Uncomfortably Numb

Safe to say most of us have at least tried marijuana once in our lifetime and multiple times being the more-likely. Whether your marijuana relationship has ended or continues to this day is a matter of personal preference and hey, to each their own as they say! My history with the magic weed however, perhaps not so A-typical. After all, as a former musician from the 70s, you’d might even expect my past to include a few stints in rehab along the way. But you’d be wrong! In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Uncomfortably Numb

By CorkyWK@WordofWayne.com Continue reading “Uncomfortably Numb”

Scared To Death Of Dying

In life they say, nothing is certain but death and taxes. Well, Death for sure! Fact is, we all will one day face death and die. Some 100 Billion of us already have! And someday, as terrifying as it might sound, you will too! This inevitable prospect of dying is terrifying to a great many of us. In fact, though we seldom speak of it, most of us — are Scared to Death of Dying! Continue reading “Scared To Death Of Dying”

Choices on the Road of Life

Can it really be that simple? Merely chance turns along the winding road of life? Each past decision putting you on a different road, heading towards a different set of circumstances, towards a different today? If you would have turned left instead of right would your life be different today? Different job? Different Mate? Different life? Yet those roads we’ve left untraveled with all their possibilities are gone now, forever unknown! Continue reading “Choices on the Road of Life”

Take us to Your Leader?

Donald Trump was in the news again today. Big surprise there? His ongoing antics and unconventional presidency continues to be a trash journalist’s dream. But this for some reason got me thinking about Aliens landing on our planet making contact with humankind for the very first time and saying those famous movie lines “We come in peace —Take us to your leader!” Then I thought? Who the hell is our “World Leader” anyways? Where would I take these visitors from another planet? Who would be worthy of First Contact? Continue reading “Take us to Your Leader?”