chains secured to each side of the trailer, thrown over the load and tightened by cranking an attached binding steel lever.

So, atop this mountainous load I carefully climbed and started tightening the binders. The chains and the wood itself creaking and groaning as the tension increased. Worried the wood might be splitting, I looked down at the crew chief in charge but he kept signaling to bind even tighter and that’s when the sudden flash of impending danger fell over me.

A gut feeling — that something bad was about to happen!

The feeling was so strong that I immediately stopped binding and set the lever to lock. Still in a crouched position, I was just starting to rise when the first of the three load-secure-chains — snapped!

The sudden release of pent-up tension snap-whipped the heavy chain free, prompting the other two to follow, whistling like Buzz-saws as they cut through the air.

An instant later, a massive rolling avalanche of tumbling lumber ensued, scattering the men on the ground like frightened children. Shouts of “Look out!” ringing through the air.

As for me? Well, I was no-longer atop the pile of falling lumber.

Nor was I laying injured beneath the fallen load.

In fact, I watched all of this happening safely on the ground and from a safe distance. Somehow, mere seconds before it happened and without conscious awareness of what I was doing, I leapt from the top of the pile literally flying through the air and landed safely away from the trailer. Safe from the exploding load and the whipping of the chains that once held it.

Between the leap and the landing, I have no memory. But the shock of amazement in the faces of the workers seeing me on my feet unharmed and away from the danger, said it all. They thought it a miracle!

But I knew better. I’d been forewarned!

Something bad was about to happen!


So, was it my Guardian Angel, or did my brain simply take charge of my body before I even knew what was happening that day? Either-or, the gut feeling I had in advance most-likely saved me from serious injury. Yet how crazy is that? Having a feeling that something bad is about to happen — and then it does?

According to science, not crazy at all! Simplified, their explanation has to do with the way our brain observes our surroundings, calculates, then predicts outcomes based on memory and experience. Using our senses, it sees things we do not, thus sensing danger before we ourselves are consciously aware.

In other words, we are all blessed with an early warning system that triggers when our brain senses something isn’t right. Something out of the norm of our usual experiences that may be of risk to us. The message, then passed on to our consciousness in the form of emotions; uneasiness, suspicion, even fear or anxiety.

A Gut feeling is born!

The unconscious inner-workings of our brain in sensing danger, is one thing, getting the message to us in a strong enough manner so we react, is another. In my case, the sense or feeling of imminent danger was strong, even overwhelming. Yet gut-feelings can be, perhaps usually are, more subtle and less alarming.

A distrust, unease or nervousness of a person, place or situation. A nagging feeling that something isn’t right that you just can’t put your finger on. An intuition or bad feeling about an upcoming event followed by a strong urge not to attend. Just a few examples of alert messages in the form of gut feelings.

On the flipside, our gut feelings can be more urgent and persistent. A sudden suspicion that you are being followed or heading towards danger for example. Perhaps accompanied by goosebumps or an immediate urge to seek safety. Much-akin to our inherent ‘fight or flight’ instincts, this is your brain warning you that danger may be imminent. Followed by an automatic enhancement of focus and alertness.

Still, not all of us react to, or even trust our gut feelings. And those that do, not all of the time! After all, if we responded to every single feeling of “something doesn’t feel right” we’d never have the courage to leave the safety of our shelters and sate our curiosities of this beautiful world we live in.

Then again, there are many that believe that one should never ignore their gut feeling. It is, after all, an inherent primordial warning system that’s there to keep you safe. Perhaps not 100% accurate in predicting immediate danger, nor all of the time, however in the long-run more intuitive then not. Ignoring these subconscious warnings they say, is akin to rolling the dice.


So, do you roll the dice when it comes to your gut-feelings? Do you ignore them or trust them reacting with caution accordingly? Perhaps you even have a story of your own, an incident or event when your gut-feeling proved to be true? It may take some searching in the old memory-melon, but my guess is that ‘you too’ have had occasions or incidents of foreboding danger — unexplained.

Perhaps we should all listen more closely to our warning system when it tries to alert us of possible danger. When an overwhelming gut-feeling arises, maybe its in our best interest to heed its alarm.

After all, it’s there for a purpose, tried tested and true. Utilized by our prehistoric ancestors to better their survival yet still functionally available in all of us today.

So the next time your Spidey-senses are tingling.

And you get a gut-feeling something isn’t right.

Will you heed its warning?

Something Bad Is About To Happen!






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8 thoughts on “Something Bad Is About To Happen

  1. Great story Wayne! I definitely try to trust all of those gut feelings. More so now than in the past. The times I didn’t led to much trouble. I like the scientific explanation, but I also believe something more is occurring. It’s not just that you timely jumped, but somehow you landed safely, as if your body somehow shifted form, or perhaps you suspended time for a moment by an unseen power giving you the time you needed. As you said, no one saw you make this jump – not even you 🙂

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    1. Yeah Harold, for whatever reason, I experienced a lot of strange things when I was young. Funny thing was, they didn’t seem extraordinary to me at the time at all. In fact, I out-of-hand dismissed them as just being me almost as they were occurring, including my leap and landing of no-memory.

      Yet today those events do seem quite inconceivable. In fact up until now, in my mind, too inconceivable to even tell their tales. What changed my mind was in talking with family and some of the guys I grew up with and still keep in touch with today. Because they not only accepted these things back then when they happened, but still remember and accept them as fact even today.

      I recently asked my Mother who is now 85, if she remembered the time she scolded me at the wedding after the wine bottle blew up under the preachers table in post “The tale of the Holy man who wouldn’t shut up.” — Yes she said, that wasn’t a very nice thing to do! And my long-time friends still talk about the horse-race Bajhou on the rare occasions us good-old-boys of days gone by get together.

      So yeah definitely strange my friend, but in the long-run and with backing — it seems not so inconceivable after all!


      1. We seem to manifest things easier when we are young and when we are not trying to do so. Now, focused attention seems to impair those things. I remember making an impossible jump from the ground up to a log lying over-the-top of a deep ravine. The people I was with were taller and much stronger but no one could figure it out or replicate what I did – not even me. The list goes on. I manifested getting a job once, and I did get it, but it turned out not to be what I expected at all, and I ended up getting an invitation to leave 😅 We must beware the powers we have, but at the same time use them when truly needed 🙂😇 Listen to your gut

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  2. We all experience at times a sense of foreboding, which you eloquently describe. I think it’s always good to examine these feelings, for they can signal a warning of something we have observed unconsciously, but is still quite real. AT other times, we may be prone to fear and anxiety based on a prior experience that doesn’t relate well to current circumstances. I would never dismiss these feelings out of hand. Hope you’re well.

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    1. That’s a valid point Jorge, if you are forever crying wolf to begin with, your gut-feeling about a wolf stalking near by holds little meaning. As a rule, we are already over-sensitized to our long-held fears and phobia’s and so we tend to see them or sense them everywhere, whether real or not! So yes, your gut-feelings can conceivably be manufactured by your long-held fears! Among other things as well!


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