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You Are Constantly Being Lied To — Even By Yourself!

It’s all one big lie! Right from childhood with fairy tale books and illusions of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy our lives have been constantly intertwined with falsehoods. From the constant bombardment of advertising with its misleading product storylines and embellishing endearments, to modern day phone-scams and the hollow promises from our political leaders. We have been, and still are — being lied to every single day! Continue reading “You Are Constantly Being Lied To — Even By Yourself!”

Emotions Aside: I Can See Clearly Now

We are a very emotional species. Emotions play a big part in our everyday lives influencing our decisions, our social interactions and fueling our spontaneous reactions both good and bad. At times, caught in the grips of an emotional moment our ability to think straight can get totally derailed, clouded over with anger, jealousy, pride, feelings of injustice or all matters of negative emotional feelings. As a result we do things, say things that later we are not proud of. That later, after our emotional tirade wanes, we regret. Continue reading “Emotions Aside: I Can See Clearly Now”

Canada’s Easy Access of the CORONAVIRUS

Did Canada allow easy access of the Coronavirus by choosing to fight the contagious disease on home ground instead of at their borders? It sure seems that way! Airport screening was so pitifully meager and unsurprisingly ineffective that it seems Canadian Health Officials decided to fight the virus once it’s in our Country instead of trying to prevent it from coming in. Does this sound like a sensible plan to you? Continue reading “Canada’s Easy Access of the CORONAVIRUS”

A Super-Virus Pandemic: It’s Only a Matter of Time

News about the spreading Coronavirus born in China had my heart skipping a beat. For some reason it reached dark hidden-fears inside of me that I didn’t even know existed. Maybe I’ve just been reading too many Stephen King books lately. Like “The Stand” where a man-made virus escapes into the population nearly wiping out our species. Or maybe because today, a world-wide pandemic could be just a matter of time? Continue reading “A Super-Virus Pandemic: It’s Only a Matter of Time”

Beliefs and Perception: Why we Live in Different Realities

In reality, there is no color, no sound, no smells in the outside world as our brain tells us there are! These are entirely creations made in our brain. A brain that interprets the outside world and then constructs a plausible story (we can understand) before transferring it to our mind. It’s not reality! It’s our brain’s version of reality! Continue reading “Beliefs and Perception: Why we Live in Different Realities”