About Me


I grew up during the 70s and 80s before computers, the internet or social media. As kids we played outside, ate our homemade meals together and socially gathered face to face. Before our food was genetically modified and tasted that way. Coming from a bygone era rich in family and moral values gives me a unique perspective of today. I’ve seen the old, am aware of the new, and am living today, in the now!


Greetings!  I’m Wayne (or CorkyWK.)

Welcome to THE WORD OF WAYNE .  So-named because “Wayne’s World” was already taken! Perhaps sounding a little like a blog site from a fiery bible-thumbing man of religion? I can assure you that is not the case — although admittedly I do have some fun playing up to this Image with my “Fun Photos!”

You may of guessed by now, that Yes! I did once play in a band! It was way back in the 80’s that I had my own touring Country band “Corky and the County Outlaws.” And yes! I do sometimes dress like that even today! But now it’s mostly for when I want to get a rise out of the children, or perhaps the new neighbors?

A Blast From The Past

I was born and raised in Canada, province of Ontario. Back when I was growing up in the early 70’s (yes I’m no spring chicken!) we played sports outside during the day and practiced making music indoors at night. Playing outdoor sports gave me strong legs that will carry me for life. Only it wasn’t my legs that let me down and sports injuries were to blame.

“Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.” OR PLAY HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!

But that was a Lifetime Ago!

My “Getting Old Sucks” tattoo goes here!

Today I find myself in early retirement, yet mentally “Gung-Ho’ with time on my hands and everyone telling me to Blog. Hey, I’m a “Try and get-a-long kind of guy!” so Blogging it is!

I believe in science and research and because my nagging issues also challenge my ability to sleep I spend most of my nights reading about all the fascinating things that they’ve learned. I’m a firm believer in exercising ones brain! “Use it or loose it” doesn’t just apply to physical exercise and science tells us that reading is one of the best ways for exercising your brain. Good news for me, I love learning new things anyways!

I’ve always been fascinated in what others are saying! What they think? What they believe to be true? How amazing it is that our own personal opinions and perspectives can be so different. That’s why my blog site is geared to the readers. Their thoughts, views and opinions. The motto being —”What Do You Think?”

As for the hidden concept for The Word of Wayne (or WOW for short) — That is born from my Dark and Evil Side!

No not really — but it sounds “way cooler” don’t you think?

In Conclusion 

I’ve always been interested in human philosophy. In what makes us tick? Not what do we want, but why do we want it? Not what are we thinking, but how does our brain enable us to think at all? And the boundaries between what is real (reality) and what is implied (perception).

These and many other questions that have intrigued me for so long, I now have time to pursue. Yet the answers I find are never conclusive. They remain elusive and obscured in opinion and “Personal Perspectives.”

And in the end I find, all I can do is add mine.

And ask you — for yours!