The Nightmares Are Back!

The last time I awoke screaming in terror and stinking of fear from a haunting Nightmare, was when (as you may recall) my evil side paid me an unwelcome late-night visit. Since then, things have been pretty calm. Then the Pandemic hits and resulting self-isolation’s. Stressed and alone for long stretches at a time is it any wonder one’s emotional mind slowly begins to unravel. Perceptions blur, thinking and overthinking, worries and fears, memories start to get tangled and before you know it — The Nightmares Return! Continue reading “The Nightmares Are Back!”

Nightmare: A Visit From My Evil Side

Out of the terror of my nightmare, up and up my upper-body suddenly bolts upright. Awake now, I find I’m drenched in sweat. My heart jackhammering in my chest and my pulse is pounding. A beginnings of a scream is lodged somewhere deep down in my throat. Confused and wild-eyed there is a smell of fear like a putrid roaring fever and it’s everywhere in the room! And this smell of fear I find — is coming from me! Continue reading “Nightmare: A Visit From My Evil Side”