Road Band Teaser!


There must of been 400 people there that night! The biggest crowd we had ever played in front of so far. The boys and I were ramped up high and ready to go and the local award winning Country Radio Station was putting on the show and airing it live!

The lights went low, the Emcee gave us a rousing introduction and the curtain pulled back to loud applause. Okay Guys! Here we Go!

The intro song for our set was Conway Twitty’s “Tight Fitting Jeans” and the band started it up as the curtain rolled back. I remember walking a few steps forward to yell in the mic “Hey folks! How ya all doing tonight!”

But something was wrong? My mic and the stand it should be sitting on — wasn’t there?

What the? They forgot to put out a mic for me? The guys who were on before us had one right here? Right where mine should be and now panic was replacing confusion. The band had already started playing and my cue to start singing the first verse was coming up soon but — I had NO friggin mic to sing into?

And then I saw it! My stomach doing a “how do you do!” seemingly dropping to the floor. They had moved it! Moved it some 20 feet away from just in front of the band (where it should of been) and down the stairs (the hundreds of stairs I now imagined!) that led from the front of the stage to a jutting, single person spotlighted and very much alone and by yourself — protruding platform.

Oh Hell I thought, that’s where the Headliner Terry Sumsion is set up for, not me! I’ve never been away from the comforting crowd of my guys, not ever! And the crowd is still applauding and the boys are still playing and I’m thinking move man — you’ve got to start moving!

So on wobbly legs that are now barely supporting me, I start down the stairs to that lonely spotlighted mic and stand. By now the band has already looped the intro twice and I’m still miles away (in my mind) from reaching my destination. My body seems to be moving in slow motion but my mind? My mind…

My mind is racing like a runaway jet engine! My heart is beating faster than the drummer’s steady beat, and I feel the eyes of the crowd (all 400 of them?) glued to my every move.

As I’m carefully (don’t you fall!) and shakingly (oh man there’s 400 people out there!) walking down these endless stairs, another panicked thought hits me like a bolt of lightening. I’ve got my guitar with me! And it’s plugged into an amp way back there behind the band? And I’m getting further and further away from it and…?

Oh my God!The cord is not going to be long enough?