Tales of a Road Band: The Groupies

Someone who pursues a celebrity or performer, most often a musician or member of a band, typically by following their performance tour in order to gain intimate access to them, and especially to pursue a sexual relationship or encounter. β€” These are the Groupies! Continue reading “Tales of a Road Band: The Groupies”

Tales of a Road Band: Seedy Bars

As a new band on the scene, we of course had to start at the bottom. We played our share of low-paying seedy joints to begin with and one of the very first (and worst?) was a Hamilton north-end bar called the “Picton Tavern.” It had a reputation for being rough and rowdy and at times downright dangerous. And although our music went over well, the patrons there lived up to their billing. They were not … let’s say β€” ideal citizens?

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