COVID-19: Time to Panic?

The Coronavirus (now Covid-19) has long broke contain from the country of its origin spreading out of China and infecting today (posted date) at least 40 other countries. The World Health organization (WHO) as of January 30, 2020 is officially calling this outbreak a Global Emergency. Yet still it seems they are reluctant to call it a Pandemic. And who could blame them? The word itself would undoubtedly strike fear and panic in the global population. Oh yes, Pandemic — is a very scary word!

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Canada’s Easy Access of the CORONAVIRUS

Did Canada allow easy access of the Coronavirus by choosing to fight the contagious disease on home ground instead of at their borders? It sure seems that way! Airport screening was so pitifully meager and unsurprisingly ineffective that it seems Canadian Health Officials decided to fight the virus once it’s in our Country instead of trying to prevent it from coming in. Does this sound like a sensible plan to you? Continue reading “Canada’s Easy Access of the CORONAVIRUS”

A Super-Virus Pandemic: It’s Only a Matter of Time

News about the spreading Coronavirus born in China had my heart skipping a beat. For some reason it reached dark hidden-fears inside of me that I didn’t even know existed. Maybe I’ve just been reading too many Stephen King books lately. Like “The Stand” where a man-made virus escapes into the population nearly wiping out our species. Or maybe because today, a world-wide pandemic could be just a matter of time? Continue reading “A Super-Virus Pandemic: It’s Only a Matter of Time”


Major League Baseball has been rocked to its very core as the Houston Astros were officially declared to be cheating by MLB investigators while winning the 2017 world series. The fallout resulting in multiple firings throughout the league as newly hired coaches and managers from that 2017  team were immediately let go. The league itself not caught up in a shameful scandal of this multitude since the 1919 Black Sox scandal. Continue reading “BASEBALL IS BROKEN”