Beliefs and Perception: Why we Live in Different Realities

In reality, there is no color, no sound, no smells in the outside world as our brain tells us there are! These are entirely creations made in our brain. A brain that interprets the outside world and then constructs a plausible story (we can understand) before transferring it to our mind. It’s not reality! It’s our brain’s version of reality! Continue reading “Beliefs and Perception: Why we Live in Different Realities”

The Brain’s Ultimate Weapon!

As a young child, a huge unattended German Sheppard growling menacingly approached me on the sidewalk near my home. By the time I broke free from my fearful paralysis and decided to run — it was too late. The dog chased me up on to the porch of a strangers house. With my back to the front door it had me cornered, snarling, growling and snapping at the air between us. I’d never been so frightened in my life. Continue reading “The Brain’s Ultimate Weapon!”

Well That’s My Opinion Anyways!

Ever been in a real heated discussion over whose opinion is right? Of course you have, we all have! These can get pretty intense as each side presents their (logical?) reasoning for or against, why or why not, and their supporting evidence. And when this discussion — now growing into an argument — involves a personal “Long held Belief?” An agreeing ending is most unlikely and often times feathers do get a bit more than ruffled! We can become very protective of our own personal opinions. Very protective indeed! Continue reading “Well That’s My Opinion Anyways!”