COVID-19: Time to put Aside Emotions and Rise to the Occasion!

The Covid-19 Pandemic crisis is playing out like some end-of-the-world horror novel. Only the main characters aren’t imagined and brought to life by a talented author of say, Stephen King’s persuasion. No, you and I are the main characters in this horror drama. And its certainly not a work of fiction — it’s all very real! Continue reading “COVID-19: Time to put Aside Emotions and Rise to the Occasion!”

COVID-19: Time to Panic?

The Coronavirus (now Covid-19) has long broke contain from the country of its origin spreading out of China and infecting today (posted date) at least 40 other countries. The World Health organization (WHO) as of January 30, 2020 is officially calling this outbreak a Global Emergency. Yet still it seems they are reluctant to call it a Pandemic. And who could blame them? The word itself would undoubtedly strike fear and panic in the global population. Oh yes, Pandemic — is a very scary word!

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