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Coronavirus: What It’s Telling Us About the World We Live In

There’s no hiding from it now. A world wide Pandemic is upon us. And as we together as a species fight for control, there are lessons here of great importance to be learned. Valuable lessons for when the next super-virus starts its deadly spread across our world. And make no mistake — there will be others! Continue reading “Coronavirus: What It’s Telling Us About the World We Live In”

The Power and Control of Emotion

We are a very emotional species! Part of being human is having to deal with these emotions both our own, and of others. However, most of our emotions are not freely on display instead hidden away inside of us battling for influence in all aspects of our daily lives and unfortunately — winning a great many of these battles.

Continue reading “The Power and Control of Emotion”

Coronavirus Update

Since my last post just four days ago “COVID-19: Time to Panic?” the infectious spread of the novel coronavirus has exploded world wide, fueling increasing fear and panic among the general public. Supermarkets are starting to experience panic-buying for the first time and talks about a possible global recession fill the news. It seems A Global Panic is starting to take hold. Doom and Gloom is Everywhere! Continue reading “Coronavirus Update”