R.I.P.— The Dying of Television

Yes TV today is a wonder to look at! It’s a marvel in technology and with every year the technology grows. But TV is only as good as what’s on it, and if your asking me, what’s on it today is mostly crap! Yep, C-R-A-P spells CRAP! Caca, Garbage, Shit, Cowplop, Manure, Poop, and just a plain waste of time. Reality shows, Soap operas, Infomercials, Bad Serials, and on and on we go. Continue reading “R.I.P.— The Dying of Television”

Fate? Destiny? Or Just A Roll Of The Dice?

Your existence really is a wonder. Think of the incredible odds that it took for you to get here. For you being born —as YOU! The exact succession of events needed starting way back in your ancestral history and on down your Family Tree. The unlikely chain of events and circumstance that had to happen in exact order before you could be born. If there was even a tiny deviation from this chain of events — Would you even be here today? Continue reading “Fate? Destiny? Or Just A Roll Of The Dice?”

The Worlds Greatest Story-Teller

So who’s the greatest story-teller of all time? Charles Dickens? William Shakespeare? J K Rowling of Harry Potter fame? No and yes! No, its not one of these individuals, but yes, it is a part of their collective. Something they all have in common. In fact, something we all have in common. The greatest story-teller of all time is — the Human Brain! Continue reading “The Worlds Greatest Story-Teller”

Man Are We One Strange Species or What?

You know, when you get right down to it, we humans are a very strange species. I’m not talking about the strange individuals you see once and a while on the news or happen to pass on the street flailing their arms like a windmill warding off invisible insects and mumbling crazily to themselves. No, I’m talking about us, the so-called average normal human being and when you really think about it — even we are pretty strange! Continue reading “Man Are We One Strange Species or What?”

The Troubling Power of Social Media

Social media today has become a prominent tool in fueling and organizing today’s social protests. But it can also be used to radicalize as in ISIS, or promote extremist or racial hate-groups. It’s also used as a device to attack individuals, including our young teenagers causing emotional damage, depression even suicidal risks. Used against adults, social media attacks can be life destroying both in career and of family. Social media in essence, can be a variable double-edged sword. Continue reading “The Troubling Power of Social Media”