My Old Friend Music

When I’m feeling down, nothing can bring me up again quite like music can. Music after all, is an emotional experience that at times, and if you let it, has the power to lift you up from the bottoms of life’s intruding despairs. In searching for a cure of my recent blues, I found two such songs that fit the bill. One sung in powerful tribute and the other just plain old toe-tapping fun!


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Your Quirky Inventions — Patent Pending

We are a very inventive species. Our capacity for innovation seemingly limitless and ever progressing. Yet new technologies that lead to modern inventions, quickly become commonplace in a society already spoiled with life-easing innovations. Nevertheless, we are always thirsting for the next new thing. The lure of new product innovation, irresistible, a must have in the eyes of the all to eager consumer. Not to mention, a huge profit making cash cow to those selling it. So, what about you? Ready to ride the inventive gravy train to success?

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Life’s Embarrassing Moments


We’ve all done it! We’ve all had our little “d’oh” moments. Said something dumb or in reference to someone that we wished later we’d hadn’t. Let loose some not well thought-out words leaving us embarrassed, humiliated and at times very apologetic. We’ve all at one time or another committed “Social Faux Pas” A “stick your foot in your mouth” incident that is of our own doing. The question is — what do we do now? Continue reading “Life’s Embarrassing Moments”