The Aging Man In The Old-Framed Picture

An old gilded frame holds a picture of a man. A man hardened by life and the passing of time. His story written on the lines of his aging face, his grey hair and beard long and straggly a testament to the years of his endurance. His eyes fixed and straight and not a hint of a smile for he has fought many battles leaving him scared inside. A picture of an aging man — A story waiting to be told. Continue reading “The Aging Man In The Old-Framed Picture”

Are We One Strange Species or What?

When you get right down to it, we humans are a very strange species. I’m not talking about the strange individuals you see once and a while on the news, or happen to pass on the street, flailing their arms like a windmill warding off invisible insects and mumbling crazily to themselves. No, I’m talking about us, the average normal human being and when you really think about it — even we are pretty strange! Continue reading “Are We One Strange Species or What?”