A Matter of Opinion

I’ve always been fascinated in what others are saying! What they think? What they believe to be true? How amazing it is that our own personal opinions and perspectives can be so different. So uniquely connected to our own individual life experiences.

How In body we are one, yet in mind we are uniquely different individuals.

For most of my life, I myself (like you?) bitterly defended my opinions, my perspectives, as if they were a direct challenge to my character. I would boldly argue in defense and wonder how is it they couldn’t see my side, my viewpoint, my reasoning and logic that surely was the right one.

But I don’t do that anymore — I’ve learned differently!

I’ve learned that opinions (mine or yours) are mostly made up of borrowed opinions from others anyways! Gathered from media sources that “we all share in common” like from News reports, from books and documentaries, from opinionated writers or columnists and from the internet. And yes from bloggers too!

Today, choosing who to believe, where you get and trust your news and information, your facts and figures; has now become a form of “personal opinion” — in itself!

So in essence, Opinions can be highly held beliefs and choices of informational input that we have agreed upon (in our mind) to be true! And for the most part — righteously defended! Combining this with influences from: where you live, people you associate with, your social and religious ties, your political association, parental upbringing, and on and on. You might say…

Opinions are as unique as the brains that they come from!

Yet in most cases they are not even our own fully thought out conclusions, simply opinions we have borrowed, come to believe or were influenced by from others. Or are products of our social or cultural upbringing. So with that said, I find that debating, judging or arguing about who’s opinion is right or wrong is in essence a futile experience. Very few will ever change their opinion when challenged. Even more so while online?

If you peruse the unedited comment section on a lot of blogs, along with opinion sharing, you also find incidents of arguments, one-upmanship, even angry debates. In my mind hardly entertaining and certainly a deterrent for those already leery in sharing publicly their thoughts, views and opinions. And they (the leery ones) represent well over 80 % of the total readership?  So why alienate the bulk of your readers in this way?

Instead, much like how every snowflake is uniquely different, shouldn’t we be celebrating our own Individual perspectives in this way? Not arguing futilely over who’s opinion is right, but learning to accept the opinions of others as is? That way, everyone can have their say without the fear of being judged and/or criticized.

An opinion should never be deemed right or wrong; it’s simply an opinion!

Well, that’s “my” opinion, anyways!

This I hope to accomplish


Wish me Luck!