Comment Guidelines



The following guidelines are in place to provide you (and your comments and opinions) with a comfortable, hassle-free and non-judgmental environment. With no fear of belittling, or criticism of any kind on any of your posted reply’s, comments or opinions.

There will be NO right or wrong comments or opinions on WOW. This is not a forum for comment debate, nor a contest of intelligence. Comments that attack, criticize, or even ” negatively refer to” any previously opinionated replies will not make it to post! Including those containing the phrase “I don’t agree with..”or” he/she is wrong because..” etc.

RECOMMENDED: Whether your comments or opinions agree or differ with others (and many will) is irrelevant here on WOW. Please simply state your reply starting with “In my opinion!” or “What I believe!” or “In my experience!” without referring to, or alluding to any other previously posted comments or opinions.

These rules are to encourage replies from all and everyone and to provide them with an opinionated worry-free environment in which to do so. And to hear the unabated views and opinions of each and every one of you! — Regardless of what others are saying!

Also see My Pledge to you and An Opinion is.


Although all your personal belief’s are very much respected here; I ask that in the interest of topic-flow and comment harmony — that your own personal religious belief’s — remain unstated!

So please refrain from adding any religious content to your comments or opinions of any kind be it outwardly proposed or in subtle referencing. They will not make it to post! This subject can be overly sensitive to others and in some cases may cause defensive emotional backlash.

That said, I welcome anybody and everybody regardless of their Faith and/or religious backgrounds. After all, we are all Brothers and Sisters under the same sun!

Researched religious content or my own personal religion perspectives may be (on occasion) included in my posts. Please note: They also will not be open for rebuttals, discussion or feedback of any kind.

Attempting to discuss or debate religious or creationism theology on WOW is strictly a None – Starter! History has already shown how futile and non-conclusive debating these issues are. Also as Author, my reality is based on science. This also is non-debatable!


Please check back (on occasion) for potential additions or subtractions to the current  “comment” rules and guidelines that may arise at any time during WOW‘s ongoing publications. Change and adaptation will most likely be a necessity in maintaining and growing this blog site’s current platform.

As in life, change is a constant factor.