Band Members Disclaimer

During the many years on the road I spent touring, I’ve had many different musicians play in my band. This is not unusual in any band as ongoing changing circumstances dictate many band member changes over its lifetime. Corky and the County Outlaws were no exception to this rule.

The 3 or 4 different “Band Photos” I have posted (all with the same band members), include only one small proportion of the total number of musicians that have at any one time played in my band over the years. Many former members I simply don’t have photos of, either individually, or in a band group picture together. Remember, this was in the early eighties, well before personal Smartphones (with cameras) were introduced.

Therefore the few Band Photos I do have (and post) do not necessarily represent the band members at the time of the event I’m currently posting about. This includes all relating entries from the Tales of a Road Band series. So unfortunately the Band photo provided with each posted event will in most cases NOT be a match. This however plays to my advantage of not identifying any said member in any particular post to any specific event.

So when I post something like “Our base player liked his weed or our Lead guitar player hooked up with a groupie?” Going back to any of the band photos that I’ve provided and trying to identify of whom I may be talking about? May be very tempting? But will in most cases, be misleading!

Whether stated or not, when talking about my “base player” or our “drummer” etc. The phrase “At the time” should always be inferred!

So why the cloaking of identity? One: I have not been able to track them all down and get their permissions. Two: Therefore I have no idea how identifying them directly would impact their current lives and/or relationships and doing so without their permission would be a major breach of trust as you can imagine.

In the end the musicians credo of “what happens on the road stays on the road” remains intact. At least as far as identifying names are concerned. This is the way it must be. As for me however? I am sole owner of my past memories and have given permission to let the tales involving me, fly high! “Eyebrow raising,” or not!