Are We One Strange Species or What?

When you get right down to it, we humans are a very strange species. I’m not talking about the strange individuals you see once and a while on the news, or happen to pass on the street, flailing their arms like a windmill warding off invisible insects and mumbling crazily to themselves. No, I’m talking about us, the average normal human being and when you really think about it — even we are pretty strange! Continue reading “Are We One Strange Species or What?”

Life’s Embarrassing Moments


We’ve all done it! We’ve all had our little “d’oh” moments. Said something dumb or in reference to someone that we wished later we’d hadn’t. Let loose some not well thought-out words leaving us embarrassed, humiliated and at times very apologetic. We’ve all at one time or another committed “Social Faux Pas” A “stick your foot in your mouth” incident that is of our own doing. The question is — what do we do now? Continue reading “Life’s Embarrassing Moments”