My Pledge to you



This is not a blog site for comment debate, nor a contest of intelligence. On the contrary, the rules in place are to encourage each and everyone of you to participate and join in on the conversations regardless of your commenting experience (be it limited or none?) Those of you who may think you have little to say — say it anyways! Your words will never be judged, only appreciated and I for one want to hear your views, opinions and experiences. That’s what the Word of Wayne is all about! Our motto being — What do You Think?

So throw caution to the wind. Take that initial plunge and participate, join the conversation and let’s get to know each other just a little. You may never find a better and safer opportunity on a blog site to do so. I look forward to meeting you and to get the ball rolling all you have to do — is just say Hi!

Remember, On The Word of Wayne — your only a stranger once!


There will be NO right or wrong opinions on WOW! This is not a forum for commenting debate, nor a contest of intelligence. Your negative thoughts on what others are saying is not our goal. Reply postings that attack, criticize, or have negative comments on any previously opinionated replies, “will not make it to post!” Any sent-in comments containing the phrase “I don’t agree with” or “He/she is right or wrong” will not be posted!

RECOMMENDED: Whether your views or opinions agree or differ (and many will) simply state your reply with “In my opinion!” or “In my experience!” This common courtesy will (in my opinion) give those who rarely or never reply thought to do so in a safe hassle-free environment free from criticism.

It is said that only a very small percentage of total readership will ever leave comments or are willing to participate with their own personal opinions. Well over 80% never do! So why alienate the bulk of your readership? This makes no sense!

I would like to change that statistic here on my blog site by offering those “who are leery?” A safe and hassle-free environment free of criticism of any kind on all their comments, views and opinions. All comments will be respected as is in this way!

Accepting what others are saying “as is” will ensure that we are all “respectful” and all “play nice” in our little sandbox together! Thank You for helping make the “Word of Wayne”— All inclusive!